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Default Hello! Newbie here & I need some help with my weight loss journey!

Hello everyone! I'm new to this form and I noticed a support section here. I'm in need of some help with my weight loss journey.

I recently went to the doctors to find out that I'm weighing at my highest of 296lbs (I lost 4lbs making me 292lbs!) and my blood pressure being HIGH. I'm not one to want to exercise really...I want to lose weight but I guess you could say I have no motivation at all. I'm eating better than I have been but it's really the exercising. I enjoy walking and working out to Richard Simmons but I just don't want to get up and do it all. I'm tired all of the time and just want to sit down and do nothing all day. The weather isn't helping cause it's constantly hot inside here and it isn't helping me at all. *sigh* I'm sorry if I'm complaining and just being new to here. I'm just really stumped as to what I should try doing.

I thought maybe just go walking outside and not trying the Walk At Home workout DVDs that I have. What does everyone suggest for me to start doing? I want to get myself into it so I will want to get up and exercise just for the **** of it even if I exercised already that day. Thank you for any help that you give me!! I appreciate it all!
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Start slow.. and build up..

Don't expect to get everything right from the beginning... start adding healthy changes to your diet...starting with a high "start" weight makes you one of the lucky ones who could eat a lot of (healthy) food and still lose weight!

Same with exercise.. start with just a 10-minute walk, if that's too easy go up to 15 ...etc.

I personally like to listen to audio books while walking (with Leslie Sansone's DVDs). That makes me look forward to doing the walk just to know what will happen next (I'm currently at the end of book 3 in the Shopaholic series, all listened to while exercising!)

Good luck! You can do it!

Step by step, day by day... it will eventually add up!
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Bashfulled: Welcome to 3fc! You can do it, you took the first big step and that is actually starting. Many people never even get to the point that you're already at. Congrats!

Browse these forums, you will get so much information and advice, you won't believe it. Also check out the Goals threads once in awhile, they are very inspiring.

As for exercise, make it into a challenge for yourself. Get a pedometer and set a goal to walk, say, 4,000 steps each day for a week. You might be surprised how easy that is. Then the next week try for 5,000 steps a day, and so on. They say that walking 10,000 steps per day is great for weight loss.

Good luck! You can do this.
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Hi Bashfulled. Welcome to 3FC.

First off, I want you to know, that high blood pressure is nothing to take lightly. Pills only do so much good. You must take the pressure off your heart, and the only way to do that without masking the symptoms is to lose a substantial amount of weigh. (I'm sure your Doctor already told you that )

Secondly...you are carrying around 100+ pounds of extra weight, just walking to the bathroom is a workout. The reason you are tired all of the time is because you are weight training 24/7. You DON"T need to start an exercise routine until you drop some serious weight. You need to get a total grip on your eating and plan out (and do it) a strategy of eating that satisfies you and that you can live with FOREVER. Goals are great, but make sure they are obtainable and not time line driven. Every single day you put it off is another day your poor heart is working itself to death. Another day of being hot and tired and miserable. Another day of self loathing and self pity.

I won't lie...it's going to suck some days. But OH MY GOSH...it is SOOOOOOOO worth it. There is NO amount of money I would except to go back to were I was. I wish you success. Don't be a 3FC statistic. Only a very small percentage of the newbies stick around to goal. DO IT!

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Hi Bashfulled,

You can do it!!! I know what it's like to have zero motivation and no desire to do anything. It sounds like you have a grip on your eating. Are you drinking enough water? I would suggest 80 oz. a day. If you don't like the taste, you can get water flavoring packets or something like Crystal Light...or, you can squeeze lemon juice into it.

Last year, I was skinny and weighed at my goal. I have had one of the worst years of my life and lost all motivation and was gaining like I was on a mission to kill myself with food. The only thing that helped me, personally, was getting on a weight loss program that was very structured. I feel finally motivated.

I also HIGHLY recommend a pedometer. Just knowing how many steps you took a day and increasing it bit by bit might give you motivation.

Also, you might try to make a list of what you will love about your life once you reach your goal and post the top 3 all over where you will see it (on flash cards). Next to your computer, on your refrigerator, in our car, etc.

Once you start seeing the lbs. drop on the scale, you will be so motivated!!!
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Exercise IS difficult, especially if you're large. I lost 22lbs since I started and when I dropped off my laundry it weighed in at 22lbs ironically. I lifted it and thought to myself "wow, was I really carrying all this extra weight around with me? No WONDER I'm exhausted!"

