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Default Thanks for those who have shared their frustrations. It encourages me.

Now I am not happy that anyone gets frustrated. I wish we could all lose 2-3 pounds a week with no roadblocks. But it doesn't work that way. To those who have shared about suddenly gaining or hitting a plateau, I want to thank you for sharing your story. It has given me comfort where I am right now to know that what my body is doing is "normal" and not just me.

Let me share:

I have been losing at a really nice pace for a few weeks. However, for the past 5 days I have lost nothing. I even gained .5 pounds. I thought oh no and was remembering all the times in the past that when I got to this point I gave up and thought it's not going to happen so why bother.

But not this time. Because of all the wonderful advice and testimonies on 3FC I knew it was only a temporary set back. Yes, this morning I am up .4 pounds since Saturday. But, for the month of April I am down almost 7 pounds! So maybe I have hit a plateau for a few weeks but unlike in the past I WILL work through it and start to lose again.

I just wanted to say thanks for those who have shared as it is giving me the will power to fight on!

Thanks Everyone
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Lynn, I second your post - I was thinking the exact same thing when I jumped on my scale on Monday and it was 3 pounds higher than two days prior. Where it would have been a tailspin of disaster in the past, NOW I've learned to be patient because REAL people have waited this out, and taken the time to teach us what these blips mean.

THANKS, 3FC members - I will be successful this time, and it's in no small part due to your collective wisdom!
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OMG!! Aren't crappy plateaus the worst thing ever??


My blood boils whenever I get on my stupid Wii Fit and it's STILL playing the 'overweight' tune!

Although, I heard that the people who hit plateaus and get through them keep the weight off forever.

Probably lies but it's still a nice thought!!

Don't panic, everyone else here promises it won't last forever.

Happy plateauing!!

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It has helped me as well! Right now I am up 2 lbs. from last week but I know it's because I had a poor weekend that included a lot of food (camping and booze on saturday and then a birthday bbq on sunday) so I know not to freak out about seeing 197 instead of 195 on my scale! I know from all the chicks here that the scale will go up and down, sometimes it's explainable (like in my case this weekend) and other times it's not so when you have that blip in your weight loss just keep on truckin' and eventually it'll all pay off!
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Good on you for keeping a level head.

Weight loss is not easy and it certainly has its down periods. Last November before my birthday I was 185. When January 1st rolled around I was 186. So I had about 2 months of no weight loss (and thankfully not much gain).

You just gotta keep on truckin' and keep your chin up.

I'm sure I've said this before around here, but the weight loss journey is like a rollar coaster. There are ups and there are downs, but the important thing is that you stay on the ride.
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thats why I love this forum.
Even though I havent been here for a long time, I knew
that if I came back the fantastic support would still be here.
Ok so this plateau is just that.... a resting place before the next decline. *S*

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Yep, just a resting place!

Something that has helped me is to create a spreadsheet to graph my weight loss. You could do this on graph paper, too, but I'm a geek and we like data. It helps me to see it on a graph because I can clearly see that the trend is DOWN, even if there are little upward blips. The blips and flat spots don't bother me, because I know if I stick with it I will soon be plotting a point that is lower.

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I needed this thread today, too! THANK YOU!!!!! Same here - maybe we are all drinking the same water?! 3 lbs up! SO EMBARASSING after posting my mini-goal report. I was so sure it was the real thing. And maybe it was. And this is the water gain. So dadgum it - I'm keeping it! Maybe um the moon is messing with us?! LOL!
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