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Default Rant about gaining

I tried to get into roller derby, I thought, hey, that's a great way to continue to lose weight and meet some cool girls. I was wrong when I shattered my ankle. Well I was out of the game for 5 months due to breaking my ankle.

Now I'm walking again and started going back to the gym. I waited a couple of weeks to weight myself, I figured I didn't want to see the scale go up those five or ten pounds until I was back in the game.

I was wrong. I gained 15 pounds! And I hate myself right now.

Just before starting roller derby, I had lost 35 pounds but then hit a plateau and stayed at the same weight for almost a year. I had gotten a personal trainer, started eating 6 small meals a day and was working out at least 5 times a week for months. Still no budging.

Now here I am, really can't do any other cardio other than the stationary bike because my ankle is still healing. 15 pounds heavier on top of the fifty I still wanted to lose and I feel stuck. And depressed. What if that 15 stays and I still can't lose?

Anyone out there been where I am? Or at least kinda? How'd you get going again?
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I am sure that there have been plenty of us that have been where you are.

My story: In the beginning of 2005 I had lost 30lbs. I had hit my mid goal wait of 130lbs. Then I hit a plateau. I still did the same things I had been doing to lose the weight but I wasn't losing anything. I stayed in the 130's until July 2006. That's when I moved back to my home state. Its been 3 years.. No matter how I try I can't seem to get back to 130. Now I weight more that I did when I first started losing weight in 2005. I'd plateau at a weight for months and then I would gain again.

I started coming to this site a month ago. On top of that I do a online calorie and exercise counter called Fitday.

Today is the first day in a long time that I actually stayed on track with the food I had and I got my walk in.

You have to think. You didn't have any way to get exercise for 5 months. You just started walking. Your slowly getting better. I swear sitting around doing nothing eventhough you watch what you eat is the easiest way to gain weight. but that is my own opinion.

Stop hating yourself. you have to think positive thoughts. Yes you gained 15 lbs. but your getting back into your exercise. The weight will come off again. You might need to change up your workout some. Do things differently. When you reach a plateau cut out a little more of what you eat. If your eating the same amount of calories every day and you plateau, then I think that is how many calories you have to eat to maintain your weight. To lose you have to cut out something.

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Just know that each and every excess pound that you gain, is one that you CAN take off. KNOW it. Take confidence from it and don't despair. If you don't want to be overweight - you don't have to be!!!

As far as the exercise goes - you're in luck! "They" say, and I and MANY tend to agree - that the "food/exercise" ratio is 80%/20%. MEaning that your food intake makes up for 80% of all this weight loss stuff.

So though you may be limited to what you can do physically for a tad longer, you can still work on the eating portion of this equation. And still lose lots of weight. Lots of it.

What kind of eating program are you following? Do you have a plan? What were you doing that the scale wouldn't "budge"? That will obviously have to be tweaked and changed up. But there is no reason on earth that you shouldn't be able to lose and lose steadily if you are determined and commited to.

Give us an idea of what plan kind of plan you were following/are currently following and we can guide you better.

Hang tough. Don't be negative. Be positive! Be excited about the changes that you can make that will make you happier and healthier.
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I agree with rocknrobin. I will also add I broke my shoulder right after I started, that eliminated much of my exercise. Most of ny exercise since then has been walking.
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Big post -- GONE!!! I can only summarize, but I also broke my leg -- double spiral fracture -- last February, and I'm still in recovery. My doctor friend says that my left leg may never be "normal" again -- that damage to the lymph system may be permanent. And it hasn't been easy to keep exercising. What I've done is learn to accept that my body is my body, and there's no way to trade it in. So I'm not going to be as strong or thin or whatever as the people with whom I chose to compare myself, but that doesn't mean that what I'm doing has any less value. I have accepted that different times of the year will allow me to exercise differently -- it seems that my aversion to heat/humidity will decrease the number of days I work out in the summer, but it also seems that winter (here in VA, anyway, where it's so mild it's ridiculous) inspires me to get moving. So I'm not burning as many calories in June/July/August as I was in Jan-May -- I've not given up, just accepted a fact about myself.

Which is a confused way of saying: don't give up, just shift your POV. If you can't work out at the intensity that you did before, it's ok. As long as you are riding your bike and walking (and I found walking to be the most important part of my extended rehab), you're moving. Maybe try yoga -- not a huge calorie burner, but it does help teach your broken leg how to balance and shift and move again. Try swimming, if you can -- I do laps of the pool with a kickboard or only kicking with my damaged leg. Walk. Bike. Move. Accept that your body is different now. Accept your own limitations -- limitations do not mean that you've failed -- just that you know how to get the most out of your situation. Just keep going
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I agree with RR too.

Don't hate yourself, that will get you nowhere. Stay positive and hang in there
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hugs to you. It sucks about the gaining. But you can do it. I use a stationary and you can burn some calories on that thing. hang in there we are here to support you!
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Good luck with this. You may want to consider changing your diet slightly to address the fact that you aren't building muscle anymore, and your muscles aren't using nearly as much energy as you were. This can help combat the weight gain while you heal up!

Good luck with the ankle, I really hope you feel better soon. Chin up, it won't be that much longer until you're back in the race and get back on your feet.
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