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Default Why do my legs look different?

Yea they look different from one another. One leg looks like there is a pocket of fat sliding down from the top of my leg fading away. The other one looks like there are two pockets of fat just sliding down...to where I don't know. It's actually an inch bigger than the smaller leg. I understand there would be a difference in the size of the legs by maybe a quarter of an inch but this. I just noticed it this morning and was horrified. So this vision I have posted up in my head of what my body should look like is in direct conflict to what I saw this morning.

Someone please tell me this is just part of the process and this chunk will disappear as long as I stay on plan...it's reason enough to stay on plan.
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I had surgery years ago and I have this pocket of fat on my right hip now. I hate it- but I have noticed as I've lost weight it's gotten smaller (thank goodness)- keep going- things will continue to shift
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I've been measuring my legs as I have been going and they have differed by at least an inch at times too... must just have to do with how you lose... give it time.
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I had this indentation on my legs when I first started. I think it was from where I lean against the counter looking in the mirror picking and plucking and doing the things you're not supposed to... Anywho, as I've gotten closer to goal, the indentation has gone away.

IMO, this is just a normal part of your body readjusting and will go away as you lose weight. I'd use it as motivation to keep going! You don't want your legs to stay like that!! And it's an inevitable part of losing weight!

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Actually, the whole right side of your body is a different size than the left. Don't believe me? Take a picture of yourself, scan it and print it, then scan and mirror it and print it. Cut both pictures apart and tape them back together...you'll see the difference.

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I just found the same problem, myy right hip has a roll, my left doesnt have the same roll. I think its just a part of the losing and toning process.
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Jiggle, I'm all lopsided too. My right saddle-bag is poochier than my left. But those saddle-bags are wayyyy smaller than they were when I started and they'll be riding off into the sunset soon! I also have a bigger pudge on my lower left belly side than my right. I remember even when I was my thinnest, having a pudge on the left side and the right side was flat. I've noticed as I'm losing it's going back to that same thing.

I also notice that right before a big bunch of me whooshes away, I seem jigglier and mooshier and blobbier and then all of a sudden it disappears and I'm a little more firm for a while.


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My hips have lost unevenly - I have an extra roll on one side. It's small and you can't tell when I'm dressed, and my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I can feel it with my hands. And on the opposite butt cheek from the hip lump, I have an indentation that's not on the other side. It's weird, but I think it will even out with time. We don't lose evenly all the time - it makes sense that our sides might not be symetrical all the time.
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I appreciate you all so very much. I can keep pressing on to see what the end will be!!!
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