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Unhappy Can't shake the Yo-Yo...((groan))

Hi to everyone,
I just found this forum, and from the looks of the support, it seems like a very successful forum! I don't think I'm abnormal when I say that I feel like the "yo-yo queen".
HOW do you guys stay on your diets? I do SO well for a couple of weeks. I drink tons of water, eat lots of salads, walk a mile or so every other day....then I just stop. I start feeling weak, (I don't believe in diet pills to "give me energy" so I rely on vitamins and trying to eat right) and I immediately begin to eat heavy again. I have managed to gain up to 260lbs. (((groan))) and I still can't believe it when I get on the scales. What they say is true...you gain back more than you lose, and this seems to be my motto. I feel I'm at a dangerous weight now, and am kind of freaking out because of it. Every morning, I begin the day saying that I will start a diet (again) today. Then by dinner, I've usually blown it. Can't seem to muster the energy to exercise at ALL. I'm sure there are others that feel this way. How do I overcome it, and just take the weight off? Of course, like everyone else, I have problems that make me a little depressed, so I tend to eat. I also have Meniere's disease, and have not been able to work for the last year, although I am taking a class in medical transcription so that I can get back to work soon. All this staying at home has made me LAZY!!!!!
Any advice or support would be appreciated. I'm one of those people who USED to be thin, and going out of the house with the chance of seeing anyone I've known for awhile makes me sick. I kNOW what they are saying...(WOW!! She's gotten so FAT!!!) I really hate that.
I'm 35, with 2 children ages 10 and 11. A good husband too, but who would also like for me to lose weight because of my health.
Would love to just be able to talk to someone, and maybe gain some insight to some of you who have found success? Or even if you're in the same boat as I?
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Default Well I never went on a diet so there was nothing to go off

Well the stoping part is why you yo-yo. You have to think of weight loss as a change in eating habits, living habits, and thinking habits, not a diet. I never went on a diet and I have lost 140lbs. One of the most important aspect of the changes you make is that they are something you can stick with. I once heard somewhere that the best type of exercise is exercise you actually do. In other words people that do too much or do exercise they really hate instead of finding something they like stop. So even though it might be really good exercise, it isn't because they stop.

So I would stick with the water, walking, and salads, but add some protein, fish is best, or nuts for energy. Lots of things could help with the energy. BTW nuts can have a lot of fat but most recent research says they are actually good for you. Some cheese, chicken, even beef although I am not a big beef fan. Maybe next time try one or two changes at a time. Drink more water but keep other things the same, then add the salads, then the exercise. Focus on small goals, but make sure you are making changes that you can keep with or you will yo-yo. You also don't have to be a fanatic about these changes. I often go off program. In fact one of the really wonderful things about losing weight and now I am way more active on a daily basis then I use to be is I don't gain weight when I go op or I can work it off fairly fast because my metoblism is so much better then it use to be.

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Thanks diamond,
I agree with everything you say, but still easier said than done. So what is it that you do for exercise that you really enjoy? Just curious...wondering how to muster up some energy quick.
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YES, it's definitely easier said than done ... and I'll agree wholeheartedly with what diamond says. Believe me, I've been in your shoes, and truly that lack of energy is the WORST! And with me, that usually leads to depression, which makes it even harder.

I'm not saying any of this is for you, but I thought I could share just a couple of tips that have helped me. I've still got a LONG way to go (I'm hovering around 230 pounds right now), but I'm feeling better than I was, say, about two months ago.

Eating: personally, I go the low-carb route because it curbs my cravings for sugary stuff. Cutting out proteins and fats really drains me of my energy. If sugar is a problem for you, you might want to investigate some of the low-carb boards, ask questions, do some reading. Even if you don't do a bona fide low-carb plan, you might concentrate solely on cutting out (or at least down on!) sugary things. You might do best to make small changes over time. And drink lots of water.

Exercises: By all means, find something you enjoy. It's not that I don't enjoy walking, I guess I just don't enjoy it when I call it exercise!!!! I ran across a Joyce Vedral videotape (she does weightlifting routines), bought some dumbells (3, 5 and 8#) and was amazed from the first time that I followed the tape ... it was a fairly short routine, maybe half an hour, and when I was done, I discovered I felt better -- slightly more energetic! Through this I discovered that I enjoy lifting weights so much more than aerobic exercise! Not that I don't do anything aerobic, but as I read somewhere, once I've dropped some more weight and built up my energy more, aerobics will no doubt be more enjoyable to me, as they aren't now. If you'd like to explore some weight lifting issues, check out www.stumptuous.com (to which I was directed by MrsJim of these boards!)

