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Default Your thoughts on frequent small meals?

I gave up on it last week. I felt like I was grazing all day, and never felt satisfied. I would eat a container of yogurt, a couple hours later a string cheese, a couple hours later some veggies and meat for lunch, a couple hours later another string cheese, a couple hours later another cup of yogurt, a couple hours later dinner, whereupon I finally felt mentally satisfied with what I just ate.

This week at work I have upped myself to 4 bottles of water, one large-ish lunch, no snacks. Believe it or not, after the first day I felt so much better. I still don't physically feel hungry (a biggie for me) but also, not mentally hungry. My brain knows that at noon I have this great big lunch, I guess! However, I may need to add back the 4 o'clock snack, because unless SO has cooked, it's still a long time til dinner, and I'm pretty hungry when I get home.

Anyway, just wanted to share and see what others had experienced.
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I think everyone has to figure out what works for them. I like snacks but really what I put in my lunch box is what I eat during the day so it doesn't matter to me when I eat it.
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That grazing feeling is dangerous. And frequent small meals aren't much off of grazing at least to me. The WonderSlim program I am on means 5 shakes, 1 bar and 1 "real food" dinner to consist mostly of a protein item and non starchy vegetables. I am eating more often on this plan than when I ate whatever and whenever I liked. But, it's small amounts each time, so I don't really feel like I've eaten a meal until dinner, when I pile on the steamed broccoli and grilled chicken breast. It has been working so far, so I'm just telling myself to trust the program and the weight will come off. I don't need to feel "full" after each eating occasion, just not hungry.
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Frequent small meals don't work for me. I have small breakfast (under 200 calories), a big lunch (anywhere from 600-750 calories) and a medium supper (300-500 calories). I will have a snack if I happen to be hungry, but I don't plan it into my day and most days I don't have one.

This is what works for me - I enjoy my big lunch in a way that I would not if I took those calories and split them into 3 small meals. And it's easier for me to not stop and eat so frequently. Plus I get a mental break from thinking about food - I think if I tried to eat every 2 hours, I'd spend all my time eating, preparing to eat or finishing up eating! lol!
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Frequent small meals don't work for me, either. I eat a big breakfast, a big lunch and a big dinner. I have tried everything else and this is what works best for me. I like eating big.

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In the beginning, I ate a small breakfast, a decent lunch and a huge dinner. It worked.

After doing a bunch of reading I started evening out my meals and added snacks. It was fine. But now I am back to 3 big meals with a small snack in the afternoon so I don't starve before dinner is cooked. I want a big delicious lunch to look forward or a nice dinner. I would rather save the 200-300 calories from snacks and eat them somewhere else. I have only been doing this a few days but I am much happier. Also having more calories for lunch and dinner makes it easier for me to stay on plan. I don't get the feeling of being un-happy with my lunch, making me less luckily to give up and go eat out.
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Small meals is working for me right now. But I always was more of a snacker than a eater through out the day, now I just choose healthier options.
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I eat 6x per day, but I also eat a lot more calories than most of you do. Currently I'm averaging around 2000 per day. Also, I eat a ton of veggies and fruit, so the volume of food that I eat is very large. Between that and the calories, I stay pretty well satisfied.
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I eat three meals and probably two to three snacks a day to regulate my blood sugar.
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Small meals are really working for me. I don't really count the meals I eat per day. I keep myself aware of what I am eating, and how much and that seems to be enough.

My portions are very small and I don't find that I get hungry anymore. I've constantly got something in my stomach, so I find I don't think about eating as often as I used to, even though I'm eating more often. Odd, but it works for me.

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I prefer small meals, or possibly big meals spread out over several hours.
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Although I'm on hold until I have the baby (come on any day now!!) when I am dieting (and I hope to follow the same schedule after the baby) I have a small to medium breakfast, a small to medium lunch and a medium to large dinner. I don't have carbs with dinner. Just a piece of lean meat and a LOT of veggies, so I can eat a big dinner without realy loading on cals (or points) before bed. I like to be full at night.

I find I need a very small snack to make it from lunch to dinner. I don't eat a morning snack because that's my "busy" time. Cleaning, going out to the mall, working out, errands, trips to the park, play group, my son's karate...and then we come home for lunch. It works out well.

I tried the small meals before and always found I was having to plan for the next time I ate. Not like now I have breakfast and don't have to be like "ok let me pack like two more little meals for the next few hours out and about. " I felt like my whole day was consumered by what and when I was eating next, because meal time was like ever 2 hours.

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I eat both ways. During the week when I'm sitting at my computer all day with access to my kitchen, I eat small amount every 2 hours. On the weekends, I eat closer to 3 normal meals as I'm too busy to break up my eating. My calorie range is 1200-1900 with average @1600

Interestingly, I do eat more calories on weekdays, but I also eat healthier, i.e. more likely to get in all the recommended servings of fruit, veg, and dairy. On weekends I eat less calorically but also fall way short on those food groups.
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I eat 3 meals with 2-3 snacks. It is working for me. I never feel hungry, I have a ton of energy in the afternoon. But I also don't eat sugar or carbs, so I mostly load up on veggies and fruits or nuts for snacks.
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this is NOT good for those with hyperinsulinemia or any tendency for blood sugar spikes. Especially if you have reserves to burn. The reason being is because with a steady supply of blood glucose and even glucose not being ushered into your fat cells for energy by insulin--you will never burn up stores. You will just be using a steady supply of blood sugar.

i would eat when you are hungry. eat small meals, and eat healthy foods. I have found the BEST weight loss comes from intervals of 4 hours between meals or snacks.
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