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Default Something you WON'T miss

I know we tend to talk about the things we miss the most during weight loss mode, but as I am sitting here eating lunch I am thinking one thing is for sure...I WON'T miss all the tuna, lol. I am eating it about 2, sometimes 3 (but no more than that) each week. Most everything else I intend to stick with, the measuring and weighing of food, the weighing of myself, the exercise (maybe not quite everyday), the calorie counting, but the tuna is just getting YUK!

How 'bout you? What are you all discovering you will NOT maintain?

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i wont miss eating salad..i mean, day after day after day, just eating salad with low fat dressing..ugh...i cant take it anymore...
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Honestly, nothing. I'm trying not to deny myself anything, and there's really not a lot I don't like to begin with! lol

Except maybe the fish. I have tilapia about 3 times a week because it's the only seafood I can handle (it's very mild-tasting) but I'm getting so used to it that I'll probably continue eating it during maintenance.
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Niecy, if you don't like tuna why are you eating it so often? There are lots of other fish to try.
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One day at a time!
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Nothing. I will eat something that I don't like for a few times to see if I can develop a liking for it, but I quit eating it if I don't start liking it. One of my main goals is to stop the yo-yo weight. I am only willing to make changes that I can continue for a lifetime.

I will let you know in 4 or 5 years if that works out.

Persistence is more important than Perfection

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill
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I have liked everything I eat, both during weight loss and maintenance. I was on a plan once where it was egg whites every day. Yuck. I hate egg whites. I could hardly wait to be "done." Same with deli sliced turkey breast. :P Can you guess that once I stopped that plan, my weight came back?

Basically, if you don't want to eat it, you shouldn't be eating so much of it. There are many good foods besides tuna and salad with lowfat dressing!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Walk By Faith
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I WILL NOT miss being uncomfortable!

Joined MRC 03/20/2009
~*~Nothing Tastes as good as being thin feels!~*~
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Little Small
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I WON'T miss lemon water. You know what I mean, drinking water with a lemon wedge in it. Ack! Anything 'lemony' my lip starts to curl into dislike. I used to love it now ... NOW ... I just can't handle it anymore. Ha!
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Let's salsa!
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I have a feeling I will be on this lifestyle for as long as I possibly can, so I am not planning to get rid of anything. Fortunately, I like tuna and I like tilapia, and I love salmon. I do have to admit that occasionally I feel like I don't want to see another chicken breast ever again but when that happens I switch to beef or port for a short period of time and then I am ready for chicken again.
My diet is actually very repetitive but I am very used to it and so far I cannot complain. I just wish there was some room in it for MickeyD's french fries, LOL!
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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Never want to go back!
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I gave up the mass quantities of plain water everyone says you should drink to lose weight. It makes me gag. I drink a couple of glasses a day of sparkling, sodium free water, but otherwise I get my liquids elsewhere. Sipping constantly on water makes me feel like I'm on a diet and I don't want to feel that way. So I kicked it to the curb and don't regret it a bit. I was down 4.2 pounds this week. I don't think it's hurting my weight loss.

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That is a good question/comment for those that wonder why I am still eating it...I honestly don't know! LOL

I used to eat it all the time. Before they came out with the warning about mercury toxicity and pregnancy, I was eating it almost everyday for lunch with my 2nd child.

I have just recently developed a strong dislike for it in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Thighs, you are right. I need to find a new fish, lol. I guess the tuna is easy, especially on my low cal days, I just open the can, add a little FF mayo and it's done.

I was telling my mom about this today and she said salad was hers. She doesn't want to eat so much of it. Salads are okay for me, you can do ANYTHING with a salad. But she mentioned shrimp so I think I am going to try a shrimp salad.

But the tuna has definitely got to go. It just doesn't taste as good to me anymore.

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HAHA Dedge; now THAT is a good one!

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I wont miss looking in the mirror and going "ick!!"

As far as food, I refuse to eat something I don't enjoy. I'll experiment and try something a few times, but if it's not something I'll add permanantly to my regime, then it's off the list.

I just wont choke something down just because it's good for me. I'd rather make adjustments elsewhere so that I can enjoy what I'm eating.
10% Mini Goal-20lbs lost 09/10/09

One for every 5lb lost

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Soul Cyster
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There really isn't something I won't miss because I don't eat what I don't like. I'd say there are a handful of things I don't like.

I used to not like egg whites but dressing them up with some salsa really helped
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Just Me
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The way to maintain your weight loss is to do exactly what you did while you were losing weight so... If you don't like something and there are good alternatives for it, then I wouldn't eat it.

When I went vegetarian, one of my greatest moments was thinking I wouldn't have to try to like fish any more.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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