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Default Is the belly really the last to go?

Ugh, I'm so close and in fact I'd be perfectly happy being done right now if it weren't for this spare tire and pad of pudge on my belly. It's pretty much shinking all together as a whole, which is fine I guess. The thing is I'm 10-15lbs from maintenance range and if it all comes from my belly I'll be good to go, but if it comes from anywhere else I might have to lower than that. My problem is I don't really think there is anywhere else but my belly for it to come from. I've heard a lot of people say that the belly is the last to go, is this the general consensus? Was there dramatic improvement in the last 10-15lbs. I'm so terrified that I'm going to get to 145 and be like, s&%t I need to lose another 10-15lbs. I've nevered weighed much under 140 and I can't image how bony certain parts would get if I ventured that low or if that is even maintainable for me. I already strength train and do tons of cardio so there's not much more I can do, and I can't afford a trainer so I guess it is what it is. So everyone think good thoughts for me 10lbs from the belly ONLY (maybe a smidge from the upper thigh too)
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For me, the belly was the last to go, yes. And the first thing to plump back up when I eat too much. Strength training and yoga have made the biggest difference in my waist and abdomen. Actually, I lost more inches on my waist and tummy after I reached goal than before.
I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.

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Well, I hate to say this, but I'm only 1 inch shorter than you and at one time I weighed around 140 lbs, and I still had a belly. It bothered me, although I'm not sure anyone else noticed. Honestly, one year in college when I was walking several miles a day to and from school, taking both aerobics and weight training classes 3 days a week, and had a job that kept me on my feet for the entire shift, I dropped down to between 115 and 120 and I still had a freaking belly. I don't know how tiny I'd have to get for it to be flat (and now that I've had kids, I think I could be 80 lbs and still have pudge there.) I think the only way I could have a flat stomach at this point is a tummy tuck.
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getting back to 140
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It depends on where you store your fat of course.
Are you sure it's fat and not just loose skin?

Congrats on your tremendous success!! Yay, you!!!

FWIW, I'm at my goal weight and I still have some fat that I'd like to lose
I store it in my hips and thighs though.

Best wishes
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Iíve been having these same thoughts! Iíve still got a good 10 pounds to go (and who knows, I might keep going after that, my goal weight seems to be a little high comparatively). My belly is just so grossÖI can grab this huge amount of fat and pull it all together and it just seems like so MUCH. I hope that the last 10-15 pounds make a big difference in my belly area, but even if they donít, Iíll definitely look much better than I did 45 pounds ago!

Iíve barely noticed changes in my belly throughout my weight loss, although rationally I know there must have been someÖ.

Good luck girl!
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Absent Minded
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Situps, crunches and toe touches may help with that pesky belly... That's how I'm going to ditch my spare tire.
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Originally Posted by MisfitRycher View Post
Situps, crunches and toe touches may help with that pesky belly... That's how I'm going to ditch my spare tire.
Situps, crunches, and any and all other ab exercises don't actually target the belly. You can't spot reduce fat. They can, however, help you to tone the belly so that it looks firm when the fat is gone, because muscle is built under the fat layer.

Exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc. are in some ways actually better for your stomach area as they engage the largest muscles of the body, thereby increasing your caloric burn—leading to overall fat loss—and provide a good core workout at the same time.

Personally, I do all of these—targeted ab exercises and full-body exercises that engage the core—to sculpt my stomach and believe they all have their place.

If it is more loose skin than fat, then that may tighten some over time, especially with an exercise plan in place.

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My belly is still here. It's desire to stay is apparently stronger than my desire to get rid of it. I have found some clothes that I look nice wearing so I stopped worrying about it.

Good luck with your belly. I hope you win the war with it!
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Better Posture
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I think this is a common problem when you are in the lower numbers, you have to realize that you are not going to have a perfect body just because you weight 140 pounds. I am sure you have heard a lot of skinny people complaining about some parts of their bodies or about a few pounds they have gained. The number on the scale is not as relevant when you are a featherweight as it is the exercise, strength training mainly. Concentrate on that, you can improve your body a lot, but bear in mind that probably you are not going to have the perfect body of an athlete or an actress, they spend a lot of time working out and in the case of actress also have the money to look *that* good...
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Nope. Last thing for me is my backside & the back of my upper thighs. Years ago, I got down to 107 with no belly to speak of & still disliked that part of me.

Which makes me think it's genetic predisposition. For the same reason my legs will never lengthen & thin out the way I'd dreamed of. It's just not my body shape. My dieting & exercise can only do so much -- I'm not completely malleable clay.
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Belly here, and I know that even when I weighed 145 I could grab a fistful of fat.... on the plus side, no chub rub for me. I have slim legs.... I think it's genetic.

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I would definitely do ALL the tummy exercises anyways: situps, crunches, leg lifts, and whatever else you can do. I know from personal experience that some people can lose 1-2 sizes doing them (maybe more), esp as you try to lose the rest of the weight. I have been doing them since January and have noticed a big difference -- and you won't know unless you try them. I think it's well worth a try; and you may be pleasantly surprised ...
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even at my highest weight i had a slim(ish) belly, and it was the first to go when i started losing weight.

now, let's talk about thunder-thighs....
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I lose weight in my belly first, and thighs last.
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dont get discourage keep doing wat u are doing. look how far u have come and be a little patient. keep excersing and eating right. i know it sucks it wont go away over night but u will get there
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