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Question Unreasonable Goal??

Is it unreasonable to lose 60 lbs in 3 months??
Im doing like an hour of pretty intense exercise everyday
and intaking less than 1000 cal. a day
what do you guys think?
i want to be slim and healthy for my last year of highschool
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Honestly, I think going for that goal so rapidly is asking for trouble. I can understand wanting to be slim for senior year, but why run the risk of metabolic or other problems by trying to lose so fast? Especially with such a drastically low intake. What if you doubled your time period goal to 6 months? You would still be slim during your senior year.

That said, I will say that I managed to lose about 50 pounds in 2.5 months. I did it really unhealthily, lost my hair along with the weight, all of which I gained back (because I didn't make sustainable lifestyle changes.) I landed in the hospital, screwed up my metabolism and body... It wasn't worth it. Now I'm here, years later, trying to do things again the right way.
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Diana Kay
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I would say yeah, this is probably not a reasonable goal. At most I could see 30 happening, and that could even be a stretch.
Don't quote me on this, but if I remember right, the average person only loses about 2-3 pounds a week. Sure, there are times where you might lose more, but you could also lose less. You have to take into account the fact that sometimes our bodies just plateau for a while and don't lose anything.
In a nutshell, though, yes. I believe 20 lbs a month is highly unreasonable.
Overall Goal:

Taking it 15lbs at a time, all the way down!

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Let me tell you a secret: at 155, you'd look fantastic. You'd blow people away when school gets back together. The clothes you are wearing now will hang on you like sacks--you'll be three sizes smaller. And then you have all year to get down to your second goal for prom.
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that is a very high goal, I would go for at least 30.
and eating wise, you need to be eating more. for all that intense working out that you're doing you're burning calories, and if you dont intake enough calories your body will think that its starving itself and you wont lose any weight and it'll hold onto the fat.
eat healthy and work out ad the weight will mot only come off it will stay off.

Working to lose this pregnancy weight

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Good things happen.
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Interestingly enough, something very similar was just discussed here: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-...ee-months.html
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Originally Posted by Mim987 View Post
Is it unreasonable to lose 60 lbs in 3 months??
Im doing like an hour of pretty intense exercise everyday
and intaking less than 1000 cal. a day
what do you guys think?
i want to be slim and healthy for my last year of highschool
There is nothing healthy about someone your size losing 60lbs in 3 months on less than 1000 calories per day.

Yes, some people can lose 60lbs in 3 months but they are extremely obese and more than likely under doctor supervision. Less than 1000 calories at your height and weight will lead to major muscle loss among other horrid side effects.

I would strongly recommend researching more realistic diet plans (ie. Weight Watchers or whatever else interests you) to learn more about how diet and exercise can be done in a healthy and long-lasting manner without damaging your body. Since you mention high school, I would strongly emphasize this even more so as you do not want to set yourself up for a lifelong battle - learn early and benefit early.

There are simply no short cuts in this game.

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I lost 50 in 3 months, so 60 may or may not be unreasonable. My starting weight was very close to yours and I am alot older, LOL It really depends on your diet and your metabolism. Some of us lose weight very quickly while others seem to stall out at certain points along the way. Honestly, whether you lose 30 or 60 in three months, that is 30 or 60 pounds less than you currently weigh. You will feel fantastic! Good luck to you, it is worth it in the end.
My goal pictures thread
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i lost maybe 5+ lbs already, i havent checked a scale
but my clothes are fitting so so much looser

i have a really slow metabolism so i dont know if eating less than 1000 calories a day will be a big problem

i mean i already feel so good though hahah
thanks to good genes my weight is propotioned so that i have a that hourglass thing or whatever going on
im really really excited
i just hope i can do it
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I dont want to say it's completely impossible, but it...pretty much is. Those are like, Biggest Loser numbers and they workout six hours a day, are morbidly obese and under doctor supervision. It's not realistic. At all. If you were significantly heavier and drastically changed your way of eating and added a lot of intense exercise...you might have a shot at 50lbs.

