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Honestly for me, it's knowing that the night-time, all alone binges are out. I know it's weird, but I loved that time. I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted. And the feeling of fullness was great. I felt ****ty all day long though, so obviously it's not good. But it's a part of me for some reason.

Also sticking with it when I get busy and stressed...I guess that goes to my first reason. When I'm stressed and busy, I would calm myself down at night with a binge...no more!
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Mini-goal #4: 20% of SW (202lbs):
Mini-goal #5: Onederland!:

Overall goal
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Hardest for me, I think is going to events where other people are eating whatever they want and I say "no thank you" or just eat/order some plain grilled chicken. I act like it doesn't bother me, but sometimes it does. I mean, their food looks good! LOL.

Giving up soda was really hard at first, but I got over that pretty quickly and now I don't have a taste for soda at all!

Exercise is always a challenge. Wish I enjoyed it more than I do, but i know it's necessary. SIGH.

I was always big on baking cookies for the kids, and that came to a halt. Then I felt some "mommy guilt" about it for awhile. Now I'm trying to make them lower fat baked treats that we can enjoy together.

I think looking at all the weight I needed to lose was overwhelming in the beginning. I thought I'd never do it, honestly. But somehow I kept at it and now I don't have much more to lose at all. That was amazing to me.

Live the Life You Have Imagined
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Not being able to eat my hot cheetos anymore is the hardest lol
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I haven't been doing this for long (we won't count the numerous times in the past where I tried and failed) but I can tell you that the hardest part for me is not eating whatever the **** I want, and not giving in to my cravings. I used to eat whatever I wanted if I wanted it, then I would deal with the guilt by writing or singing. I also ate bad things- fast food (because it was easy), ice-cream (because it made me feel better for a moment), and I'd guzzle soda (I was just USED to having it .. like a drug or cigarette).

Well, I gave up fast food. The only kind I have now is from Subway (wheat bread, the cheese or mayo rule, and lots of veggies) and Captain D's/Long John Silvers (they have a wonderful broiled fish, rice and veggies meal that fills me up nicely). I rarely have ice-cream .. it's become a special treat. And I haven't had a pop in five weeks! (I occasionally have a diet root beer for a treat..)

Making the lifestyle changes has been so hard. And it will only get harder. I am slowly cutting away bad things from my diet. I am making the changes for me, and I know in the end THAT will feel better than anything I feel now.
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The hardest thing for me was overcoming a history of failure.

I truly believed that it was not possible... and even now, after losing close to 50 pounds, I still can't imagine walking into a store and walking into the normal sized clothing section. I can imagine being less fat, but I can't imagine not being fat.

The second hardest thing is being patient. When I step on the scale and it's still the same, I have to tell myself just to keep going and that the results will follow.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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Originally Posted by Hamoco350 View Post
Making the lifestyle changes has been so hard. And it will only get harder. I am slowly cutting away bad things from my diet. I am making the changes for me, and I know in the end THAT will feel better than anything I feel now.

The good news is that it probably *won't* get harder. For me, the hardest part was in the beginning where I couldn't just buy packages of cookies and chips and eat unlimited ice cream. That was really hard at first, but now it's nothing but a fleeting thought from time to time.

I can't decide what's been the hardest for me. I think that making the mental adjustment to my changing body has probaby been the most difficult. I'm really struggling with that right now. I'm struggling with the disconnect between how I look and how I feel. My body image seems messed up; sometimes I think I'm really getting slim and a few minutes later I'll think I'm just as fat as I was 47 pounds ago. I'm still staying on track and working out and eating as right as I can, but I'm going through a rough patch right now.

The second hardest part was in the beginning when I was losing pounds but nobody could tell.....not even me.

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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3 + years maintaining
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The hardest part for me happened BEFORE I even started. It was making that decision TO start. Accepting the fact that I would have to overhaul my lifestyle FOREVER. And of course as many things that we ponder and worry about, anticipation is always worse then the actual event. Because as it turns out I LOVE this lifestyle. Ha. Who knew?

Hamoco, I'm with Windchime. As you can see from my answer, this doesn't get harder. Just the opposite - it gets easier. MUCH.
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Keeping up my momentum has been the hardest. I seem to go in waves of being invicible, losing every week, writing it all down, planning ahead, exercising and loving it and then something in my life takes a downward turn, usually work, usually meaning more stress and I lose my grip.

I've had a lot of the latter lately but just made a challenge for myself to journal 90 days in a row and an exercise challenge on Nike + . I seem to need little challenges, but no harm in that, right?

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Along the way, dealing with holidays and social eating situations have been especially challenging. And these last ten pounds are a real bear!
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For me it's exercise and food That's pretty much everything then

More seriously, dealing with emmotional eating was very very difficult and of course the first few weeks were hard. Exercise is always hard for me as I don't like it much but I'm doing something I can tolerate and I'm getting good results so am very motivated with that at the moment. At the moment the hardest thing is all the comments I'm getting - they're either from people who want to know every detail about what I weigh, how much I lost how I did it or people thinking I'm taking slimming tablets. I don't like attention or standing out as it is (which was one reason I wanted to lose weight then I wouldn't be the fattest person everywhere I went) so I always feel like binging after these comments (I don't mind a well doen comment but mos people are too loud and too nosey about it!)

Another difficulty is my mum's constant efforts of sabbatge - she no logner just offers the buscuits to us when we visit she now forces them into our hands and I don't want to discuss my plan with her so that's akward and difficult too.
By the end of May????

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Watching other people eat all the stuff that I want to be eating (because it tastes so good!) but I know isn't good for me.
Current Mini Goal:

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I miss the food, I really do. I miss my cheetos, chips, and fast food. Hubby eats these things everyday and it makes it that much harder to avoid. I've done well so far, lost a bunch of weight but I'm at the point right now where I need to reduce calories again and I'm having a really hard time with it. It kills me to know that I'll have to keep reducing calories as I go along.

The exercise is great, I love doing it everyday and pushing myself as hard as I can. The bad part about it is that the harder I work out the hungrier I get and for someone like me who has troubles with regulating my calories it means big trouble. So again it comes down to the eating.

I'm super frustrated because I've lost weight, I've made this HUGE lifestyle change but I don't visually see any results yet and not many people have noticed either. The other day I had a nightmare that I lost all the weight I needed, got down to an insanely small number like 120 but I was still wearing my size 14pants and nobody noticed. All the fluctuating is frustrating also and staying on plan feels like torture with no light at the end of the tunnel.

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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The hardest part is dealing with the mental blocks and issues. I am working to get over those and when I do, I know I can lose more.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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Keeping my chin up when the scale wobbles and I've gained a couple of pounds....grrrrrr.

But you can't let things like that, the short-term things, get in the way of the long-term goal. That's a fitter, healthier and happier Salsa. So I'm doing my bestest not to - onward! Upward (or in the case of the scale, downwards!)!

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Annie - Indiana
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Fritos, popcorn and maintaining.


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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