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Default Nicotine gum, caffeine & weight loss

When I quit smoking a few months ago, I decided to restart my weight loss program at the same time. I thought I could counteract the weight gain from quitting and maybe lose some pounds.

In the past three or four months, I have I lost 20 pounds. And I have never lost weight that easily. I was so proud of myself and my program. Then I came across research that says that nicotine gum, in combination with caffeine has a thermogenic effect.


So, it appears that my healthy eating and exercise program is getting a boost from my gum chewing and coffee drinking. I love my weight loss, but I am basically using a weight loss aid to do much of it. I hope I don't regain once I wean myself off the gum.

Anyway, I wanted to share this bit of news. Any other nicotine gum users out there?

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Congrats on your weight loss, and I bet that your healthy eating and hard work is the main cause of your weight loss. Even if this does boost it.

I've never smoked, and thus never tried nicotine gum. I have also never been a coffee/soda/tea drinker, so I'm not used to caffeine at all. Just recently I've learned that I kind of enjoy a cup of coffee once in awhile. I like the ritual and time spent sipping it, and it gives me a maaajor boost for exercise. Plus, I've found that it completely wipes out my appetite. So I can see how caffeine would assist in weight loss, but at the same time, these effects are especially strong in me since I only drink it once a week or so,
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I quit smoking again about 6 weeks ago. I chew some nicotene gum everyday but not near as much as I did in the beginning. I am trying to wean myself off of it as hubby quit a year ago and is still chewing like day one. Don't save much money if you switch one habit for the other! Good to know that I may be helping push along this weight loss while I am at it.
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I quit with Chantix (worst stuff ever) but it worked although I gained 30 lbs! Which is why I am here.

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Hey, I quit smoking, too!

In 1986!!!

And you know what? When I look back at everything I've done (and boy, there's a lot to look back on---whew!) quitting smoking ranks right up there with "things I've done that I'm very very very proud of".

Because it's hard. And I had to quit a gazillion times before I quit.

So---You. Quitters. Rock!
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I quit at the beginning of this year. Kind of makes me wish I'd tried nicotine gum too!
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Downside of nicotine gum for me, I'm totally addicted to it and can't wean myself off of it.

But considering I have been a heavy smoker of 1-2 packs a day off and on for 20 years, I think the gum is fine for me.

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The 15th is my quit date. I am on Wellbutrin and it makes the cravings completely disappear. I'm already down to half a pack a day (down from 1-1.5). I'm not much of a gum chewer so hopefully the medicine will keep working. I had quit with this medicine a couple years ago and quit for 3 months, but after I had insurance problems and couldn't take the medicine anymore and started right back up =X

Anyway, I rambled. Yay for quitting smoking and yay for losing weight while doing so!
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