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Default One day coke free

Well, I've made it one day without any coke. As I'm from the South, any carbonated beverage or soda is called coke. I used to drink 3 or more cokes a day so today has been a big milestone for me. I'm just hoping I can keep it up.
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Congrats, well done

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Yes....very well done....and keep going!!
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Congrats! Soon you'll come to dislike the taste of anything carbonated and sweet... Keep it up!

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Good work! You can do it!
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Way to go TatorTator. Being from Florida I know what you mean about it all being called Coke. I gave up carbonated drinks along time ago and aside from an occasional Barqs if I'm in a restaurant I can't stand the taste anymore. I only drink water at home. I do have my 2 cups of coffee every morning and an 8 oz. O.J. Keep up the good work, soon you won't miss it at all.
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Nicely done!!
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That is great! I am also from Alabama, so the Southern slang is familiar around here as well.

I also gave up Coke on Nov 30. I was seriously addicted to Coke Zero and the problem with that is that it would be all that I drank, no water. I knew it was a problem for me so I have not had one since. The only carbonated beverage I allow myself is flavored (sparkling) water. I feel so much better. My stomach and my kidneys thank me.
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I had to laugh when I read this post because I too am from Alabama, just transplanted to Canada, and I was having the conversation with a neighbor the other day about all soda/pop being called a coke. Too funny...But I do understand the addiction to the beverages. You have one day under your belt. Make it the first day of the rest of your life.

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Good job! Eliminating calories you drink is a REALLY great way to lose weight. I've been trying to give up on coffee - or at least, huge cups of 2/3 coffee and 1/3 cream and sugar...
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Congrats on your soda-free day!! I hope today goes just as well!!

Hypra - as for coffee, a year ago I cut back to using whole milk instead of half & half. I really can't taste the difference at all and it saves a lot of calories. I use 4oz whole milk in my 16oz of coffee and it's 73 calories, vs 157 calories if I used the half & half.
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Also from Alabama, and yes it's all Coke to me too. I gave up sugar/caffeine-carbonated beverages (my personal fave was Mt. Dew) in 1999, gave up all diet soft drinks in 2008, and honestly I do not miss them at all. You will feel so much better once you get it all out of your system! I don't miss sweet tea either!
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congrats!! I stopped drinking it a while ago and feel so much better.

I am from colorado/florida and grew up calling them all coke as well lol. When I moved up here to New York with my DH & everyone calls it pop. It was so weird to me lol. And now I ended up calling it pop too and my sister teases me lol
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I didn't know about the use of the word "coke" in the south until I got to college and had some Texan classmates. That's also around the time that I realized most of the country (heck, most of the English-speaking world) says "soda," so I stopped saying "pop" like I grew up with.

I'm still trying to shake some of my Western NY accent, but I'm getting there slowly, lol.
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