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Default help please????

I'm really stressing out as i have just brought new scales and they are telling me that instead of loosing the 16lbs i thought i had and being at 170 i'ts all lies from crappy old scales. My weight is actually 179lbs and now i'm very confused/upset as i'm not sure if after 3 months of eating healthily and regular exercise i have only lost 7lbs or if i was say 190lbs instead of the 186lbs i thought???!!!! Either way this means i am not going to get to my goal of 130lbs by october. GRRRRRRR i hate it. Has anyone had any simmilar scale changing upsets or simmilar let downs? I'm feeling almost like i should just give up!!!!!
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How about how your clothing fits?

It's not time to give up no no no no no! It doesn't matter so much where you've come from ... just that you keep going.

However, it might be time for a new scale.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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Yes many of us have...sorry.

My scale said "error" for months. I of course just assumed I was a little over the 305 weight limit. After a month or so of pretty dedicated healthy eating I finally bought a new scale with the weight limit of 400. I just about $hit when it read 333. I'll never know what I actually started out at, but 333 was bad enough...

I was well over the 305 weight limit of my old scale and in complete denial of how bad it really was. YIKES I am SOOOOOOO glad I just didn't give up because of a crummy scale. Thank you God.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.

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chudge, you have still lost 16 pounds. Adjust your starting weight to match your new scales. The amount you lost will not change , Starting weight 195 minus 16 = 179.
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I 2nd what Bargoo said! You still lost the same amount of weight... you just started at a different weight. But, weight is just a number... a lower body fat % is really what you are after. And sure as heck, the weight you have lost has lowered that. Congrats to you! You are doing awesome! just keep going. Don't let something like this defeat you!

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Soul Cyster
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I echo what bargoo and LMR said, you really did lose 16 lbs, your scale was just off- don't give up cuz of a scale!
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Please don't give up. You have lost 16lbs regardless and that is amazing. If you give up now you will be throwing all that hard work down the toilet. Just adjust your starting weight and keeping on trucking.

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I had that happen to me more than once. Either way you have lost the same amount of weight... just bump up your starting weight to reflect that.
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Yep, I agree with the ladies above! If your old scale had you ending at a lower weight, it also had you starting at a lower weight. You have still lost 16 lbs! Be proud of that accomplishment! Your new scale just corrected the weights, but it didn't change the number of lbs you've lost! You are succeeding!!! Keep it up!!! You're doing great!
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I take measurements instead of scale wieght. Ya I still jump on the scale but it changes by up to 10lbs daily so I have been going by the tape measure.
But its slow going....

I am back on this forum cuz it always has the best support!!

current... 190
goal... 150

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Originally Posted by SusanB View Post
How about how your clothing fits?

I have been using the same scale for YEARS. I have been weighed on a variety of scales (doctor, gym, LAWL back in the day) and ALL of them have been at least a pound or more then mine. I will ALWAYS go by mine since I know how I want my clothes to fit and what weight I feel the best at. The scale is only a number. There are other ways to measure your successes.
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Gaining Attitude
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I agree with everyone here - while it's discouraging to see a higher number, you still have lost all you thought you have! The tape measure is more accurate if you can remember how to get in the same place each time - LOL.

And you are STILL the same person, that looks great I bet, after losing 16 pounds! Your goal weight may be further away but remember that's an arbitrary number - you are going to look awesome by your goal date no matter the number. It's relative. Deep breath!

I am beginning to hate my scales - they are all over the place! So I'm right there with you. I was so proud to have lost 10 lbs as I'd scratched to it the last two weeks, minute little percentage by percentage. I announced in mini-goals, took a picture - told my family and friends...and then over last two days I've gained 3 - I'm back where i was two weeks ago and I haven't gone of the plan - even been incorporating MORE exercise. I want to cry, but I have to have faith right?

SO DON'T GIVE UP. THIS IS A JOURNEY! I WON'T IF YOU WON'T. Look at all those success stories and get inspired. You will make it to your goal too and be so proud you didn't give up.
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S/C/G: 190/173/135

Height: 5ft 4.5


Awwww thanku loverlys you have made me feel a lot better. However what if it was that i just lost 7lbs in 3 months i no that sounds crazy but i have type 1 diabetes and the medication i have to take stores fat and it takes longer to lose weight so what if that happened instead???? although it would make sense that the crummy old scales should have been higher for my starting weight. Sorry i suffer anxiety so i allways think the worse and worry.
I think you're all right in saying about measurements/clothes/feeling scales is just a number on a box well not really but u get my meaning!! And bobblefrog u cud be gaining muscle if you've increased exercise or possibly pre-menstrual water weight??? Yeh we can do this together chick lets not give up!!!! I think all of u r amazing for doing this and supporting not only me but urselfs and everyone else i bloody love this forum THANKYOU XXX
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Default Don't give up!

Don't even think about giving up! You keep doing what you are doing, slowing building new, healthy habits. Think about how many people would love to weight what you weigh RIGHT NOW! Keep up the good work and don't get upset by that number on the scale. Now you have a good, working scale, use it to get healthy.
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sheesh... now I'm scared my scale might by lying to me!
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