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Default Since I started exercising I have hunger problems!?!

Hello, guess I need some advice...

Beginning this Monday I started the C25K (3 times per week walk/run) and swimming (50 minutes 2 times per week), the exercise it's ok, I feel great and I really enjoy it... but... I notice that I begun to feel hungrier... and I think there is a correlation between hunger and increased physical activity. I don't feel like I'm doing much effort, I choose activities that I like doing, so I'm ok with the effort.. but my body doesn't agree... I think..

I'm eating aprox 1400 cals daily since 20th of March, and I wasn't hungry, I eat healthy things that I enjoy.
This week, because of exercising, my weight loss accelerated a little bit.

My question is... Have you experienced the same thing? Did it pass away without increasing the calorie intake?
I would really like the hunger to dissapear by itself... I hope my body will adjust with the exercise without making me increase the calories.


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I usually eat 1300-1500 calories. Most days I keep toward the 1300 range but if I'm just SUPER hungry and can't focus or something, and I know it's a reasonably hungry (and not just craving food for the sake of eating), I eat upwards the 1500-1600 range. Not EVERY day, but the body needs some recovery with exercise. I also find it helps with hunger cravings to make sure I have meals that include all three; protein, carbohydrates, fats. Especially the protein! Kidney beans have become my best friend because I can mix them in with anything!

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I DEFINITELY notice an increase in hunger anytime I begin to exercise again (I have been on and off the exercise wagon many times - but plan to stay on forever, now!). I usually find after the first week it goes away. Then I am usually fine unless I have a particularly rigorous exercise day.

Make sure you get some protein and carbs in after a work out. I try to plan my workouts for right before my mid afternoon snack. Chobani yogurt is great. Sometimes I have half an apple and half a cup of low fat cottage cheese.

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Check this out: Exercise Will (Eventually) Stop Making You Hungry

Exercise works as an appetite suppressant for me now. When I start the day with exercise, it's always easier to eat on plan.
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I also notice this, especcially with swimming. I make sure I'm getting enough healthy fat and that usually fixes my problem. I do follow a Primal diet so I don't do carbs for the most part, but the fat is key for me when I'm hungrier than usual. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!
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Exercise supresses my hunger in the very short term (during and after workouts), but I am somewhat hungrier overall when exercising a lot. I view it as a great thing, my body's telling me it needs fuel because it's a burning machine. Just need to be careful that I don't eat back all the calories. But don't underfeed your body either!

Be sure you are consuming plenty of protein...

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Vigorous exercise can certainly make you hungrier. Non-vigorous exercise (strolling, slow walking) and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) can burn calories without making you hungrier.

When my poor body has been doing its job, supporting all the activity I require of it, and I'm much hungrier than usual...well, then I eat a little more. I think it's important to listen to my body.
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I think the article Meg posted is true for me. At first, exercise made me hungrier, but not anymore. There are some days where I get hours of low intensity exercise (via walking & dancing) and I don't feel at all famished.

Some of it is psychological for me. Sometimes my brain tries to trick me into eating by saying that I have exercised a lot and am entitled to extra food. But I've learned to consider exercise and food separate issues. I eat. I exercise. But one does not determine the other. For example, if I binge, I don't try to exercise extra.

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I think I'm struggling with this and it's been 4 months since I really started running. I was at 1300-1400 my weight loss stalled and I was STARVING so I upped to 1500 stalled again and still STARVING. Now I'm at 1600-1700 (that's my average) I'm losing consistantly but getting hungry again more often. I won't be upping my cals again so I'm just trying to weight it out so to speak. I've decided to wait it out this time though because I am still losing and my hunger levels seem to be more related to my menstral cycle now than how much I exercise. Before it seems to be related to exercise. So I think Meg's article may be true for me too. I also notice that during weeks I'm STARVING I lose a lot of weight and during weeks I'm less hungry I don't lose as much. For what it's worth I'm less hungry durning and right after TOM and I lose next to nothing during that time. I'm also less hungry during ovulation and I lose less then too. I'm STARVING the weeks in between and lose quite a bit.

So I guess my point for you would be if you truely are hungry and NOT losing add a few cals maybe 1 or 200. If that doesn't help you can always go back to 1400. Sorry for rambling. This weight loss stuff is just so complicated
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I eat between 1200-1500 and try to average around 1350 or so. On Mon/Wed/Fri, I do 45-75min of cardio and 30 min of strength. On Tues/Thurs, I don't work out at all, but I work at a physical outdoors part time job on these days. On Sat, I do 60 min of cardio. Sundays, I rest. I plan have my highest cal days on Mon/Wed/Fri. Sunday is always 1200, and Tues/Thurs/Sat, I eat on the low end.

That's the base plan, but I do allow for adjustment. For example, if I'm genuinely hungry, not just bored or anything, I'll allow myself to go up to 1800cal, but that's rare. If I can feel that I have the munchies that day (like before my TOM), or if I'm planning to eat out that night, or I wanting to treat myself to a few extra calories that day, I add extra exercise. For example, tonight I am going to go get a frozen yogurt with a friend. I've planned it into my daily calories (1550 today), and I also added 15 extra min on the elliptical today. Completely guilt free!

Your body will get used to exercising, and like others have said, it will start to keep you on track eating-wise.
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