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Default Can someone please help me...

I joined a few days ago. Just been really hectic at work, etc lately and have not had time to post. But I feel like I will never accomplish what I want - which is to lose this weight! I feel like its too hard.

Can anyone give me some support, please.
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Stick around here and see where you fit...then jump on in!
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I agree with EZMONEY. This place is an amazing motivator. You'll find so much encouragement and advice here. Sometimes I just randomly click on threads and write down all the tips, recipes, work-outs and advice that sounds interesting. I have a little notebook where I keep this info and try it out. This place is really awesome, so seriously...putting yourself in this type of environment, even if it's virtual, is already a step towards a healthier life. Trust me. And I've only been around for a week and a half.
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This whole SITE will give you support! Find a program or a plan or a group that "fits" and jump right in.
You can do it!
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This, for me, is a good place for motivation, and each time I remember to log in, I remember that I need to lose weight for health and happiness. Checking in will ensure you don't lose sight of your goal. It will help in keeping you consistent and honest about your weight loss.
You really need to believe in yourself, and trust yourself that you can and WILL lose the weight you need to. While genetics seem to play a part (learned behavour?), somewhere down the line you weren't believing in yourself and your true and full potential, and you let yourself get out of control. I really believe that until one starts trusting themselves, and believing in themselves, the weight can and will come off. Just don't forget that!
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Gaining Attitude
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Joining this site is a great step - it's so much fun - as EZ says - just jump in. I loved craftykath's idea of keeping a notebook to jot down ideas in. Because I lose track so quickly.

Two things that are working for me so far...

Look at all the before and after photos in the success and mini goal columns. Whenever you think you can't do something go read one of those stories. It is AMAZING what some of the incredible folks here have accomplished.

And also set small goals. Whether it's a number on the scale (3 lbs, 5 lbs) or to make different eating choices or to exercise more. And then celebrate it! None of us gained the weight overnight so it's going to take sure and steady plugging along to get it back off. Think of it as a journey at night with lantern. You can only see where the light is. One step at a time will get you there.

We are all rooting for you and look forward to your posts!
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Well Donna,

I'm in the same boat. Me and a couple thousand of us... One thing I've learned from past attempts to lose weight is that I would feel and say negative things towards my weight loss attempts. You've realized it's hard. The next step is to hit it head on. Trust me I know it is hard, instead of telling yourself you will never lose weight, tell yourself you will, and do whatever even if it's ten minutes of five, do something postively towards your goal.
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Ready to hit the beach!
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Keep coming here for support, advice and inspiration.

Set small goals that you can achieve. Be sure to reward yourself for your success. Accept that this is not a change that will happen overnight. It takes work and determination but it CAN be done!

When you get discouraged, come to the boards for encouragement. Spend some time looking at before and after photos. It's very motivating to see how well others have done.

Most importantly, BELIEVE that you have it in you to do this. You CAN do it and you ARE worth it!

Best Wishes!
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I only joined recently myself, but I can say this community has been pivotal to my positive mindset. I think being accountable is another great way this site is so helpful. I recommend joining a challenge!

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Hi Donna! Welcome to 3fc! This is such a hectic time of year for teachers, isn't it? When are you done with school? Do you have the summer off?

What are your plans for food and exercise? Many people find that calorie counting is a good place to start their journey. We have an active calorie counting forum here.

Maybe even the very first thing to do is to not change anything, but to simply record a few days' food intake into an online calculator such as the Daily Plate or Fitday. You can see your calorie and nutrient breakdown and go from there. In fact, there was a study recently that indicated people who just write down their foods can lose weight---maybe we make more thoughtful choices when we are accountable in some way.

Do you enjoy exercise? What are some things that you like to do? To eat? Long term successful weight loss is rooted in long term food consistency, and exercise is helpful for many people.

You can do this!
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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Rome wasn't built in a day. Please don't overwhelm yourself and think you have to do everything all at once. I think the people who get burned out the quickest are those who start a major exercise routine and drastic food diet plus thinking they need to chug quarts of water every day...all beginning on day one. What happens is they try to do it all at once and if they blow one thing (Diet, exercise, or that darn water logging), they then tend to blow it all. There is NO need to start a gym, or any of "extra" exercises until you have a food plan in place, one that you can live with, and that you are comfortable with and find it's working for you. After a month or so, start easing into it exercise...Or of you want, add exercise first and then add diet later.

After talking with my doctor about the dreaded "plateaus" people always report having, and thinking it was VERY odd that I have never had one in the14 months I have been losing weight, he said he felt very strongly that the reason I never have had one was because of how I added my exercise into my plan....slowly.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.

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3 + years maintaining
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Originally Posted by elementaryteacher View Post
But I feel like I will never accomplish what I want - which is to lose this weight! I feel like its too hard.
If you want to lose weight, I mean really, REALLY want to lose weight and you set your mind to it - you WILL lose weight. Losing weight IS a doable thing. And every one and any one CAN do it.

For me, once I made the decision to lose the weight, the absolute decision and the ensuing commitment - then things became much simpler. Because it was then that I was ready and willing to find and do what is necessary to make it occur. And everything just started falling into place.

Coming to 3FC is a great place to start. Be brutally honest with yourself. Delve and find your biggest obstacles - and work around them. Formulate a plan, be open to tweaking it as need be - and you will be on your way.
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