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Default Starting Exercise

I want to hear what you did when you first started exercising, did you do videos? walk? if so how long starting out. Plus its getting cold here in KY and I want to know some exercises to bring it inside. P.s. Im looking for a treademill so thats one..
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I first started walking then my sister actually bought a work out tape and I got into that. I never really liked to follow tapes but all of a sudden I was loving them. If its cold outside find a workout tape you can get into and follow. Your inside its warm your alone no ones watching its the perfect time to bust a move

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I started out walking in place for 5-15 mins each day then I moved on to Leslie Sansone DVDs which I stuck to for a few months.
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When I first started exercising, I would walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes each night. Then, when winter set in, I bought a pilates dvd & ball for indoor exercise. I still LOVE using the dvd/ball...great workout, and inexpensive start-up.

Hope this helps
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I started exercising.....well this whole weight loss journey, actuallly...using the Wii Fit. I still use it to weigh in and track weight loss, but I don't exercise much on it anymore. In the beginnning though, the Wii Fit motivated me a lot. It was something I felt I could do, and it was enjoyable. Now I kinda feel like I moved beyond it.

I began walking also.........first for about 30 minutes. Now I've gotten faster and I do 4 miles in about 1 hour. The walking was something I started because I heard Dr. Oz say everyone who wants to lose weight should start walking to get in shape. It's worked wonders for me! Just today, I had my husband drop me off about 4 miles from home and I walked back home. I would've never believed I'd be doing that!!!!

Last, I bought an elliptical machine, which is a great workout. I use it more and more as the weather gets colder.

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Here we go again...
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Walking! It's the easiest thing to do and it's the most consistent form of exercise. You can walk at home, in place or around the house if you have a big one, or you can walk outside when it's nice outside.

I always walk first, then attempt other exercises. I have the 30 Day shred (Jillian Michael's DVD) DVD that I have yet to get past the warm-up. I enjoy walks more. Maybe it's just being outside no matter what the weather.

I think the most important thing is to try as many exercises as you can (Pilates, playing a sport - I liked tennis when it was warmer, walking, jogging, yoga, dance, etc) and see which one you enjoy the most. It's easier to stick to an exercise routine if you don't dread it. Good luck!

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Also walking. At the very beginning I was so heavy and unfit, I couldn't really do anything else. Slowly began jogging little during walks. Eventually started to run 5-10 miles. Eventually started added weight training. Now I change things up although weight training and some form of cardio are always part of my exercise routine.
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A great indoor exercise? Jump Rope! I love doing it. Plus, it only cost a few dollars. I purchased the Gold's Gym Jump Rope with weights on the handle at Walmart and it's helping me burn calories while indoor and tone the arm.
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I started out doing the biggest loser cardio max dvd. it has 3 levels. you start at level one and in 2 weeks you add level 2 and so on so it should take you 6 weeks to do, and I got pretty good results. It really improved my endurance.

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I started out by cleaning my house. Not just a little light dusting and running the vacuum, but seriously deep down clean and scrubbed the entire thing...from the toilets and showers, bathtubs and walls, windows, floors, woodwork, ceiling fans. I shampooed carpets, cleaned closets, cupboards, drawers and cabinets...all the while getting rid of all the crap and clutter I let build up over the years. Then I started outside! Started push mowing, spading the garden, pulling weeds, cutting down trees, and hauling hay.
I love my home and garden. It's beautiful and clean and clutter free.
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Just Me
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When I first really started exercising regularly, I had just hurt my knee and I could barely walk. Cardio of any type was out so I lifted weights. I went to a gym and did a lot of upper body work and carefully did lower body work until my knee got better. Then I integrated elliptical and recumbent bike exercises.

Now I do all sorts of weights at home and various cardio.
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You may want to just put on some music and dance around (hopefully, nobody will be watching ). I started by walking my dog. I also have some free weights that I would use, and I did push ups and crunches during the time I would normally be watching t.v. and eating. My favorite show to work out to is The Biggest Loser, for obvious reasons.

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Thanks guys..I think Im doing good so far. And I was actually wanting the wii fit because now they have the biggest loser you can get for the wii ***YAY*** Im so excited..but I am planning to go to walmart and purchase a few vidoes..Plus I want a pedometer to check my steps..Thanks so much for your help and advice
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I didn't add a cable package to my apartment so I would arrange my gym time around the shows I wanted to watch at my school's gym, since they have tvs hooked up. (I'm not even kidding about this...)
Then, once I was there, I'd start out easy on elliptical and move to the treadmill. I find if i can just get myself there, I'll at least walk on the treadmill, which is better than sitting at home
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I started with a treadmill. It was a leap of faith and I am glad that it worked. A few months later I joined a wonderful gym and I never looked back. I do have some DVDs at home but I really prefer to work out at the gym.
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