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Question Why am I gaining weight?

Hello everyone. I started my calorie counting January 1st. I lost 9 lbs in January about 2 in feb . which put me at 248lbs. I weighed myself today . March9, and im up to 240 again . I looked it up and I burn 2480 calories at rest so . I consume between 1500 and 1900 calories each day. I thought that was a safe number. Its impossible to be gaining if im not eating more than 2500 cal each day right?

Has anyone had this experience? Should I increase my calories or decrease?
Please help

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Our weights can fluctuate depending on sodium, water retention, food in our intestines, etc. Snapshot scale weights have limitations, as do online calorie calculators.

What do you eat? Can you give us a 24 hr recall as specifically as possible? How often do you weigh? I weigh pretty much every day and a high salt food can shoot the scale up 5 pounds over night (it goes away the next night). What kind of exercise do you do? How do you know how many calories you eat? Do you weigh, journal and log every bite, lick and taste?
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Do you mean you got down to 238 and then blipped up to 240? If so, I'd just keep on doing what you are doing as I'm sure it will disappear this month. You have lost 11 pounds which is a good safe (and sustainable) loss.
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S/C/G: 251/seeticker/150

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I use Weight by Date software and track every morsal that goes in my mouth lol. Yesterday I had 1833 calories. I walk 30 mins 5x a week. Mostly low carb food. with fruits and vegetables
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I am unsure why you would gain except for water retention. I weigh daily and chart daily so I know when the fluctuations happen. I eat an average of 1500 calories a day and calorie cycle. I am still losing eating 1500 calories a day. (I run 45 minutes every morning.)

Make sure you food logs are accurate and drink tons of water and get tons of fiber. You could also try to add some resistance training a couple of times a week.

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After the initial few weeks (during which time ppl often lose extra lbs, partly just bc there is less in their digestive tract and partly dropping some water weight) the average loss per week usually slows down. When it slows down, it is much harder to see on the scale because of natural fluctuations. It sounds to me like you were having a natural up day. It's very frustrating, I know, but keep doing what you are doing and things will straighten themselves out. (FYI, I was up yesterday, but down 2 lbs today, due to an, erm, irregularity in my usual clockwork digestive process).

Here's a post you might find helpful:

Earning the user name NoYoyoMa: success with Intermittent Fasting - One Meal A Day (IF/OMAD).

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Your calories might be high if you have been sedentary most of the time. You could drop to 1700 and see if that helped.

I'd also suggest you increase your exercise. Walking is good--maybe increase the time--but also consider some exercise DVDs or a gym membership at the YMCA or something like that.

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I would suggest that you forget that 2480 is theoretically what your body burns at rest (your BMR) and instead listen to the feedback that your body is giving you.

BMR calculators are only averages of what a woman around your age, height, and weight burns in a day. There's about an 800 calorie range of error for each number, meaning that you could be burning considerably more or fewer calories than the calculator says an average woman burns. It's like saying that the average woman is 5'7", so these pants must fit you. Not true if you're 5'2"or 5'11"! Weight loss and BMR, just like pants, are definitely not "one size fits all". In other words, BMR calculators are pretty worthless (IMO).

The only way to measure YOUR metabolic rate is to be shut up in a lab and have your calorie input, exercise, and O2 consumption measured, which is not very practical for most of us! So instead, use the feedback from the scale as your guide to whether you're creating a calorie deficit and burning fat. If you're consistently and reliably tracking your calories and you're gaining weight, your body is telling you that you're eating more calories than you're burning. If you're losing weight, then your body is telling you that you're creating a calorie deficit. And if your weight is staying the same for a long period of time, then your energy input is matching your output.

I think that 1800 calories is a bit on the high side for weight loss and agree with Jay that you might consider dropping them and seeing how your body responds.
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I'm definitely there with you. My weight loss started out so nice the first 5 or 6 weeks and now it's pretty much stood still or actually went up in the last 10-14 days and I have no idea why. I weigh myself everyday but don't input it in a journal until the 1st of the month and the 15th of the month. I know there's normal ups and downs but this has been especially frustrating because I'm eating healthy and working out 4-5 days a week. I'll just wait until the 15th and hopefully have better news then. Thanks for that link yoyoma.
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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
It's like saying that the average woman is 5'7", so these pants must fit you.

I love this line!

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