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Default anyone else get nervous the night before weigh-in?

Lately, I find I get nervous the night before I weigh-in

I think it's because I've lost 125 lbs to date and I hate the idea of stalling or plateau'ing here, tsssk.

Anyone else get nervous the night before weigh-in? How do they deal with it?

~ tea
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Starting OVER!
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I am always nervous.. mainly because I've been on plateauing and I just know when I see those numbers I am going to get down on myself
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Love Thyself
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I get super nervous lol. I will go to bed thinking "small number small number small number" lol wake up and keep repeating it until I get on the scale and then I almost don't want to look lol.

Sometimes you feel like you did everything right and then it betrays you ugh it is aggrovating and stressful. I want to depend less on the scale and more on the positive changes I am making and how I feel but it is hard lol.
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I get nervous too. I think it's natural to want to see continuing progress. I take this into account in my calorie cycling. I generally try to eat less calories the day before and then eat a little more on the day after I weigh in. Even so, there is still days when my weight doesn't move or goes up. I don't worry about it too much unless this continues for several weeks. Hasn't happened yet (crossing my fingers).
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I'm weighing in everyday now so it's not that big of a deal either way what the numbers say. I have plateaued and it was frustrating but now I'm seeing losses again, and I haven't changed much.
Weighing in the morning does help me get out of bed though, just to see where I am. lol
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes its the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."
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I get weighed once a week at WW with my friend and we BOTH tell each other in the truck on the way there that "we are either going to be VERY happy or very sad tonight" it is a running joke.

Not only am I a little nervous about getting weighed every Monday night I am also HUNGRY! It seems that none of us eat much on WW night! LOL!

It pretty funny , right AFTER everyone gets weighed you see everyone breaking out apples and bananas because they are famished.

Another thing that is funny is watching everyone (me included!) stripping everything that might weigh them down! I take my wallet out, keys out, shoes off! LOL! Any outer shirts and anything in my pockets.

Everyone even heads straight to the bathroom when they first walk in an and effort to squeeze out a couple of more ounces! LOL!

I could weigh myself at home but I hold off until Monday nights because I like the anticipation!

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I will be positive
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I use to look forward to weigh-ins but it seems the past few weeks that my loss is slowing to a crawl where i have weeks with nothing. so after watching the scale either stay the same or go up in the past two weeks I really am quite nervous to get on that scale tomorrow and see the results...oh well, I will get there eventually.

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Working my way back
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YES i get nervous! i only have one official weigh in a week but peek a lot more often than that. but on tuesdays i get a little nervous! this week especially- it's my first weigh in since seeing the super special 130. i was up a little and thought i would be mad/disappointed/SOMETHING but i wasn't... guess it's all part of it...
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