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Default is anyone else FREEZING?

after spending many years sweating and feeling like i was broiling, i am now freezing all the time. it's nice weather here, 70s, and i cant even go out without a hoodie or jacket. my husband and i are battling over the thermostat because he's always hot and im always cold.

i didnt get fat until i was about 22 and i never had this problem when i was at a healthy weight before, but suddenly im freezing to death. i cant figure out what the deal is? anyone else having this problem?
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Yes, and having to confess kind of liking it. I live in North Carolina and my AC not working this season and even though we've had a number of 90+ days already, I haven't needed to be in any rush to get the AC working. There is no way I could have put of this repair last year.
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It's a known side effect of weight loss. Your internal thermostat is used to having a lot more insulation, and it takes time to adjust. A lot of time. As in, mine hasn't yet. Hopefully it will at some point!
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I'm freezing. Then again it is May and it is fricken 45 degrees out.

I love it when I get the diet freezes since I have been overheated most of my life and had night sweats since puberty. For me it is more about the deficit than the weight unfortunately. As soon as I go into maintenance the overheating comes back.
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I'm also freezing... I was only a border line cool person before and of course hot while over weight but I seem to be freezing all of the time.
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Funny topic. I was often cold at a low body fat and now that I am pregnant (and 40lbs heavier), I am never cold at the same temperatures. It really is biological

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Haha I have this problem NOW apparently. Past few weeks my hubby is hot and I'm like I'm FREEZING! And I'm nowhere near my goal! lol.
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I have always been cold (never had too much iron to start with) and after weight loss, I am freezing all the time - unless I exercise and then I sweat buckets.
It's difficult at work because we have one big open area and once the A/C gets turned on, I still need a fleece jacket (even though outside it may 35 C and humidity through the roof). I hate feeling the cold air from the vents blowing at me (and we cannot close them). My male colleagues, of course, wear shorts and short sleeves and complain that the office is too hot.
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I am actually enjoying feeling cooler and more comfortable this spring. I used to sweat so bad I couldn't wear make up when the warmer weather arrived. I do have a hard time going down the frozen food section of the grocery store now but its a small price to pay. I find it strange since I see a lot of thin people who don't look cold at all. I wonder if colder temperatures affect all thin people or only formally big people, its kind of weird.

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Working on healthy
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2 years at goal and still freezing all the time. It's nice on 90 degree days though I've just learned to always layer and always carry a jacket, even in the summer. AC is not my friend.
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It's been in the 80's - 90's here, but the more I drop and the temp rises outside, it's bothering me a lot less.

In the house, the air conditioning is on what it always has been in summer, but recently, I have been raising it 'here and there.' I find myself chilly. At night time, I'm actually pulling my comforter all the way up to under my chin and my toes are cold more often now. Before, I folded it down.
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3 + years maintaining
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Just shy of three years maintaining - and I am still brrrrrr.... FREEZING. At times I am downright PAINFULLY cold.

I have an extensive collection of jackets and sweaters and always have one with me, even in the middle of the summer.

DH and I definitely squabble over the thermostat and the fact that I have layered our king sized blanket. We go into the car, more disagreeing.

I will tell you though, when I first noticed it happening, and I can't recall at what point it did, I knew I had made progress!! I had always heard that a large weight loss would have this affect and for me, it was a sign that I'd made it over to the other side!!! And yeah, I stopped being red faced and sweating profusely as soon as the temps get above the freezing point - a definite plus. It is wonderful no longer dreading the spring and summer. WONDERFUL!!!
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THIS IS SO ME! I'm ALWAYS cold now. Like, as in, it's a problem! It's literally the one negative thing that I can think of that's come from this journey. I actually DO mind it lol. When I'm cold, I actually do consider (for a VERY brief moment) gaining the weight back. It is LITERALLY painful. Hubby and I argue over this ALL of the time lol. We used to both enjoy blasting the a/c even in the winter. It's gotten to the point where I want him to lose weight MOSTLY so that we can be back to our equal internal temps lol!! Ughh it drives me nuts. Sometimes I take up to 4 showers a day just so I can stand there in the HOTTT water. And when everyone leaves the house, I'll turn the thermostat up super high, even though I worry about the oil bill :/

Anyway, you're totally not alone. I realize this is SOMEWHAT normal, though I worry that mine is just a little too extreme! Hopefully this will subside in time, although it doesn't seem that way, according to most of the above posts.

Oh and also, it's annoying because I bought all of these nice, open-ish style clothes for summer, now that I feel comfortable in them body-wise, but I have to cover them all up with sweaters lol!

Wow, ok rant over
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3 + years maintaining
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Originally Posted by jkinboston89 View Post
Oh and also, it's annoying because I bought all of these nice, open-ish style clothes for summer, now that I feel comfortable in them body-wise, but I have to cover them all up with sweaters lol!
Yes!!! I have a gorgeous collection of sleeveless blouses. I LOVE my shoulders, collarbones, muscular arms - but no, they remain hidden - those sleeveless blouses wind up covered after a very short time.

Yes, I'm complaining, but it is still loads better than the alternative - by like a REAL LOT.
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I've lost over 15 pounds!
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I would so love to be cold all the time!! This thread is giving me one more thing to look forward to.
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