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Other people's goal weight - am I selling myself short?

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Default Other people's goal weight - am I selling myself short?

Do any of you ever notice people your height, (or more) who have goal weights well below yours? Do you ever feel like you should keep going because of it?

I see people my height (or more) who have goal weights in the 130's and 120's and it gets me thinking about myself. Now I realize that everyone has different body shapes and bone density and all that good stuff, but when I see someone 5'7" or 5'8" with a goal weight so much lower than mine I feel like I have sold myself short, and that I am just settling on a weight. Sometimes it makes me feel bad. Do any of you ever feel like that?
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Eh, I don't really let it bother me. I am sure I will change my goal weight once I reach what I have set at the moment but for now I want to concentrate on getting to the original one.

I think if you are comfortable where you are and you feel good about yourself then you are doing it right
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I wouldn't feel bad, I've seen some people's goal weights that make me raise my eyebrows. I've seen people who are 5'8" put in 110-120 and I think that's too thin- of course each person knows THEIR body but I can't help but think to myself that at 5'8" being 140 lbs is fine!

I'm 5'3" and my goal is 140- I might change it, I might be happy with it, but for now I think that I'm picking a weight I know I can get to

You have lost 180 lbs girl- don't ever feel bad because YOU are amazing

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Hon, I'm so not there yet, but I think that you GOTTA feel comfortable in your skin. And where you are is HEALTHY!

I personally think that lots of us, me included, put down a fantasy type weight. You know -- I remember when I was 18 and weight x lbs and I want to be there again. But the reality is that we won't really KNOW what our final weight SHOULD be. Most of us aren't where you are! So only YOU know if YOU are happy where you are. Cause those of us still on our path will certainly get a HUGE reality check -- lots of us won't get anywheres near our personal goal and those who DO get to the low low number MAY NOT be able to maintain it (seen it lots of times). And that's kind the point, no? Can you MAINTAIN your goal weight and live the way you want to live? I have a "goal" weight, but in reality, I think the healthiest is to have a BMI less than 30, a favorable waist measurement, and to be active. (In fact, studies now show that those with higher BMI's but less than 30 are the healthiest in the long term!)...and personally, for ME, I want to live a certain way and I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to live the way I want to live AND sustain 137 lbs (my goal weight). So I have the weight there just cause I had to have SOMETHING on my ticker, and it was the middle of the BMI for my height. But if I am less than BMI of 30 with a good waist measurement, I KNOW I'm healthy. Still working on the waist measurement (darn it, I'm a rectangle, not an hourglass!), and it'll take another 20 lbs to get there I'm sure. But once there, the actual number becomes irrelevant to me.

And as an aside, I noticed that in the past few years, the success stories in WW have become EMINENTLY REASONABLE and have made me rethink my goal weight. Every single story features people who have reached goal and their goal is some 20lbs higher that I would have anticipated.

I don't think you are selling yourself short at ALL. You are healthy, trim, active, and beautiful. The number is just a number...

We luvs ya!


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yah i know exactly what you mean!! i also look at peoples heights and their goals and compare it to mine hehehe.

it does suprise me when their goal is much lower than mine and i think, hmmm should i go lower. but then i think i am just going to go as low as i think i can possible do and sustain.

i think whatever works for you comfortable wise is fine. my first goal was 150, but i just recently changed it to 140, i dunno why, i just thought of it, when i was making a virtual model version of me, and i didnt see much of a change on the model at 150, but did when i picked 140. which is silly i know hehehe.

its all very arbtituary, i think once i hit a certain weight, that i'm comfortable with and feel good, i will stick with it. so that might just end up being at 150 after all.

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Here's one for --I haven't even thought about it, until now that is. I say 130 for me because that is the magical number for the predaughter me. I'm not sure what 130 looks like on me after weight loss. I might get there and think, I need to tone up and then gain muscle weight...So for me it's just a number, a goal for now. When I get there, it will be about how can I feel better, stronger, healthier--for me. hope this helps. hugs for your soul
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Everybody is so different. I have often seen people posting at my height and size, but 20 and more pounds different than me. If they lost to my weight, they'd be a much smaller size than me. How is that equivalent? Plus, of course, there is no one ideal size for everyone, so the range of weights that might be perfect for various individuals is huge. In the end, only you can tell what combination of lifestyle, health, size and appearance is right for you. Remember all the times you've posted about how great you feel! If you want to lose more, go for it. If you don't, who cares???!!!
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I wouldn't say that I feel I'm selling myself short, but that they have high aspirations. I don't say that to sound rude, so please don't misunderstand. At one point I weight 167, so I know how MY body looks at that weight. I know that I could have stood to lose a few more. Aside from that, I looked at the "healthy" weight range for my height and chose 165. I also know that models can be about my height but weigh more in the 120 range. So I knew I DO NOT want to be that skinny (I don't even know if I can be). Not to mention, that's out of the "healthy" range for my height. I set a goal I know I can get to and that my body would look healthy at. If I get to that point and choose to lose more, I may see where these other women are coming from... but right now, I can't understand.
Don't worry about their goals, you've done so well and YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!
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No, I don't feel badly at all about my "goal" weight being higher then many my height. I think we're all different and I can't compare myself to anyone.

