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Default What do you do when you're sick?

I've got a raging sore throat right now and the only thing that remotely goes down is super hot creamy soup. I seriously can't eat anything else. I tried having some more stock based soups yesterday and it was really painful to swallow. I think I may have strep

Anyway, my question is do you try to adhere to your plan when you are sick or do you just let it slide for a day or two? I seriously doubt I'll go over my calories with only soup, even cream-based, but it is a possibility.

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I just got over the flu and bronchitis. I did not go to the gym because I ended up tearing a muscle in my back because I was coughing so hard. I wouldn't say I did or didn't stick to my plan. I just ate when I was hungry (which wasn't that often), and I ate what I was hungry for.

I don't mess around w/plans or working out when I'm sick. I just let my body heal and get back to the grind when I'm feeling up to it. Hope you feel better soon.

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A good idea might be some butternut squash soup, it's creamy and velvety and doesn't have all the calories and fat the cream based soups do.
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For a very painful sore throat, I recommend drinking cayenne pepper in hot water. Yes, this burns at first, but the capsaicin will numb your throat and significantly reduce your pain. This is what I did when I had strep 2 years ago, and it works amazingly well.

Of course, if you DO think you have strep, you should get to your doctor and get antibiotics.
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If am really really sick, I just stop worrying about exercising and eating right. But this only happens maybe once a year. If it's just a simple cold or something I just go on like normal - might relax a bit on exercising, just depends.

Hope your feeling better soon - personally, I'd just eat what I feel like eating and worry about getting better.
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This might help:

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Thanks so much! I have never heard the pepper remedy but I will be trying it shortly! I will also be getting some butternut squash soup.

I'm pretty sure it is strep. I've had it two other times in my life, albeit 18 years ago, but both times I had this sensation that I wanted to burn my throat. I have a very strong urge to drink boiling liquid. I've only ever felt this way the two previous times I had strep I'll be going to the dr. as soon as DH gets back tonight-I don't want to take my 4 kiddos to urgent care....

Its nice to know that others set aside the plan temporarily when they are sick too. It just feels so weird because I've been ON PLAN every meal every day for the last 12 weeks. To go away from it feels dangerous

Thanks again,
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If you are running a fever, your metabolism is faster. You body has to expend more energy to heat you up. I wouldn't recommend getting sick as a weight loss regimen thought.

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I find when I'm really sick I have no appetite and end up losing weight :P
Soup is good. Not too high in calories and pretty filing. Guess you're getting sick of it now though? :P
Hope you're feeling better now x

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It depends what kind of diet you are on. If your on an Atkins diet or low carb it could mess it up. If you are on any other kind of diet it would be pretty hard for soup to mess it up.

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I would take it easy and let your body heal. I have been sick for two weeks and I just haven't had the energy to exercise. I have still lost three pounds in two weeks which is a little more than my average loss. Your body is using calories to heal itself and you are eating less so the exercise isn't really necessary if you don't feel up to it.

Take care and get better soon

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