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Default Fat Fat Go Away

So I've been on this forum for a couple weeks now and i was doing very well at first. Now i cant seem to find a diet that will work for me. If i dont have some kind of guideline I cannot do it, So counting calories is not for me. I think im going to try to go the protein and veggies every few hours. Also fruit and eggs. For a little im just going to try that and then start excersizing. Anybody have any tricks to keep you motivated because I have a lot of issues staying motivated.
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How about a structured plan like Weight Watchers? It sounds like you don't know how much of what kinds of foods to eat, and with WW you don't have to figure it out on your own. You could also try something like South Beach.

The main thing is following directions. Motivation only goes so far, and after that you need commitment, dedication, and plain old discipline to stay with it.

Good luck!
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I agree...if I counted on motivation alone to get me to the point I am at, I would have made it a week and stopped. When I went into this journey of a lifetime I made a commitment to myself, not much unlike a marriage. I vowed to love, honor and cherish MYSELF. I wish you success in finding that "place" that will get you healthy.
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I got the tip for using sparkpeople.com from this site, it will lay out meal plans for you in your recommended calorie range, you can check off to not include food you don't like/want, and they have a ton of recipes you can add to your menus and it will add the calories in for you. This way you won't have to do so much counting calories.

You will need to watch your portion sizes. I find when I eat healthier, my calories will go too low, another thing you have to be careful of.
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Motivation is not what you need to do this! Committment & realization that you need to change are what you need. We all lack motivation and most of the time too! I made a committment to myself that I will not let my weight control my life anymore, that I will not be riducled or made fun of because of my weight... That to me, is more then motivation! And with every pound that I lose or every size I drop, I find it easier to stick with this "lifestyle" because I'm actually seeing results! I feel the results, I see the results & other people tell me THEY see the results! That is all the motivation one needs... You can do this, just stick too it & focus on the end result, not the hard work it takes to get there!
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Aww i'm sorry... The first time I read your title line all I could think was "Don't come back another day"

Counting calories doesn't work for everyone. Keep us posted if this new diet you're trying is working!

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