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Default Help me please!

I've been lurking here for some time, and am finally ready to jump in. I'm 48 years old, about 250#, and in a real mess. Despite meds to help reduce cholesterol and tryglycerides, my levels are "seriously elevated" (the Dr. words). Ok, I haven't been following any type of eating plan which I know I need to; I just don't know where to find that "spark" to get me going. Most of the time I honestly don't care. Except for my Mom and my 3 kitties, there is nothing keeping me here. I'm not afraid of dying, just worried about them. I've spent my entire life doing for others, and, now when I need to "do" for me, I don't know how!!! I am also borderline diabetic, and am taking Prozac for depression and seeing a therapist twice a month. I just can't seem to break through the barrier to care enough about me to care FOR me.

Hugs, support and ideas are greatly appreciated!!!!!
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Smile Come on over!!!!

come on and take a look at the 21 day or 5lb challenge-- many of us post on both threads and are dedicated to supporting each other no matter which plan we are following.

I wish there was more info out there about how a big symptom of diabetes (pre, post , insulin resistant, brittle) IS Depression. My DH has Type 2 and takes medication. I have good news for you- If you only lose 10% of your weight you will feel so much better. All the numbers improve, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. AND that dark, grey sadness will begin to lift.

My DH thought he let some weight creep back on if he just upped his medication. Then, he woke up one day, with nearly no vision in one eye. A tiny vein in his eye had burst. That was his wakeup call. He didnt want to spend whatever time he has left totally blind. PS, he was 49 when this happened, had been diagnosed type 2 for about 2 yrs.

Please find a thread (s) that you enjoy, no matter where you find it. You deserve to treat yourself like royalty because YOU DESERVE IT.
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Kaylets hath hit the nail on the head, CatLady, you DO deserve to feel better and you do need to think about treating yourself as you would a ... I think the steps you are taking now for your health will eventually lead you to the place where you feel the "spark" again!

I also post on the 21-day challenge thread and the 5-pound challenge thread (a little sister of the 21-day). We are all royalty there and would love to have you join us, as Kaylets said!!! But there are loads of fun threads here to choose from and hope you stick around, as posting helps.

BTW, there is also a forum on 3FC dedicated to depression and weight loss issues. Here's a link, hope it works:


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CatLady, it sounds as though you're caught in a vicious, downward spiral. Your health is shot, you're overweight, and you're depressed, which makes you not care about your health, your weight, etc. Get it? Try starting with baby steps; just pick one thing that you are going to focus on and work on that. Like taking a walk every day. It'll help you lose weight, help with the diabetes and improve your outlook. Once you've made that a habit, then try modifying what you're eating or adding 8 glasses of water a day. I've struggled with depression in the past, and I know that trying to fix everything all at once is just too big to comprehend, let alone tackle. But if I try to do just a little bit each day I don't feel so overwhelmed. Please, please try to see yourself as worthwhile enough to spend some effort on!! And check back here often; I'm finding a lot of support just by reading the new posts every day.
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Default Baby steps are key

You have started on your journey already and don't even realize it. The first step is saying that you need to do something. The next is to determine how best to do it. You can do it.

I had a garage sale yesterday. A woman came and bought two of my business suits (I don't wear suits to work anymore). She told me that one year ago yesterday, she weighed 350 pounds. Yesterday, she bought two suits in a size 16.

Focus on small things. Focus on them to protect your health. I would recommend watching a show on the Food Network - Cooking Thin with Kathleen Daelmans. I also really enjoy her cookbook "Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen". She was an overweight chef who lost weight after getting a job at a spa in Hawaii. Now she helps others begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Start with baby steps. Start today. You can walk around the block. Maybe tomorrow you walk around two. Each time you take a step, you will find that you begin to feel better about yourself. The woman at my garage sale said that her whole life has changed.

My former roommate (who is now just my friend) lost more than 50 pounds two years ago. She did it with the help of some people, but mainly by planning ahead.

I've been losing weight by planning ahead and working out more (I've always been active). I come here when I feel like I'm going to slide back into old habits and it helps me stay on track.
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Chocolate is right - start with one thing - thats what I'm trying to do. I post on the 21 day challenge this morning and my goal is to walk/exercise every day for 21 days. It is probably the one thing that I actually really feel like I did good on. And it is so beneficial to your numbers everything will go down! I'm hoping my energy will go up! You and I are very similar I'm 41 and 240. so we can hopefully encourage each other. Good luck!
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