At 5 foot nothing, it wouldn't be unheard of for me to be 100 lbs.

*For me* that's just not something I'm looking to do. I'm 45 years old. Post menopausal. Three kids. Excess skin. Been morbidly obese for 20+ years, overweight since 5th grade.

I am thrilled, more then thrilled with how I look and better yet with how I FEEL. I don't think weighing any less would accomplish one thing for me. Not a one. I'm full of energy and stamina. I haven't been sick one time, not even a cold since day one of changing my eating habits. I I haven't even had a headache - with the exception of the one time where I had eaten 1 1/2 pancakes the night before. Sugar headache. My blood work is excellent. I meet or surpass every vitamin level with the exception of D (the sunshine vitamin). Blood pressure perfect. Cholesterol fantastic. I've got muscles, I've got bones protruding, I'm wearing size 4's, 2,'s, XS and even the occasional 0. I have a hard enough time now finding clothing small enough, can't possibly imagine how difficult it would be if I were thinner.

I got down to 120 at one point. I literally stayed there for one day. One day. I am not willing to do what is necessary to stay there. And like I said, I don't see any reason to.

Lori, my love, do what is good for you. Do what you are comfortable at and feel fantastic with and don't worry or feel badly or inadequate about anyone else's goal, targets, or weights. This is about YOU and you alone.

IF you want to experiment with lower (or higher) weights give it a try. But only if you think it will make you happier and healthier. It's not set in stone and you can always change it back up.

The days of you selling yourself short are over. Long over and done with.
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I would have loved to have weighed less for my height, but my body doesn't seem to agree! My current weight is easy to maintain so I let that be my guide.

As long as you're healthy, happy and fit, don't let the comparisons get you down!
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You guys make me smile. Thanks for all the great thoughts. I do feel good....great as a matter of fact, but it's just that nagging thought that maybe other people know something I don't.

I have the dreaded annual girly check-up tomorrow, (I'm actually not really dreading it so badly), and I'll have a little chat with my doctor and see what he thinks. He'll probably tell me what you have all said!
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Ya, I don't know about you, but I used to get the weight-lecture every year. My check up is next month, and since I'm down I think THIS agonizing part of my medical will be GONE!!!

Let us know how it goes!

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I don't look at other people's goal weights in terms of relation to my own. I've been fit before so I know what's attainable for me. And even that number has me skeptical as I've aged 7 years since then.

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I think you look awesome right now but you're the only one who can decide if you're happy with your figure or if you want to drop a few more pounds.

Still, I know what you mean about comparing your goal to other people's, except when I compare, mine's always lower than other people's. While I know I chose the right weight for my personal goal, seeing other people's higher numbers reminds me that next year I'm going to have to listen to people (family) telling me to stop losing weight because I'm over 40 and women over 40 aren't supposed to be that thin ... that lecture will be followed by the one about what clothes 40+ women can wear without "everyone talking" and without "looking desprate" ... just thinking about it makes me want some earplugs (and a new pair of stilettos) already! LOL
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For me, goal weight is all about being both comfortable and healthy. I maintained 125 for awhile (was quite a bit less muscular than I am now) and I really, really liked it. Then, I gained some weight intentionally for a bodybuilding contest, cut down as much body fat as possible, and was close to 125 -- AGAIN -- but this time in a super shredded way (at a body fat level that is unhealthy to maintain). Unfortunately, I went CRAZY post-contest and couldn't stop eating for a month straight, gained 17 pounds, then lost 5 as soon as I stopped trashing my body. Now? I'm 140 and I'd like to be 125 again just because I was slim enough to never, ever feel the need to suck it in, could fit all my clothes (now, I can't comfortably fit half of 'em, which bugs me!), had great self esteem, and was still at a healthy weight. I know in order to do this, I will have to sacrifice losing some of my muscle mass, which makes some people wonder why I would even bother, but I would like to not be self conscious. So yes -- while I am healthy and at a body fat percentage that most would love at 140 pounds, I have my goal weight lower because I don't like it here.

Now, I know some people DO have their goal weight at something like, say, 110 pounds at my height, but I know that would be irrational. Anything under 115 would be underweight, and I know any time I am below 120, I look emaciated. So, knowing my body, I am not selling myself short... and likewise, I refuse to settle.
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