I started exercising 2 months ago and I do it everyday. I don't skip days because I'm terriffied that if I do I'll stop for good. There's no thinking about it, just do it do it do it. When you're on your walks you should have a litany of praises for yourself. This is what's going on in my head the entire time I'm on a power walk:

"I have to do this.. if I don't do this for myself who will do it for me.... I CAN do this.... I deserve this.... this is what my body WANTS.... breathe.... this feels good... oh yes it does..... this is what it feels like to get healthy so start loving it... I'm gonna look great in a bathing suit... people will not recognize me.... can't wait to be able to run..."

On and on this litany will go. It gets me through it and it's a perfect opportunity to say good things to myself rather than all the negative things I've been feeling since I've gotten this heavy.
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Hi Bashfulled! I'm pretty much a newbie here to, but I've been here long enough to see it's the best site I've ever found. Like you, I found out in February that I was at my all time highest weight of 296.4 lbs. I also have high BP and a family history of Type 2 diabetes. Since the end of February I have lost 24 lbs. That seems terribly slow to me, but it's my own fault because of those days I have when I fall off the wagon. BUT, every time I get back up and start again. Weight Watchers is helping me because of the accountability (to myself) of having to get on that scale every week. There is also a lot of support there from people who are in the same boat. But pretty much any healthy diet that suits your needs will help you to lose weight. Just find what works for best for you. Even baby steps will help. I find that walking is my favorite exercise, and I lift 3 lb weights to try to tone my huge "bat wings" and get better upper body strength. All my bras are getting too big and a lot of that back fat is gone, YAY! As your body starts changing, that will motivate you to continue. YOU CAN do this. We are all here for the same reason-we need support and encouragement to stay on this sometimes difficult journey. Me and you are gonna make it to goal and someday be senior members who can inspire others by our stories. We are NOT gonna be part of those statistics of newbies who wither away never to be heard from again! Right? RIGHT!!!!

Pooh : )
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Glad you joined us!

I started with just walking, and slowly added in other exercise. Yoga, stretching, pilates (modified greatly at first). You CAN do this, start slowly and build as your body adjusts!

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hey bashfulled! im in the same boat as you, i hate exercise. i started my weight loss plan 2 months ago, and still dont enjoy the exercise. i was thinking, itll click, ill love exercise once i get used to it, but no such luck. BUT... i do feel really guilty when i skip an exercise session. i go to the gym straight from work and when i dont go, i beat myself up the whole drive home. and i feel soooo much better after my workout. i feel fit, and healthy and i look at it as a total self accomplishment. dont feel discouraged because you dont feel as gung ho as you think you should be. just do it. i always think 'its only 30 minutes of your day, get it done, and you can be lazy afterwards' and sometimes i do lay on the couch and do nothing for the rest of day. but sometimes i keep that energized feeling going and keep moving when i get home (my house has never cleaner )

dont give up, we are all here for support. so come here often. read the posts, theyre very informative. and check out the goals section, very inspirational. and post when you need help, dont be shy, thats why we are all here. good luck. you can do it!!!

"I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve"
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Bashfulled -
I'm not wild about exercise & I loath hot weather.
I also live in a climate that makes outdoor exercise impossible during 2 months of the winter because of the cold & snow.

So what I do is dance.

During the nasty, hot weather I crank up the AC and
Good luck to you

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I am just starting back but I find walking when I am on the mobile adds to my exercise. Soon as a friend calls I get on my walking shoes and walking around the block. I work from home so I can even get a walk in on conference calls where I am more of a listener than a participant.
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Bummer...Another OP who never bothered to even log in again to read what people took their precious time to write. Why do people take the time to set up accounts, upload avatars and spill their guts and then never even bothered to read what people wrote. I'll never understand why so many people do this.

Guess you aren't really ready either...
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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
Bummer...Another OP who never bothered to even log in again to read what people took their precious time to write. Why do people take the time to set up accounts, upload avatars and spill their guts and then never even bothered to read what people wrote. I'll never understand why so many people do this.

Guess you aren't really ready either...
??? It's been a couple days, I'm not sure how that implies that she doesn't read this or isn't ready to ... lose weight? I'm not sure how you are being supportive by this?

*Note- I see you said the same thing in another thread where the OP was here on the night of the 28th? Again, you said they aren't ready for this? Huh?

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Meh, maybe she's busy or sick? *shrug*

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