30lbs in three months would still be a challenging, but attainable goal. 1-2lbs a week is realistic for most people (some people do lose more naturally, but not because they're trying to starve themselves down to meet a goal). It's possible, even probable, that if you've never tried to lose weight before you'll drop a significant amount in the first month. I agree with what others have said. You need to find a program to follow. Not a crash diet, a program. Weight Watchers was really workable for me when I first tried it at 15. Counting calories is also a great option.

But 60lbs, seriously, you're setting yourself up for failure. Working out "intensely" for an hour a day is wonderful, and I don't mean to take that away from you, but it's not anything that's going to make you drop that weight really fast. I exercise consistently for an hour five or six days a week at a high intensity (which I track on my heart rate monitor). I'm lucky if I lose a pound a week.

Take it from someone who spent their entire high school experience trying to lose weight. When summer ends and you're not where you want to be you'll just feel awful about yourself. Set something realistic that you can attain and keep up throughout the school year and maybe try to meet your weight loss goal for prom and grad . That would be a great goal. The last thing you want is to lose a bunch of weight and then not be able to keep it off for all those big events.

Please understand I'm not trying to discourage you. What you've been doing with your exercise and paying attention to what you're eating is great... but I've been there. I went on a "medically supervised" extremely low calorie diet that promised me I would lose all of my weight by start of my last year of high school. And guess what, I didn't. I didn't even lose 10lbs. I was starving all the time, I binged as soon as it was done and I gained back everything plus a ton more. I was at my highest weight for prom and didn't end up going because I couldn't bring myself to buy a dress.

Just...let your body do what it's going to do. Track your calories (and increase them gradually. 1000 just isn't enough for you), keep up all the exercise you've been doing and just see what happens with your weight.
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60lbs in 3 months sounds unhealthy to me, for someone that doesn't have that much to lose. It's hard for a morbidly obese person to lose that much...certainly not healthy for someone your size. Make lifestyle changes...the weight will come off...stay off...and you will have the rest of your life to enjoy your healthy habits!
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Unhealthy? Yes. Unreasonable? Yes. Do-able? Sure, why not. Almost anything is possible, but I can tell you that it likely won't stick (how do I know? Because I've been there) and that it's not great for your body, short or long term.

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The most unreasonable portion of this equation is that you most likely will not STICK with your plan. It's not realistic, it's not sustainable. Staying under 1000 calories a day, exercising intensely for an hour a day, is just not stick-able to. You can't lose weight if you don't stick with it.

I would think that you're better off taking in more calories, this way you will feel good and energized, not be starving, and you will be much more likely to STAY with it.

Eating too few calories is more than likely going to set you up for a binge at some point - and probably some point soon.

So why not plan out some healthy breakfasts, some healthy lunches, some healthy dinner and some healthy snacks? Say perhaps a 250 calorie breakfast, a 350 - 400 calorie lunch, a 450 - 500 calorie dinner and about 300 calories worth of snacks. You will still be creating a calorie deficit, but here's the thing - you can STAY with this plan. Long term. It's reasonable, it's healthy - it's doable. You stay with it - you lose the weight - in however long it takes. It MAY take longer than 3 months, well it most likely will, but you can make a nice dent come the start of school and be looking and feeling much, much, much better and provided you continue on, you'll hit your goal loooong before graduation.

So that is what *I* would make my goal - to stick to this healthy eating plan. Make that your goal, and in turn the scale and your weight will HAVE to go down - in whatever time frame.

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Soul Cyster
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Sounds like you have already made up your mind to do what you want despite what everyone says. I haven't been here long but I know most people will never support eating less than 1000 calories a day.

Just remember when you starve yourself your body will feed off your MUSCLE before your fat. Which is why a lot of anorexic people are "squishy" they aren't all toned and ripped because they have depleted their muscles. Your body will feed off the muscle to stop your muscles from burning calories.

Just exercising an hour a day and watching your diet IMO is enough to lose a good amount of weight in three months.

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As you can see ... you're not going to get much support for your intense exercise/1000 cal diet from the posters here at 3FC. Especially since your plan is to be slim and healthy.

We're glad you're here and are excited to help you get to be slimmer and healthier. Stick with us Mim! We'll help you tweak that plan so that you are happy and healthy to start your next school year.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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