Good luck!
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Wink hope this helps.....

Hi Coaches_wife. The feeling is so over-whelming and believe me....we've all been there to a certain degree and coming here certainly helps!! I was like you in the fact that I was gaining weight and had very little energy. I too lost weight only to gain it back and I let my slide continue and then without so much as a blink....I had gained almost 20 lbs!!! SAD BUT TRUE. So some suggestions for you would be to:
a) get rid of the high fat/junk food!!!-nobody gained weight eating celery (veggies) and fresh fruit.
b) start slowly doing some of the excercis that you like to do. Swimmming is great and has very little impact on joints that some activity can have.
c)drink your water....you must remember how important this is, right?
d)try to break down your day into do-able sections if a whole day on plan is too overwhelming. Sometimes a whole day on plan might seem like a mountain to accomplish but if you try for a great breakfast and snack and have success, then try for a well balanced lunch followed by a snack. Before you know it.....the whole day will be a success!!
e)be thankful that you are loved and capable of change. Self love is also soooo important as is a positive attitude. If you think you can you will!!!

I have to tell you, I found this very therapeutic as well to list the above points because I think its only human nature to feel as you do but its not okay to think of yourself(myself included) as a failure. It happens to everyone......just start ! I hope this is taken in the manner in which it was given....openly and positively. Good luck!!


next challenge ???

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The best advice I can give you is to stop dieting. Take a long hard look at what you are eating and drinking and find ways to eliminate or cut back slowly. Make changes that you can live with for a lifetime. I have been on the diet rollercoaster for most of my life and in late April of this year I was finally fed up. I began simply by drinking water instead of colas and progressed from there. I still enjoy foods that I've always eaten, just in moderation. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the "I want to lose weight now". I have lost a total of 28 lbs in 3-1/2 months and still have a long way to go but I realize that I didn't gain this weight overnight and I'm not going to lose it in a short period of time either. Good luck to you, I hope this helps in some small way.

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I certainly appreciate the advice. I wish I had the confidence that you all do...and I DO know that it's up to me and only me to get myself there. I have my good days and my bad. The good days are really good, and the bad days are really bad. I need to find an even keel and keep trying to get myself motivated to just "do it". (NIKE said that....right? haha)
Anyway, again, I appreciate the responses. I will get back on track and try, try again. (sigh)
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Coachs_wife --

January 24th of this year, my Mother had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. The next day, she had a moderate stroke that destroyed 20-25% of her right brain. She weighed 272 pounds. The weight combined with the surgery combined with the complication of a stroke made it impossible for her do anything for herself. She was completely at the mercy of her care takers. Unfortunately, her caretakers resented having to do things for her. I sat by and watched 2 very small physical therapists drop my mother in the floor on three different occasions. It was torture for both my mother, (whos mind was completely intact) and the family. We felt completely helpless to do anything for her except provide assistance and "muscle" when needed. The most humilitating point of her hospital stay was when 6 VERY LARGE men showed up to move my mother from her hospital bed to a gurney so that she could have some tests done.

I guess you are wondering why I am telling you this.

Seeing my mother's weight was a big wake up call for me. I was 29 years old and already weighed 272 EXACTLY. I weighed the same as my 62 year old mother.

I have been fat since I was 5 years old. When I was 13 years old I wore a size 14-16. When I was 18, I wore a 18-20 and weighed just over 200 pounds. My weight has just kept going up my entire life.

I was 29 years old and was already experiencing health problems due to my weight. I was on high blood pressure meds from the time I was 18. I had high cholestrol (240). I had heart palpitations that could not be diagnosed properly. I had asthma. I have hypothyroidism. I had cronic migrains. I had hip pain when I set for more than 10 minutes, and knee and hip pain when I walked. I truely feel like I was killing myself with food.

After 29 years of being fat, very fat, something clicked in me. I was angry and depressed. I was not going through the same thing that I was watching my mother go through. But I had to change. I knew that if I didn't change, I would be EXACTLY in the same place as my mom, but much sooner. I began to read about nutrition and exercise. I read every website I could find and every magazine that I could find about exercising or nutrition.

I cut my calories to 1000-1200. I began drinking only water. I began to exercise 3-5 times per week. My weight began to drop. Remember I started at 272. Today, I am at 202. I have lost 70 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I AM NOT DIETING. I have actually made a lifestyle change. I know that I will reach my goal weight because I have CHANGED MY LIFE not just my food intake.

