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Default UGH! I thought I was doing really good?

Ugh. Well, I checked the scale today, just to hop on, I already had some breakfast, and I was wearing clothes; It wasn't good.

What I saw, Horrified me. Evidently, I gained like 3 pounds, SINCE YESTERDAY. If you have read previous posts, I've lost like 7 pounds, in the first freaking week. So, I was 238, going down to 231, and now up to 234. Okay, fine, you're probably thinking "God Evie, you lost freaking so much weight, you complainy complainer" Which I know. I am being one.

lol, but is it possible for me to gain like 3 pounds, JUST from 2 slices of toast, and some tight pajama pants? This is crazy. I guess I shall check tomorrow morning, but I wanted just to tell you amazing people, so I could whine, and complain.
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Weight changes from day to day is normal and natural and in no way indicates fat gain. Water retention, glucogen, and other factors change weight daily.

The scale can't differentiate between water/ fat/ and muscle. Try not to worry about daily changes. Over the long term, things even out.
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I always weigh myself as soon as I wake up, after I've gone to the restroom in just a tank top and undies. If I don't get a chance until after breakfast or something, I just don't weigh in because your weight can fluctuate SO much even if you weigh the same time everyday. I just count the ones I do on Tuesdays (My official weigh in day, I started on a Tuesday, many many weeks ago).

Don't stress too much about it. First weeks loss is usually high because your body is like "whoa!" and it'll swing up and down all the time. One time the scale said I had gained 6 pounds overnight! Then I lost seven pounds the next day, according to the scale.

It'll even out, just keep on trucking!

I starting losing weight on January 13th, 2009. After losing 30 pounds, I gave up, and gained back all the weight I lost plus 20 pounds. Restarted March 29th, 2010.

Motivate Your Mind. Train Your Body. Invigorate Your Soul.
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My scale does the same thing. Try to each weigh in date with a little time in between such as one or two weeks. You will be better able to see your "true" weight loss instead of boy fluctuations.
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with food and clothes?? weigh again in the morning butt naked and after bathroom! lettuce know how it goes!

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Don't forget "that happy time" of the month..... I put on like 3 to 4lbs of water weight a few days before and it's gone right afterwards.
"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

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Weigh = no clothes, no food, no water and after bathroom, First thing in AM.
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Definitely do not worry. Last week, I got up in the morning, used the bathroom, stripped my clothes off, weighed, and it was what I expected. Then I took a shower, went down to breakfast, had tea with breakfast so in no time I had to go the bathroom again. I don't know what possessed me, I normally don't do this, but I stepped on the scale again, and after having eaten breakfast, having drunk water and tea, and with clothes on, it showed me 7 lbs heavier!! The next morning, I got up, used the bathroom, stripped, and got on the scale, and I was back down to where I expected to be. Don't worry about it. Anytime you are staying OP, you can't gain fat. It's not even possible because 3500 excess calories are required to put on a pound of fat.
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