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Default magazine ****

So i was reading a magazine today and saw yet another weight loss celebrity story and how amazing it was blah blah blah and how great they looked after loosing 2 stone in a week or something haha. But well usually i don't let things like this get to me since starting this weight loss journey I'm obsessed with food and weight.
And i can't stop feeling crap abt myself every time i pick up a magasine and the celebrity in it has lost weight from my goal weight if you see what i mean??? For example i have a mini goal of weighing between 147lbs and 157lbs by october 3rd (start University then). And to be that would be amazing because i think i only weighed that when i was 15. But all these people keep making that seem really big and understand that they're not mortal e.t.c and i completely understand that in no way should i make comparisons/judgments of my body with their standards. I just want to know really if when i reach that goal will i still be fat? my BMI will be just ok but only just and bear in mind this is no where near my long term goal. I just don't want to be fat when starting uni!!!??? thanks
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Number one: Stop reading that trash.

Number two: Stick with your plan and see where you come out. No one can tell you what you'll be like when you have lost weight.

Number three: At your height, weighing around 150 lbs. isn't "fat." It may be overweight slightly, but not fat. Exercise will help you look good, regardless.

Take it easy now...
"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Never surrender
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it's true, working on weight loss focuses your attention on eating and food and your body, it's an extra challenge -- not doing it in a negative way.

as for the celebrities, keep in mind that their jobs focus around their bodies and how they look. they get A LOT of money to be in shape, to look good, and have tremendous incentive to work with the best trainers, doctors, dieticians, beauticians, whatever.

toss the mags and read a good mystery instead, ha.
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Soul Cyster
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For celebrities it's their JOB to look good. They have people they pay to cook their meals and help them exercise. They don't have to work an 8 hour day then go home and clean and make dinner. They can solely diet and work out if they choose to do so.

Stop reading the magazines and just keep on going- you can do it
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I know how frustrating that is! Drives me crazy sometimes too, but I agree with the others. If it was my JOB to look good and keep my weight down, no question I could do it. However, I live in reality, where there's a full-time desk job, two little ones to take care, endless hours of driving, and never enough time in the day.

Congratulations on your REALISTIC efforts!
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Starting over
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Jay's right. That stuff really isn't worth your time and money. Start exercising. It helps shape and tone--and your clothes get HUGE much more quickly than with just dieting.

You can do this!
my weight loss blog: http://mypsychemysoma.blogspot.com/

"Your best weight is whatever weight you reach, when you're living the healthiest life you actually enjoy." Yoni Freedhoff
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I have a close friend who is also working on her weight. Her starting weight is my goal weight. That was kind of depressing at first, but then I realized:

1.--She is 5'6". I am 5'11", so I am a full 5 inches taller than she is. It doesn't make sense that we would have the same goal; even if we were the same height, everyone is built differently.

2.--I can change my goal if I want to. Once I get to my goal weight, how will I feel? I don't know, because I haven't been there for probably 20 years. So when I get there, I will re-evaluate. Or not!

3.--Comparing ourselves to others can only lead to trouble, at least for me! I got into trouble early on in this journey because I was comparing myself to people here. "How can she be 20 pounds heavier than me and wearing a size smaller pants?" "Why is she losing 3 pounds a week and I lost less than 1?", etc. That was a recipe for trouble, because just as we are all built differently, we all have different metabolisms, different health issues, different committment levels, etc.

So try not to compare yourself to others, especially not a bunch of emaciated celebrities with giant fake boobs. Just be the best that YOU can be, and the rest will fall into place. Hang in there!

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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