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Default Pretty Clothes! What are you dreaming of?

Hi lovely people, I am still kind of new to 3FC, so forgive me if this has already been done before.

One of the ways to help me keep myself on track is to think about all the pretty outfits I can shop for when I get rid of some of this weight. Iíve been playing around with this website called polyvore(dot)com which basically lets you flick through a LOT of pretty clothes and put together a collection of things you like, which you can save and share with people.

I was fooling around the other day and thought it might be fun for you guys too. Might even be something positive to print out and stick to the fridge to keep you motivated? Here are some things I would love to be able to wear:

1. Pretty, flowy lingerie.
2. Stay-up stockings.
3. Singlets without covering everything with a cardigan
4. High heels (just sometimes) without my legs looking like tree trunks.
5. Pants! Tight ones! Maybe even skinny jeans! I forget what it's like to wear pants, I haven't worn any in probably 9 years.
6. Shorts for summer - how lovely are these ones with the bow?
7. Shiny belts for my PANTS!
8. Super cute retro swimmers - I love this two-piece with the frills!
9. Short skirts without having to always wear tights underneath them
10. Fitted dresses.
11. Cardigans with all the buttons done up.

(I hope that image works for you!)

I keep my little print out by my desk so I can see it every day and keep things in the front of my mind.

What are you all dreaming of?


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Those are all really cute outfits. I especially like the swimsuit. I bought a vintage halter one similar to the one you have, only it is a one piece. Same color even. I was thinking that since I was "curvy" (yes, I am being a little too optimistic here, lol) it would look good because it worked for Marilyn Monroe, right? NOT. It looked hideous and it doesn't quite fit yet. Also, I want to be able to wear the thigh highs without my thighs muffin-topping out of those either. Yes, even my thighs do the muffin top thingy.

I like all things vintage and my choice of style is about the same as yours.

But mostly, I would like to look in the mirror unclothed and like what I see. I have become quite an expert over the last couple of years in hiding/downplaying what I don't want other people to notice by my choice of clothing. I want to be able to shop and not think SOOOO much about the cut and such and hiding everything. The day I wear a sleeveless top or something belonging to my daughter is the day my goal has been reached.
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A Whole New World
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Oooh very cute choices. I just love that little yellow skirt you chose. For summer my favourite colour to wear is yellow and I'm very into 50-type clothing. I'd really like to be confident enough to wear a bikini and then I'd like a really cute polka dot one for the beach. Anyway I'll stop back here when I have some pictures of clothes I like

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Tank tops
Summer/sun dresses
White capris
Two-piece swimsuit
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Dresses, I am looking forward to buying and wearing one fancy floor length dress and feeling amazing in it.
My riding breeches
Halter tops
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Booty Shorts!!
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There were really only two things on my list, pre-goal...pretty knee length dresses and sleeveless tops. I wear both now, regularly (and I have to say, my arms are pretty awesomely toned, so I can pull off no sleeves, which I -never- thought could be).
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Thanks for sharing, that was fun! Here's the stuff I wanna wear!

Apparently I just wanna HO it up!

I do love the blue dress with the flowers, though! I wish H&M sold their stuff online. I think I can fit their clothes.
It's OK to be Strong & Pretty! Lift heavy or go home!

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I'm mostly just looking forward to the day that I can wear a reasonable size pair of jeans and look really good in them! I don't think I'll ever manage the belly baring version but a size 8 pair would make me very happy!

That and a shirt that buttons up and tucks in.
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S/C/G: 87.1kg/82.3/67

Height: 164cms


Great choices everyone! I hope you can all be wearing your dreamy clothes really soon.

Mandalinn82 - That is AWESOME news! I bet you look amazing with your hottie arms in singlets and dresses! Can't wait to experience that myself.

Valrock - Love those all those summery clothes you picked! You will look gorgeous in all those singlets!

BeautyandtheBeast - it sounds like you love all my favourite things too - 50's style (love full skirts and empire-line dresses), retro prints, POLKA DOTS, bright colours, etc. I would love a sweet retro swimsuit too, but I know I'm not ready for it yet. 6 months to summer here, maybe I'll be closer to it then! Sigh!

Neicy - Your swimsuit sounds gorgeous - I'm sure you'll be able to fit into it perfectly soon enough! I know what you mean about those muffin-top problems though - I am totally the same! And there are so many pretty patterned and coloured tights and stockings I'd love to wear but just can't right now. I feel the same as you - would love to not have to THINK about what limited styles/cuts I can choose in order to hide things. One day...

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S/C/G: 87.1kg/82.3/67

Height: 164cms


flowers99 - I would love to wear jeans too - you know I've never owned a pair? I hear you on those button up shirts too!

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Oh my goodness, I love that site. Hope that this response works! of course I had to be a dork and add accessories

Eta : I do know that when I hit goal I'll be getting an awesome pair of seven for all mankind jeans. Thankfully I live near an outlet so will get a bit of a savings

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S/C/G: 87.1kg/82.3/67

Height: 164cms


amynbebes - Love your gorgeous collection! and the accessories too (i added some into my picture as well!). Love that bright-coloured dress, you will look suuuper in all of those sweet clothes.

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I remember years ago, I was at a store that sold athletic gear. They also had a small gym area where people would work out. This girl came out of the fitness room and breezed through, headed for her car. She was slim, but more importantly she was really, really buff. Beautifully muscled arms, slim hips. She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of perfectly-fitted jeans.

That's my dream outfit. And I want to look like her when I'm wearing it.

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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