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Default Looking for books on psychology of eating

Dear folks,
As part of my efforts to permanently lose my weight, I'm delving into the psychology of eating. Does anyone have any books they'd like to recommend that go into why we eat? Right now, I'm enjoying reading "Mindless Eating", by Brian Wansink. Any other suggestions?
Thank you so much,
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I don't have any recommendations, but I loved that book. Fascinating!
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One book that was really helpful to me in that regard is The Thin Books (http://www.amazon.com/Thin-Books-Str...0534822&sr=8-1)

Also, check out the Maintainers board ... there is a sub-board called The Maintainer's Library that has a lot of good suggestions.
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I took a class on Stress and Coping this semester for a Psych elective requirement and I thought it was REALLY interesting to learn about the connection between glucocordicoids (stress hormone) and WHY people eat when they're stressed. Very very very interesting stuff and TOTALLY connected the dots for me as to WHY I crave food when I'm stressed, and WHY litterally running the chemicals off is SO important for your entire body. Now when I comfort eat - I understand exactly what it's doing, and why it's so important I get my butt off the couch and physically do something.

I know it's not exactly where you're trying to go with your research but there's a good book called Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers that was recommended by the professor and helps dive in to it - for anyone else who's interested!
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Thank you so much for the ideas...I'll find these books and give them a read. I started Dean Ornish's book on healthy eating last night and it was interesting as well, though less about psychology and more about healthy foods.
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Currently I'm reading " The Ultimate Weight Solution - The 7 Keys to Weight loss freedom" by Dr.Phil McGraw..its a nice book and deals lot on the subject of psychology of eating.
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I'm re-reading Dr.Phil weight loss book for boost of motivation.
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Laurel Mellin's "The Solution" might qualify... it "identifies the psychological, physical and lifestyle causes of weight problems - the powerful mind and body drives that lead to overeating and inactivity - and offers the cure for each."

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