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Angry Scale WILL NOT Budge!!!

Newbie - 1st thread Hello to all...

My vent for today: I've been stuck at 193 for two weeks (fluctuating from 193-194) and I can't seem to make the scale go down. It's very frustrating and de-motivating.

I'm eating very healthy (i.e., lots of veggies, whole grains, lean protiens, nuts, low-fat dairy and LOTS of water) and am doing a workout video almost every day. Doesn't seem to help much right now ::sigh::

Any tips? TIA
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I hate when this happens! But trust me, it will move!! I have gotten discouraged many times, but if you stick with it and keep doing things right, the weight WILL come off! Hang in there! Good luck
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Maybe if it's the same workout dvd everyday, your body could be use to the exercise now...maybe try a new dvd or doing it once through and then do the first half again right after, to add more time to your workout.

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Hang in there, the scale goddess will be good to you soon...Just keep up the good work..You are doing fantastic!
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Trust me, I know exactly your feeling as I'm going through the frustration at the moment too. My weight has been stuck for what feels like forever.
I figure that if it's that stuck, then there must be some variable I'll have to change to kickstart it. btw, this is something that will happen over and over in all likelihood and you have to look inside to see what is different each time. Sometimes it's self-induced, sometimes not.

As of yesterday I have bumped *up* my calories to 1400 as I am apparently not feeding my body enough to lose weight. I will also be diving back into weight lifting as well.
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Wow, thanks ladies! I needed a few virtual *hugs* today.

I've been super stressed between work, school and personal stuff, so my weight loss journey (# 2 - kick started it again in March after a long hiatus/plateau at 210lbs) was keeping me excited and motivated. But to not see the scale move for over two weeks has been infuriating!

I suppose it's possible that I may not be eating enough. I'm not tracking my calories per se, but I definitely have an estimate. Trying to stay under 1500, for sure.

As far as working out, I've been doing the 30 Day Shred. It's pretty intense, right now anyway. I do intend to turn it up a notch after I finish the 30 days (Day 9 today) and do some extra cardio like running.

I was so happy to get under 200lbs, but it's almost insignificant because now the 190's are annoying the **** out of me! 180s are much more appealing imo. lol

Will try to keep some perspective. Thank you ladies, again.

Liliann: Love 'scale goddess' lol!

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Diana Kay
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You can do it!!!

Since you're doing the 30 day shred, maybe add in a little extra exercise somewhere to see if that shakes things up a bit? I guess it depends on when you do it, but maybe go for a walk or a jo in the morning and do the DVD in the evening, or vice-versa? Just something to wake your body up. It seems to be sleeping through what should be weight loss!
Overall Goal:

Taking it 15lbs at a time, all the way down!

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I am currently going thru the same thing... i am new to this site but i can relate to so many of the posts on here and it makes me feel better that i am not going thru the same things... i have actually gained a few pounds since dieting in the past couple weeks and now i am stuck where my body gained weight 2 it makes me so sad : ( i just do not know where to go or what to do so that i can lose weight.. my biggest problem is that i am always in a rush so i just want it to fall off without waiting... but i hope soon enough that the scale will start moving
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Making Progress!
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THE 190s ARE SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!! They just will not sod off!

So I'm with you I'm determined to stay on track and get OUT OF HERE soon!!
Hitting my goal in 2017

Mini goals along the way
203: Lost half a stone
199: Goodbye 200s!

195: Under 14 stone
189: 10% lost & hello 180s!
184: College weight
181: Under 13 stone
174: Where I really want to get to
169: Well helloooo 160s!
165: Ultimate goal.

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Less than 15 now!!
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I have experienced this also. What worked for me was to actually *up* my calories via a scoop of protein powder in the morning. I exercise fairly intensly (running 3-4mi) so I guess I needed the fuel. This combined with watching my sodium intake helped bust through the plateau.

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Have a high calorie day - that might kickstart things for you again. That is what I always do - throw in a 2000 or so calorie day.
These pounds are pounds I am constantly stuggling with. I put em on, take em off. I am determined to figure out what is going on inside of me that causes me to lose all control and binge until it all comes back!

May God Bless You All as You Travel on This Journey!

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Did you measure yourself prior to working out?

I have been stuck at 167-168 for 3 weeks. I am frustrated as ****. The only thing right now that keeps me from giving up is that I measured myself prior to starting my workout program. When I didn't lose again last week, I re-measured myself and was down 1/2 inch on each arm, each thigh, and my waist.
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Stalled! I feel your pain! I'm going through this right now and I am SO frustrated. I ate more calories yesterday and am in the process of eating more smart calories today (throwing in some higher protein foods) to hopefully jump start it (per advice I have seen on these threads). 266/265, back and forth, is what keeps showing on the scale for me. I have been keeping up with my time on the elliptical and treadmill, even by shaking it up a bit by doing interval training on both, trying to provoke some muscle confusion - blah blah blah. I'm sure some of it is muscle gain too, but I imagine by knowing how my body loses, I should be about 260/261 by now. I don't know. =\

My body, by sight/feel/clothing is still shrinking a little (I really need to buy a measuring tape!) - but the dang scale!! lol

No where near giving up, this just makes me even more mad to get it my way! Good luck to you, I'm sure for both of us it will start moving down again soon. Keep up with your good work!
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Green Tomatoes
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I was stuck at 217 for two months! Now that I've started losing again, I'm losing more quickly than I ever have. I'm becoming a big believer in the set point theory!

I changed from a diet of my own design to the DASH diet, tweaked a bit. In the process, I started measuring my afternoon snack of chocolate chips and nuts and I'm probably eating half of what I was before I started measuring. I also swapped a snack -- it was something starchy and now its homemade frozen yogurt. My vegetable and fruit intake is up, my starch servings are fewer, fat and protein were already pretty low but now they are more varied.

I don't think any of those details are likely to help anyone else, but I thought it might help to see the kinds of changes that can make a difference.
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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the 170s are my nemesis. I am not looking at the scale for approval or for direction for my day anymore. I am cutting out unhealthy eating and habits and enjoying the weight loss journey that I am sure will come.
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