The thing is YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! Make a weekly eating plan. Plan for SUCCESS! If you dont plan your eating, you are much more likely not to stick to you lifestyle change. As far as exercise goes, your body will probably fight you at first. Your mind will sat " I need to exercise" and your body will say "go grab a bag of chips and get in the recliner." I have to admit exercising was the hardest part for me. In the beginning I bought a bicycle. However, I could only make it LITERALLY 800 feet down the road before my rear end was throbbing so bad that I could not go any farther. Notwithstanding that I was completely out of breath. Little by little, week by week, I could go farther longer with out giving out. Start with Mini-Goals. Say to youself, "self, we need to go for a walk." Make your goal for the first whole week to get dressed to go for a walk, put your walking shoes on, and go outside. Every day that you do that you will have made it to your goal! The Second week maybe go for a 5-minute walk. The point is, make your goals at first laughingly easy and do it! You will feel good because you achieved your goal. This will make you WANT to continue.

Set yourself up to WIN!! You can do it! Pretty soon you will feel better, look better, and the weight will start to come down. Also, it is very important that you dont let a bad day make you give up. If you have a bad day, pick yourself up and start again. You can do it!


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S/C/G: 236/216/17?

Height: 5'7"

Wink thanks.....

Thank you for sharing your story. Just reading it made me feel like going for a walk!! (better than the recliner....lol) You have done really well, and what a difference you must feel. Such a postive change for the better. Good luck and 'YOU GO GIRL!!!"

next challenge ???

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hi KaterinaVHill --- I just read your post and it really inspired me and reminded me about how important it is for me to set little goals which help me to stay on course both with exercise and lifestyle change. Each small step/goal does make a difference. I like the idea of planning for sucess also. Thanks for that reminder.

Take care, all.
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Your story sounds all too familiar. All my life I have battled with my weight. A year ago I decided before I turned 40 I was going to do something forever. It is all in the mind you have to remember that. The decision is only yours. One of the things that helped me was that I had a bad back, a knee almost to be replaced if I did not act fast and a heart that would speed up every once in a while as if to tell me that is enough. I am now 40 and 70 pounds minus. The difference this time is that I have kept i off for 1 year and 4 months and plan to do it for life, I feel great and plan on loosing more. No more aches and pains, I joined a Gym which I am starting today. All the advice I have for you after being there so many times is think of these 3 things, #1 you are the only one that can make the lifetime decision #2 We are not getting any younger #3 with age comes more and more illnesses do you want to sit there and wait for them? Or do you want to do something to help your health. You know what to do just do it! Good Luck!

PS: Don't worry about what people say about you, I even had my husband saying it was impossible for me to loose it and I did it withou any drugs just will-power.
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Default for Coach's wife

I agree with Huntress wholeheartedly, stop dieting. No matter
if we have 100 pounds or 10 pounds to lose, it will take more than a diet because diets are temporary. It will take a lifestyle
change and one you can/will live with.

I was a no breakfast person who ate an occassional lunch and
couldn't lose an ounce no matter how active I became, my body
was in starvation mode that held on to the fat thinking it was its
last meal. I was reclaiming my life from cancer and knew I
couldn't do it alone to join Weight Watchers--it was the best
thing I could do for me. I was motivated because I just couldn't
stand looking at my post treatment self and thought I couldn't
beat that beast until I reclaimed my life,or took it back. It is not
easy but nothing lasting or good ever is a piece of cake. It took
me almost six months to reach my goal (I'm now maintaining
and closer to Lifetime) because I very honestly changed my
meeting/Leader when it just wasn't working where I was.

I find being On Program easier and healthier, I can not go a day
without my 96 ounces of water which is an accomplishment I
never thought I'd master for having a hard time drinking more
than 3 glasses a day, my exercise began with Walk Away The
Pounds/Leslie Sansone and has me registered for two more
Walks before mid October--I go a minimum of three miles daily.
I am better with the structure and support of meetings, some
would rather go On line to do it at home alone. I think we need to feel or have something click before we can succeed, and to
me it was knowing I had to do it for myself/to regain my health
and reclaim my life. I am now wearing clothes I couldn't fit it
for the last two plus years and it feels great. I bought a dress
two summers ago that just spoke to me, it was a bit wild and
what I imagined myself in. It hung at the front of my closet and
was the first thing I saw every morning, I wore it three weeks ago
when I went to my first new meeting--it was outstanding.

My motivation is/was seeing my grandchildren graduate college
in eight and twelve years, I want to be around to see them be
the best they can be and reach their goals. You have to set your
motivation and believe you can/will do it. The world waits for us
to join in again, I truly hope you will make that move and enjoy
life again because you deserve to.

life is not a dress rehersal,make it good the first time.

I know I can, I know I can.
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