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Default Goal of a different sort

I am a junk food junkie. I also just started a job at Burger King, today will be day 4. My mini goal is to go for two weeks without eating anything there at all - not even a salad. I'll have to start that today because I did eat a fry yesterday. I love soda but haven't had any of that there either. I take a bottle of water with me and drink only water. So that is my goal.
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Here We Go Again
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At one point I worked at Wendys. I'd always snag a fry or nugget. Then I'd eat one of their meals. Oh boy.


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OMG!!! Talk about spending time in the lion's den! I wish you the resolve of Superman!

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back in the game
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When I worked at BK for a year and a half as a teenager, I was already very obese and ended up more so. Definitely be vigilant about it... their food is extremely high in calories and fat, more so than McDonalds even. Sounds like you have started the job with the right attitude.
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Wow. What a challenge. Good luck to you & check in here often for support.

Just remember you don't need that stuff. And don't ever go to work hungry! Maybe you could take some healthy snacks w/ you so when you cravings get bad you have a good alternative on hand?
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That's a challenge!
My cousin works in a bread/croissant/pizza/sweets shop, they have a rule there, every new employees can eat all what he/she wants on the first day, but nothing on all the others, she told me they and up binging with all of that food on the first day as much as most of them get nausea the following ones, just seeing bread, lol.
That's weird I admit it, though, I am sure after a while you'll get fed up with all those fries, burgers and whatever that go around all day, it might actually be a boost for eating healthy! Good luck!
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the skies way bigger.
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Wow that must be real difficult! Your willpower must be really strong!

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this is my time
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a goal is a goal no matter what it is. in my experience over time you will not want that type of food to often.
It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. ~ Vince Lombardi

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I worked at Wendy's too! The image of the huge vat of oil always kept me from eating the fries and nuggets. And the fact that I always smelled of it...I no longer wanted to eat it. Frosty's on the other hand...never got sick of those!
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Maybe this is a little off topic, and possibly disgusting...so be warned...

My 19 year old works at a pizza place, and a friend of his came by the other night. He's working at Dairy Queen (my weakness) Well, he's complaining about all the customers, and said - if one more person comes in and complains, he's going to PEE in the deep fryer!

AACK! My Dairy Queen cravings are CURED FOREVER!!!n

(now I don't really think he's going to pee in the deep fryer, but just the mental image of fast food has changed forever in my eyes)
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Don't be too hard on yourself over "a fry". I know we tend to think the worst at the slightest slip. We are our own worst enemy. I finally realized that sometimes I did have to slip a little or I was eating way too much of healthy food trying to compensate what I had a craving for. You are doing the right thing coming here seeking support and strength. Try to come on to take a little extra with you right before you go to work. Try to think of it as just a job. You'll find what works. It'll just click when you do find it. Good luck!
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Ahhhh... Bk. I remember the days when I used to work there. I think I worked there for over 2 years. I was always tempted by the food and snacked here and there

Just remember to pack your own lunches and all coffee break snacks so you are not tempted.

My best advice: don't even bring your wallet. Can't buy something if you don't have the money for it. This trick works REALLY well for me
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Let's do this!
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I work at the corporate office of a local chain of bars/restaurants/venues. My office is at one of the locations and my lunch is provided- anything I want off the menu.

I have learned to work with what is available to me. I have my "go to" salad and I bring my own dressing. If I want something else I will order a dry sandwich with no bread or a up of soup or the hummus and switch out the flatbread for veggies. (this has made me the center of a lot of ribbing. I asked for extra veggies in my salad the other day and I ended up with a giant serving platter piled about 6 inches high with every vegetable in every variation. The kitchen staff thought it was hilarious. I was in heaven. )

I find that I really don't desire the crap choices, which I really thought was going to be a huge problem. I guess deep down I know that the high cal, fattening stuff is there and will be there tomorrow and the day after that. It's not going anywhere and if I really want it, I'll have it when I really want it.

Suprisingly, I've lost weight since I started the job.

The soda IS a problem, though. I have what feels like my very own personal soda fountain. If I need an afternoon pick me up, I'll get a cup of diet and cut it with about 1/3 regular soda.

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Oh Sweet Scrumptious I love your icon! I'm owned by two sweet little pug boys.
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I am already doing much of what you lovely people suggested. I eat like crazy before I go (oatmeal, eggs, cereal w/soy milk, peanut butter) trying to get much protein.

Part of my problem is my own fault. When I worked at the bookstore I would pack my carefully constructed lunch and then graze all day. I'm used to being able to graze. I did get a fairly good tip from a friend and I tried it yesterday and it helped. She found that some of the gnawing hunger feeling was related to heartburn. She would take a tums or tums like product and the feeling would go away. I took some to yesterday and when the gnawing started I took some and it went away.

I do pack my own lunch, but you only get a break (any sort of break at all) if you work 6 hours or more. Unless of course you smoke. If you smoke you get quite a few smoke breaks apparantly. I quit smoking almost 20 years ago but I'm debating wheter or not to start back up, simply so I can go outside and sit for a few minutes.
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