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I didn't tell anyone at all until I was already down 20-30 lbs. After that, it was just my husband. Now that I'm down over 50 lbs, people have really started to notice and I can't hide it from people I see frequently. I really don't want my weight to be a topic of conversation, so it's kind of tough.
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I didn't start telling people until I had lost 10 pounds and knew I could actually do this.

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Only the closest people in my life know - mom, hubby, sister, best friend -- but ironically, I keep a very public blog and video blog LOL I will 'come out' so to speak one of these days. On one hand it would be cool if everyone knew, but on the other hand it would be cool if I got to my goal THEN people found the blog etc.

The blog helps keep me motivated and accountable though
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I told my SO and my roommates. I also told my mom, because she is always supportive.

However, my SO isn't always the best at keeping secrets, so a lot of people knew that I wasn't really telling.

Now, I'm pretty open about it. I bring my own food a lot of places and I've lost enough weight that its pretty obvious.
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I guess for me it really wasn't a big deal. I was so huge, Super morbidly obese to be exact, that I felt people already saw me as a loser, it didn't really matter what they thought anymore. One day I told my husband and kids that I was sick and tired of being fat and unhealthy. I couldn't take it anymore and I was done hiding behind the fat suit. I just did it. I didn't blab it to the world, I just plugged away. I was so huge I didn't get my first comment about weight loss until I had lost around 60 pounds. I was honest about it when people asked and very gracious when anyone noticed. Oh sure, there were s few idiots that said stupid stuff that ticked me off, but I got over it quickly for my own sanity.

I think what made it so much easier this time, and why I was successful at losing 193 pounds was because for once in my life I didn't give a rats a$$ what other people thought. It was all about my health, and staying alive long enough to see my kids grow up.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.

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Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
I didn't tell anyone at first. I had failed so many times that I wanted to be sure that I would stick with it before telling anyone. Before long I had to tell my family. It is hard to keep your food secret from the people you live with. I did not tell anyone else until I was well along on my journey and my loss was apparent. Now I just act like everyone knows I eat healthy. You can't hide a large loss.
It's the same for me as time2lose. Didn't tell folks (except dh) at first. Same reason - I've lost and gained so many times - I just let it be until folks start noticing. Then - as it comes up - I mention it.

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I told the hubby at the beginning - I knew his support would be crucial. He's a good man, who tells me that I look good no matter what, and he has also lost sizeable weight, so he already knows that I don't want to have my weight be the topic of discussion.

I mentioned it to some people that I work out with, since diet, weight maintenance and exercise came up in conversation. I don't bring it up, but if people want to talk health, nutrition and exercise, I'm game. I really love to talk about food, so discussing healthy food is a good time for me.
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I didn't tell anyone at first, not even my husband, because we were not in a good place in our marriage at the time and I knew he would scoff at the changes I was making with remarks along the lines of, "You can't ever stick to these big changes you say you're going to make." So I kept it to myself.

He noticed within a few weeks that I was changing the way I ate--because the major change I was making was to not eat sugar. And that was a huge change for me. We began talking about it, about a month in, and I urged him to try it out, too. (Which he did--a huge step for him, as he loved his Coke--and thus began his weight/health change.)

My coworkers noticed after a few months. I think I got my first comment about losing weight from one of them after I'd lost about 40 pounds. For the most part, they have not said much, but they have been very encouraging and supportive and understanding. They don't try to press birthday cake on me, etc. I think they all think I'm a little crazy, but it's a kind of crazy they respect

My mom and other relatives of course have noticed and have been very supportive. Close friends as well.

In fact, I have not heard one negative thing from anyone, this whole time. I wonder if that's perhaps about where I live--northern California--where everyone is pretty health-conscious, even if they're not actively doing something about it.

So I guess my answer is, I kept it to myself at the beginning when I was unsure whether I'd be able to stick to it. But once I knew this was really how I would live my life, I relaxed. I still don't go around "informing" people, but if it comes up, I'm open and honest about how I have lost weight.
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I've done this more times than I care to try to count, and when I got on the scale a few days ago and saw my highest weight ever(I had been avoiding the scale for a while... Ugh!), I freaked out. It was my huge revalation that got me really paying attention to what I eat and trying to make exercise a part of my life.

