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I'm A Work In Progress!
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Default Sleep

How much sleep do you get every night?

I would LOVE to get at least 7 or 8, but in my household, it is nearly impossible. And, when I do say I'm tired, I do get the comments that make me feel guilty that I am tired.

From what I have read, sleep is vital in order to stay healthy, and especially for those who are trying to lose weight. Leading a stress-free or less stress life is also vital (isn't the chemical called cortisone that is released during stressful situations?). I can't seem to get either....sleep or less stress. I'm just aggravated. I am trying to take better care of me, because if I don't take better care of me, there's no way in the world I can take care of anyone else (my kids, that is). Thanks for letting me complain (at 11:18pm).
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I love sleep! mostly because I don't get anywhere near enough of it! I know you gotta do what you gotta do, but don't go in for the guilt trips. Only people who are truly busy truly appreciate a good nights sleep! As far as my personal attitude is concerned, the worst thing I ever do to myself is build up a sleep debt. But every once in a while you just gotta sleep in, ya know?
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it just depends. I would say I pretty regularity get about 7 hours a sleep. I am utterly useless in classes unless I've had enough sleep, so I have to makes sure I build it into my life.

I think you're just going to have to do the same: build it into your life. It sucks when there is so much to do every day, but you're right...getting enough sleep will make you a better mother and a healthier person
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hey sleep does the body and mind good.. most days i get 7 hours of sleep but i can still function on only 6 well till a point lol....
also if its possible take a nap in the afternoon its not only for ages 5 and below.. its either take a nap or do some type of exercise by doing ones of these i find myself energentic afterwards...

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Here we go again...
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I get about 6-7 hours a night. I'm also unemployed right now, meaning I'm pretty stress free. I'm starting the job application process and I'm starting to get stressed, but I find my exercise keeps me in line. To help with the stress, have you tried yoga? Not the pretzel moves, but just the simple breathing exercises and some basic beginner poses? That should help with the aggravation. It can be for just 10 minutes and it also relaxes the body enough to put you to sleep if you're having difficulty falling asleep.

Sorry you're feeling so stressed. A few months ago, at my old job, I was incredibly stressed as well. I hope you can overcome this!

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Sleep deprivation can kill you, and I'm not being melodramatic. Most of my career-life I've worked two jobs - one full-time and one part-time, averaging about 60 hours a week. Many of those jobs were swing shifts.

I'm on disability now with autoimmune disease destroying connective tissue, and fibromyalgia among other health issues. I won't say sleep deprivation
caused all of my problems, but my doctors and I believe it did play a significant role.

A doctor who spoke to the local fibromyalgia group, told us that a regular and adequate sleep pattern is vital for everyone, but particularly for people with fibro (because so many people with fibro have sleep disorders, some doctors even believe fibro is primarily a sleep disorder - that the disordered sleep may actually be causing the fibro, rather than the other way around).

The doctor speaking to our group said that of her patients on swing shifts, she advises them to get a new job, because the fibro (in her experience) doesn't get better while a person is on swing shifts, and it's tough on 3rd shift even if stable.

I was just reading that permanent third sifters are at risk for all sorts of health issues including breast (women) and prostate (men) cancers.

For myself, sleep studies revealed that I spend very little time in the most restful stages of sleep. If you deprive animals of restful sleep, they die - from immune disfunction. So connecting the dots - I'm much more protective of good sleep than ever before.
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I'm very protective of my sleep too. I'm sure I don't get enough and am frequently tired, but I do everything I can to maximize it.

From what we know about sleep's effects on the body, I'm starting to think that we should be pushing people to get their 8 hours a night over pushing drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I have a feeling it might make a bigger difference on our health!

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So close to onederland...
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I end up with about 7.5 hours a night.... but I'm not a mom.

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I'm A Work In Progress!
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Well, I'm a mom of two young ones (2 and 4), work full-time and go to school full time at night (2 nights a week). So, when I'm not in class I'm studying at home, when the kids let me or after they go to sleep. My husband has a home business doing ebay, so when I get home, he also wants me to help him. I'm sooo tired! (Yeah, that was a whiny "I'm so tired" lol). I think I just need to sit down and make a schedule to follow.
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I usually get 6-7 hours
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I don't understand, you say you get guilt trips for trying to sleep? Who does that? A 2 and 4 year old must be in bed way too early in the evening for you to feel guilty about following suit. Just adding an hour of sleep everynight is adding years to your life. In what form is this guilt being put on you?

I'd like to sleep more but sometimes my body just wakes up after 6-7 hours and I can't go back to sleep.

Sleep is crucial. I'm trying to plug in little naps and if I can't sleep during my nap I close my eyes and lie still for at least 20 minutes. People in Europe have been doing this for centuries and I'm starting to believe that it's these power naps that are really beneficial to one's health. When I nap in the afternoon on a regular basis my skin looks better, I'm less bloated, I'm less hungry, and I'm less tired.

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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I've only just begun! :)
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At the risk of causing more stress, have you considered that you may be a little depressed? Sound like you have a lot on your plate right now, and you may be just a little blue. That will make getting to sleep and staying asleep difficult, as well as affect the quality of the sleep you're getting.

You definitely need to kick the guilt to the curb - if you're the only one leaving the house and going to work, as well as school, then you have every right to be tired. If DH chooses to do this business, then it's his and he can't add to your work load with his stuff.

My DH and my oldest son are constantly asking me to do stuff for them - admin type stuff. My DH works in Lebanon and is constantly asking me to research stuff for him, or to look in to one thing or another for business. My DS can't be bothered to look up stuff like insurance and school and such, and asks me. I've finally had to tell them that I'm not their admin, and even if I were, they couldn't afford me!

You have a right to sleep a full 8 hours, or more, if you like. Kids do impact that, but you can work around it and go to bed earlier. Tell DH he'll have to manage without you.

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Get usually around 7.5-8 hours a night, although I prefer to get 8.5. If I get less than 7, I'm a disaster.

I know that I need it, so other things (like socializing and school work) always come in second if I need to go to bed. Of course, it's fairly easy for me to say this, as I have no children. I imagine that children would make this very difficult, just maintaining the household and all. Do you have any other adults that live with you? Husband, grandma, etc? Maybe they could pick up some of the slack with the laundry and all. Women now a days are made to feel so guilty if they don't do everything, work outside of the home and maintain a pristine home. But we shouldn't have to do it all, and sleep is certainly not something that you should have to feel guilty about (although I can understand that you do!)
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exercising with twins
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I'd say that one of the things I'm doing differently during this weight loss journey is that I'm getting plenty of sleep. I get about 8-8.5 hours a night now as opposed to the 5-6 hours I got when I was a full time student with a part time job and other crazy things going on. I think this extra sleep has really helped me lose weight.

I also find that I definitely have higher quality sleep when I've exercised over the course of the day so it's a lovely cycle: sleep improves my health and my health improves my sleep.

Do not feel guilty for sleeping, it will make your waking hours so much more productive because you won't be dragging yourself around.
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I know what you mean! I get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night and I am always tired. And I don't even sleep those hours straight through because I am nursing my daughter who gets up 1-2x per night.
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