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Default What to do when you're sick?

Hi guys. I'm new to posting, mostly a lurker. What do you guys do when you're sick? I am doing a BL challenge at work and the past couple weeks have been great- finally found stamina and have been doing an hour of cardio each night. But Wednesday I woke up with a killer cold and it has totally sidelined me. I've been on the couch for 3 days, bored out of my mind, no exercise, and all I want to do is eat! I let myself have ice cream the other day as a planned treat, but I have been doing so much snacking and just feel so blah! What do you do to get through these times?
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Generally I don't want to eat when I'm sick, especially if I have a cold or flu like sickness. I also suggest getting some 5 pound free weights and doing some arm exercises when you're laying on the couch. I do it while I watch TV normally.
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I do anything but eat more than soup and tea. This is not a time to indulge in comfort eating or there will be guilt along with feeling sick. Did you take any medication for your cold? There's lots of exercises you can do without going to the gym. If you don't have weights, you can use water bottles or cans of food or milk jugs.

Usually when I am sick, I have no appetite.

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I've been sick since Monday. Normally, I only miss exercise for a day or two when I'm sick, but this time, I missed 3 days. I exercised Monday, and was exhausted after--which was the first clue that I was actually sick. I did yoga today, and was pretty tired and icky-feeling after today as well--which is a good clue that I'm still sick!

It's really a struggle--for some reason, my body has been craving something since I've been sick. So I'm eating everything in sight and still not feeling like I've satisfied the craving. And all I want to do is exercise! It was above freezing when I went home yesterday--and if I hadn't left work early because of the sick-and-dizzies I would have loved to go for a run.
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I just went through this. I was worried about it ruining my exercise habit so I decided to do some light exercise- just enough to maintain my daily habit. I surprised myself and found that I COULD exercise even though I had a cold. Don't overdo or anything but schedule some movement for yourself just like always. Even if you just shuffle through it, you'll keep the habit of exercise going.

It's important to take care of yourself when your sick BUT it's also easy to use it for an excuse to eat the way we want to (bad) and be a couch potato. Sometimes we're sick enough we NEED to be a couch potato but most of the time that isn't the case. Only you can assess for yourself what you can/can't do. I'm just saying that *I've* been almost excited before to be sick because it gave me the excuse I needed to do what I wanted to do (eat the way I used to eat) rather than what I was supposed to do (eat the way I'm learning to). Decide for yourself if this applies to you or not.

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I read in a magazine a while ago this interesting study about being sick and exercise. In the study, people who had colds and healthy people both did the same exercises. The sick people reported feeling more tired and not having energy, but they performed just as well as the healthy people when doing the exercise... like they had the same stamina on the treadmill, etc. So I think that is encouraging. You can still exercise, as long as you feel able and you want to. It might help you feel better, you never know. Other than that, just try to keep your hands busy while you are relaxing.. a crossword puzzle maybe, or knitting, anything like that which takes attention and occupies your hands, it will probably help you stay away from the fridge. Hope you feel better soon!

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I sleep a whole lot and eat very little. although yesterday I was sick and hat two cans of pepsi. relapse.

I like to stick to light foods, but to put something in my stomach.

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I've had a similar thing this week except I wasn't sick with an infection persay. I was dealing with the most horrific visit from Aunt Flo that I was keeling over with cramps, backaches, headaches, you name it I had it. I had been wanting to exercise so badly but I was just feeling so drained I couldn't muster it with the exception of getting out and walking around some stores and the mall two days or so this week. Not *exactly* exercise but still movement nonetheless. If you can get up and get out and walk at least you'll be moving some.
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Thanks for the advice! I am finally feeling a bit better today so my plan is to be back in the gym tomorrow, even if it's a weak workout it's better than nothing. I just made a ticker..I love them...let's see if it works!?
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