That being said, my freak out kind of made it's way onto FB. I'm not a very closed off person when it comes to... Anything. So I said a couple of things when I first had my "ah-hah" moment, and basically everyone I know is aware of what I'm doing. The vast majority of them have been very supportive and I've gotten all kinds of ideas and strategies from them. One person, in my opinion, was extremely condescending in his attempt to get advice, which lead to a big angry argument over FB comments(We're super mature, right??), but it's whatever. Like I said, basically everyone else has been crazy supportive of my descision to make this change in my life. I feel like the support is necessary, and it helps me to feel accountable to more than just myself... Even though in the end the weight loss is only for myself.
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I had a weight loss buddy 3 months before I became serious about losing. We ended up quitting and talked mostly about the gooood things we ate. Finally when I got serious about it I did tell her but she just shrugged it off, understandably so since we weren't that serious about it before.
I waited to spread the word till I came back from a 2 week vacation where I watched everything I ate and worked out every other day. I didn't weigh-in till I got back home. Turned out I lost 5 lbs. I blasted that info out to everyone on Facebook and the moms group I'm a part of. Everyone was thrilled for me.
From that point I laid low again and didn't say anything because I figured people probably thought "Oh good for her but who hasn't lost 5 lbs only to gain it back." I had a couple people check in on me from time to time to find out if I'd lost more and I'd tell them but they hadn't seen me yet. Finally when I lost a total of 35 lbs I went to a moms meeting and everyone was blown away. Suddenly all everyone wanted to talk about is weight loss. To this day moms are getting together in groups to lose weight.....so awesome!
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My best friends- both overweight- knew after i'd started and had already lost half a stone or so, as I'd begun when we were away from each other in holidays. Our friendship changed, and we don't talk anymore...sadly after I lost weight, one became catty and nasty, and out of the blue, the other joined in...
It's a small price a pay for having this confidence to make new friends <3
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I hear you! I have had so many attempts at this weight loss, that I dread someone thinking "oh, ok she's trying to lose weight again" and seriously I shoudl be proud of the fact that I am doing this for my health and wellbeing, and I should tell everyone so I can be accountable. But I understand how you feel. It's like my secret. I want to surprise people and when the pounds start dropping and when I start looking leaner and healthier, I want people to ask me about my weightloss. Not because I told them I am doing it, but because they see it. And when they ask "Wow your looking great what are you doing differently?" I can say "I am taking my health by the reins and running with it. I am eating cleaner and I am making a commitment to move my body so I hve endurance, strength and stamina, and I'm loving it!" I'm pretty excited for when I get to say that .
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I tell my husband and mom every time I start dieting because they both have an influence on the foods I eat. My husband and I tend to eat together and my mom has us over quite a bit for her incredible cooking.

In the past, I have never been comfortable talking about my weight or my weight loss with others... This time was no different at first. Now that I have lost about 50 pounds since my restart, I have opened up about it. First, I told my co-workers - one was talking about how much weight she'd lost since the new year on Weight Watchers so I talked about how much I had lost as well. Another wanted me to share a pizza, so I explained I was on a diet.

I have been getting a few comments and having people ask how I'm doing it, so I explain that it really can be as simple as calories in versus calories out. Also, I have posted a bit about it on Facebook to help stay accountable.

It's a big step for me to talk about it with people who know me, but since I've had some success, I guess I feel credible and like there's less chance for failure.

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I just up and asked my cousin how she'd lost 100 lbs, and I started calorie counting the next day. My husband knew I was going for it, but I didn't tell anyone else, more because why should I? What I ate was my business.

Now that it's obvious, everyone knows. Some people ask, some people don't. Some people comment, some people don't. I guess I no longer feel conflicted about whether or not to tell someone, with one exception...my dad. He lives 16 hours away and I want to just surprise him when I see him again. Oh, and my mom because she hurt my feelings! I'd lost 27 lbs and she said something stupid and I could not keep my mouth shut.
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I have told everyone and their mom, seriously. From my boss to my friends to my therapist (although, lol, she's my weight loss therapist so...I kind of have to tell her). It is a huge help to have the accountability, for me, and to know that if I fall into old habits, there will be lots of sets of eyes on me wondering why I'm doing it.

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