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Default What do you Track?

Online? On paper? Minutes? Miles?

What do you keep track of and how do you do it?
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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I keep track of all calories in any food/drink I consume and I track all my exercise minutes. I also keep track of my measurements. I do it all on sparkpeople.com
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I keep track of all calories, exercise (usually just minutes), and measurements. I use fitday.com for cals and exercise. I made a handy dandy excel sheet to track my weightloss progress and measurements.
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Here we go again...
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I track food intake, weight and activities on Fitday. I love the program. Even though there are a lot of discrepancies with calorie counts for foods and exercise, I feel that using the same program kinda eliminates those discrepancies just because it will be the same across the board. The one thing I don't like about Fitday is the lack of variety in foods. I have made SO MANY custom foods for stupid things like Healthy Choice Frozen meals. Come on! That's not exotic!!

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S/C/G: 407/358-Dec2007/tracker/125

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I track food intake, exercise mins/cals from my HR monitor, and weight using FitDay. I track daily steps (from pedometer) and morning temps in a spreadsheet. That last one is an attempt to see when I need a refeed/break. When on maintenance I usually see 37.7C or 37.8C in the mornings, when dieting I see 36.4C to 36.7C. If/when I'm feeling run down it will be below 36C (although I haven't been doing it long enough to know for sure).
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Height: 5'8"


I track everything I eat and drink, exercise in minutes, and my weight loss progress all on sparkpeople.com. I like it because it gives you reports on how on target you are with your goal, and it def. keeps me accountable.

Mini goal -

Ultimate goal -

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I track calories, carbs, fat, protein & sodium on Sparkpeople.com. I don't purposely limit sodium, but I do pay attention to the number and can really tell whether or not to expect some water weight gain.
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Height: 5'5


I use printed pamphlets "Food and Exercise Log"s that track food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks. It also gives a place to write the amount of exercise you have done.

I write down what I eat, how much and when. This way when I have the urge to eat, I can look at my journal and figure out "Is it time for a snack, or am I just bored/angry/anxious/depressed" I eat 5 times per day - 3 meals, 2 snacks..with at least 2 hours between each meal.

I do track my weight during the week, but the only weight measurement that I really count is Saturday mornings when I go to the Dr's office to jump on their scale. I always wear the same outfit, so the weigh ins are accurate.

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I weigh myself everyday and log it in a notebook....

I keep track of my miles in the exercise threads and log the totals each month in my journal....

I keep track of the cost on all the meals Angie and I have out...just for general info...not the food mind you but the cost and whether or not we brought home leftovers for lunch...and how many drinks we...er I had....

I tried to keep track of Angie...but she is just too sneaky...way too sneaky...
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sucker for candy corn
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I track the following on my Ipod touch:
calories (Lose It! app)
exercise (Lose It! and ifitness apps)
water intake (Eight Glasses a Day app)
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i track my calories, exercise and weight all on Lose It! the app for my iphone

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I feel like I'm a slacker trackers.
I write down points in a notebook, sometimes on my hand if I'm out
I use the ticker below to record weekly weight-ins
And I keep a running total of minutes in the gym in my head.
I thought about my measurements, but I was too scared to start them
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Things I track include:

1. Calories eaten (by day, week, and averages)--LoseIt
2. Weight, fat % (using calipers), LBM, chest, waist, hips, thighs--Excel
3. Macro nutrient (fats, carbs, protein)--LoseIt
4. Exercise (type and time for cardio/weight and exercise for weight lifting)-LoseIt for cardio and notebook for weights that I take to the gym

I have a bit of a obsessive compulsive personality so this seems to work for me. Also, it helps me see exactly what's going on. If I gain/lose weight I can see how much is muscle or fat. Also, helps me decide what levers to push (i.e., eat less/more calories, eat more protein, eat less carbs, etc.).

Interesting thing is by this trial and error method I've come to the conclusion that although calories are important, eating a lot of carbs relative to protein makes it harder for me to keep my calories down and lose weight (I try to eat about 35% protein and 35% carbs). Then I happened to read a book recently on insulin resistance and it seems that there is some science behind why that is happening to me.
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Height: 5'2"


Calories - just switched to sparkpeople for this
Macros - I don't pay attention to anything else, even though the web site records sodium, vitamins, etc

Type of exercise and approx minutes - also on SP.. not so much because I care about the calories burned.. but because I'm there anyway

Weight - every morning, on physicsdiet.com
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I track my food intake, calories and daily morning weight in a little spiral-bound paper notebook.

I track my exercise sessions in a work database, it's tied to a health care incentive program (we get points for various activities, and enough points translates to a few $$ deposited into our health savings account - sweet!)

This year, I've been tracking my running, hiking and kayaking miles on an excel spreadsheet. I started that because of the "run 1000 miles in 2009" thread. I've almost reached 1000 running miles - not counting the 200 hiking and paddling miles!
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