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Default Why are carbs so damn tasty?!

Every time something seems appealing--more appealing than something else--I realize it's all about the carbs!! Snack food served at a bar: Those little soy bits. Not on my menu, even though they're not that high-calorie--CARBS!!! Come home to veggie dinner--green beans, broccoli, carrots--and think how much better a whole pack of corn would be--CARBS!! And how nice the sweet potato I had the other day was--CARBS!!! It's like the taste buds are automatic carb-seekers!!
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I know!! I am going through the same thing and it all came to a head today!!! I can eat 100% in calories think I am healthy but man the % of carbs to protein is insane. Tho good food... carbs. The satisfying food... carbs. The food that keeps me from losing... carbs. SO SAD!
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I wish I knew.. UGH CARBS!

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If any of you figure out this mystery, PLEASE let me know what the secret is!!!
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I try to keep my carbs 30 percent or below........ helps control the cravings...
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I believe it's partially genetic and partially learned behavior. I think our bodies are programmed to like high carb / high fat foods BECAUSE they are energy dense. In the days of food scarcity and hard work, these foods helped ensure our survival. But, it's also partially learned because we associate high carb foods with happy feelings -- celebrations, treats, etc. Also, I believe that I read that certain carbs (like sweets) actually cause a brain endorphin rise, so it's like self-medicating in a way. And that's not even considering the whole carbs/insulin/blood sugar relationship which can really drive some people wacky.

No wonder we fight the carb cravings .... Carbs are my downfall too, but I find if I stay away from most of that stuff, then the cravings do lessen significantly.
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I LOVE carbs!!! It's my biggest weakness!! I'm fine with everything else for the most part. LOL Just can't seem to get away from all those carbs no matter how hard you try!
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Well, what is it about the carbs????

in a word, SUGAR !!!!!

It's a drug, think of it as a drug.

Don't you get headaches when you first try to cut down on sugar

Don't you crave like crazy when you have just a little or a coming down...

Treat it like a drug, you can't taste even a little bit of the "bad carbs"
IT will start the cycle all over again....

My favorite saying = I don't need a diet, I need a twelve step program

Crossed that 280 barrier, I am in the 270's now - 27 pounds down
Treating carbs like the plague, veggies green and leafy...
I am personally embalming myself in Crystal Light
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Yes, I know, they are sooo tasty! I love carbs! pastas and breads are my downfall. They're like crack. I think, I've never had crack--my drug of choice has always been carbs!
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Mini-goal #5: Onederland!:

Overall goal
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