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Makin' it happen
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Default Did you tell?

So, I am at the beginning of this weight loss journey, and while I really don't see a difference in my body, I've already had someone ask me if I was losing weight. I was pretty shocked because I've only lost 8 lbs so far, which is a drop in the ocean compared to what I really need to lose. I made a joke about the shirt I was wearing and laughed it off without ever answering the question.

I haven't told anyone that I am trying to lose weight. Even at home, I "sneak" around to get the nutritional info off of the food to try and get it while no one is watching. It's like I don't want anyone to know the amount of hard work and effort that this is taking so that if I fail, no one will pity me or see me as a failure.

So my question is - Did you tell? How did you feel about people asking about your weight loss? I just find the whole thing so awkward! And obviously, people are going to notice. I want them to notice, I just don't want to have to talk about it!
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I don't know maybe I'm just different but I want everyone to know I am dieting. I love it when coworkers ask how much have you lost now? Or when they ask what I'm having for dinner... etc... It keeps me motivated and it keeps me accountable for what I am doing. (I couldn't possibly stop this with everyone knowing what I am doing) thats how I think... My hubby and daughter is dieting with me and my little boy is not but hes only 4 lol, give it time, his genetics will kick in...

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I have told everyone possible this time around. I have even posted many times on FB about my journey. At first I wondered what the heck I was thinking because if I did screw up and go off the deep end people would think I was weak. I must say, for me, it was THE BEST choice i've made so far. I have had several people asking me constantly how my diet is going and it is keeping me very accountable, something I must have really needed because this is the longest i've ever been on a diet (going on 4 months)! Apperently only losing 40 pounds has even inspired a lot of my Facebook friends to diet and workout too! I get e-mails daily people encouraging me and asking for advice and recipes. I started a recipe blog on FB so my friends have some healthy meals for the whole family. I love that "everyone" knows!!

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I actually started doing all the same things, but realized that working towards a healthier you is nothing to hide, its something to be proud of.
Plus, it lets other people be able to be a support to you and know it's Ok to throw those compliments your way.
I get what you mean by awkward though, when some one has asked me are you trying to lose weight or have you lost . . . or something to the like I've started answering with Im getting healthy, that's just been a bonus

Kudos to you for beginning this journey!! You've come to a great place for support.
Live real, live hope.
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I definitely told my SO and he is very supportive of my efforts though he has always told me I was beautiful and attractive even at my heaviest. It is very good that he knows because while he is very considerate he might not have picked up on my efforts and not thought to be considerate.

My best friend knows, but she is also dieting and we are supporting each other.

Now that I am starting to lose more weight I'm starting to clue others in like my close family and some other friends.

At first I didn't tell a lot of people though. I'm relatively private with personal information to just acquaintances (the internet doesn't count, right? ) Along with privacy, part of me wanted to see when someone noticed I had lost weight. If they ask I definitely let them know how much I've lost. I'm proud of every pound! There also was part of me that didn't want to admit to failure if I decided that the new changes were too stressful.
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I don't tell anyone. I do not want people starting to watch and comment about what I eat -- or, if they do, I do not want to contribute to it. If someone asks me if I have lost weight, I tell them I'm exercising more ... thus totally avoiding the weight-loss question.

I have told my fiance since, even after 70 pounds, he hadn't noticed, LOL! (I am actually glad if people don't notice the weight loss, and just think I look "better". It says to me I still look like "me" and I am happy with that.)
Keeping the win at my back!

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I didn't tell anyone at first. I had failed so many times that I wanted to be sure that I would stick with it before telling anyone. Before long I had to tell my family. It is hard to keep your food secret from the people you live with. I did not tell anyone else until I was well along on my journey and my loss was apparent. Now I just act like everyone knows I eat healthy. You can't hide a large loss.

Persistence is more important than Perfection

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill
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I don't tell people, but I don't treat it as a secret: i.e., I won't eat something I shouldn't just so they don't know I am dieting. I go with 'never complain, never explain".
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a work in progress
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i didnt tell anyone until id lost about 40 lbs. for me, i didnt want everyone constantly asking about it or questioning what i ate.

im glad i went that route and it worked for me.

p.s. i did tell my husband, but asked him to keep it to himself

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I told two people one day when I was getting really frustrated that I wasn't seeing any results. I was like "CAN YOU TELL YET?" and they said yes. Those two buddies are the only people I've told but I'm pretty sure that it's out of the bag now because it's becoming noticeable to people (even to me now, which makes me happy). I, too, kind of sneak around to find nutrition info. I mean do have eating issues and I don't want them to know that I need to put this much effort into losing weight, either. On one hand I do like people telling me I look good, not going to lie, but on the other hand I am embarrassed. I can't explain why, because I really shouldn't be, I guess having people looking at my body close enough to notice that there's been a change is weird because I'm still not at total peace with my body. And I'm a teenager. I'm just tweaky in general.
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I have told my immediate family and only 2 people at work know. I find it easier at home if my family knows....in a way it keeps me accountable.
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I told my friends and family because they're giving me support.
It helps a lot more than I thought.
I told them immediately just to get ideas from them, advice, etc.
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Default who to tell

I have told some people. My family needs to know, since I don't want certain foods in the house, or people to eat certain foods that I have planned for my own. I have also told my co-workers, since we potluck quite a bit.
Other people at work have special diet needs, so it is just a matter of asking people to include my diet needs in their thoughts.
I am low carbing, so certainly it shows up that I don't eat certain foods.
I have the added "advantage" that I am pre-diabetic, so I just tell people that I have to watch my sugars and that I have to eat a certain way for my condition.
I too don't tell very many people that I am trying to lose weight. I had lost some last year and regained it, so I am pretty quiet about it this time, and haven't told anyone except my doctor and dietitian how much I have lost.
I am afraid to "jinx" it by bragging on my success.
Maybe if I drop a dress size I will let people know.

BTW, I have had people ask me about weight loss even when I have been gaining, so don't give it much credence. I may be obvious or not, but it could be other things. I tend to reward myself with clothing, so people often notice new and attractive clothes and think that means weight loss.
But hey, anything that helps us to look good is ok. right?

zen and the art of weight loss, finding the true path of en-lighten-ment

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I also didn't tell a lot of people..Just my bf (I live with him..its hard to hide anything) my mom and 2 of my friends. I mentioned working out more to feel healthier but didn't want people to know so they wouldn't ask me about it but once I loose a good amount I will be more open about it. I have actually never ever told anyone how much I weigh but this website!
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Like a few people here, I told all my family, friends, and coworkers. I found it to be a lot easier because the more I talk about it, the more I keep motivated. I only got the most positive words from all these people and I even learn tips from them. I do have to say, I never say exactly what weight I am at. I just say what I've lost. I'm comfortable talking about health/fitness but that little tid-bit I save for me and my husband.

Starting weight: 225lb
Mini goal 1: 215lb
Mini goal 2: 205lb
Mini goal 3: 195lb
Mini goal 4: 185lb
Mini goal 5: 175lb
Final Goal: 170lb
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