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Lightbulb Getting started?

Hey everyone,

I tend to have a difficult time getting started... I will do well for a couple days and then loose it. I know I just need to bite the bullet... Any suggestions on how to start calorie counting or tips for making the beginning easier?


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Try to think about the rewards of increased self esteem, health, and being about to fit into your favorite outfit. There is not a trick to losing weight you just have to do it. One way to motivate yourself is to just post your results daily so everyone can see.
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What I did for motivation was watch that one show on Discovery Health "I lost it" and also "X-weighed." They come on at 3:00 central time. Watching those stories really made me think "If they can do it so can I." In the beginning I'd even workout while I watched it.
another thing is that when I felt I was reaching a weak point, where I wanted to give up.....I would google "Weight loss motivational stories" or "weight loss encouragement."
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I read success stories daily. I log all of my food, every lick and crumb. I weigh just about daily.

For me it's not so much about motivation. I've tried the motivation thing and can always talk myself out of it. Now I'm taking the more "scientific" approach of just immersing myself. The reason I got to 270 lbs is because I was in denial and not accountable. So I'm reversing that pattern now and being uber accountable. I also have a much more positive attitude this time around and the way I am losing weight is a liveable way for me. Nothing drastic or gimmicky. Just something that I am comfortable being in for the long haul.

Back to square one, and blogging about it My Nutrisystem Journey
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Well, you could find a way to keep going and head toward your goal, or, you could do it in a month, a year, 10 years, and so on. How much longer do you want to live this way? Once you decide that you are willing to put aside everything to make this one of your main priorities and to have the patience to do so, you will move in the right direction. If you keep gaining, then one day, you might have to do this very same work, but starting at a higher weight. I'm sure you don't want that. We all think of diet and exercise as deprivation, but really, we are truly depriving ourselves of the life and body we want. THAT is the deprivation. If you can rewire your brain to see it that way, you might find that you can stick to it longer. Keep in mind that it takes 4 weeks for your brain to form a new habit (good or bad). Commit to doing the work it takes. Track your eating, track your workouts and do it for a month. By then, you will see some results and you will be more motivated. But, as someone's Avatar here says, it has nothing to do with motivation and it has everything to do with commitment. Do you put yourself first or last on the list? Imagine you had to save someone else's life. You would do whatever it takes, every day. People put their lives on hold all the time to sit at the bedside of someone who is in a hospital. They would do anything at that point to help that loved one. Well, you should be your own loved one. Love yourself enough to do whatever it takes.

I hope this didn't come on too strong. It sounded a lot like me just a few months ago. I couldn't even last one day with any commitment. I felt terrible in my own body and I had no sense of control. I started the day with bagels and cream cheese and a huge orange juice. I put everyone else first, but I also realized I had less and less to give with each passing month. I pretended the problem didn't exist, but it was smacking me in the face on a regular basis. I didn't hit any rock bottom. I avoided mirrors and I avoided social situations. I am just now starting to come around and even though I still suffer from chronic daily migraines (so if I can workout anyone can) and I still have a child with special needs (pain like I never could have imagined), I do this one thing for myself. I want to enjoy life, despite the heartache and the suffering. What is the alternative? Just keep eating my way to an early grave? No way. Not for me and not for you, Cori.

I really hope you will make the changes you need to make. You will feel so much better and with every step in the right direction, you will find inspiration and motivation like never before.
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I would suggest joining sparkpeople.com or a similar online calorie journaling site. Also, in my opinion, it would be a good investment (and a fairly cheap one) to buy a food scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons and to be sure to weigh and measure everything. Be sure to keep accurate and honest account of everything you eat and drink. It may seem a bit daunting in the beginning but soon, it will become second nature

Good luck with your goals.

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I agree with Onederchic, learning portion sizes was the easiest way for me to get started.
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