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Default Reaching mini-goals

Hi All,

this method can be used for reaching you rmini-goals. It also works in your business-life.

A) Cet up a time-line f.x. one year ( 20 pounds lost)
B) Put in small goals, f.x. janaur lost 4 pounds, februar - stop drinking alcohol and so on...
C) Put in 4-6 crucial milestones and rewards fx. when I have lost 12 pounds, i deserve a new bag or whatever it is.

Rewards must of course never be food or drinks !

D) Set your timeline to action and keep with it.

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I think C is really good and practiced by a lot of people on here.

You'll get a lot of disagreement on A and B. For some people having timelines is really motivating.

But I think in general they are a really bad idea with weight loss. Everybody loses weight differently, you could take 2 almost identical people, put them on the same plan and they will lose differently.

When you put timelines on things you are really setting yourself up for A) disappointment if you fail and B) greater tendency to do unhealthy things to achieve a goal by a certain date.

I think most people also miss other complexities like how weight loss slows when you have less to lose and many other factors.

I guess the net for me is how can I put a timeline on something when I cannot accurately predict what my body will do even if I am perfectly on plan?

I think it also leads to an atmosphere where you focus on results instead of behaviors which IMO is one of the biggegst contributors to the constant regain that you see in this area of life.

Anyway just my 2 cents, I'm sure there are a lot of people who are really driven by dates and that does more help than harm...

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