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Unhappy How to cope with "time of the month" weightgain

You would think that by now I would just accept it and realize that it isnt perminate but the weight I gain almost a week before I get my period demotivates me so much. Its a noticeable difference and I feel like I've gained back any weight I've lost plus some. Is there any way to avoid this monthly gain so I can keep myself on track and not feel so depressed for almost half of every month.
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I just avoid the scale during that time. It tends to make me lose motivation and lose focus of what im trying to do if i do get on the scale. I just try a week later and it may not be the numbers i wanna see but its less than where i started. Dont push yourself down for it were woman and its gonna happen once or twice.

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Put the scale away. You know it's TOM related and it's not worth your sanity, so just put it away. That's what I do and it's so much easier that way

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I weigh once a week, and have only had a "gain" (1-2 pounds) 3 times in the last 13 months, only 2 of those times can I attribute to PMS/TOM. I guess I'm lucky because everything else about PMS is horrible for me. I have found that the times I have gained (except for last week which was not PMS but a really bad day) is when I go overload on salt. As long as I try to avoid salt and squeeze lots of lemon in my tea or water it REALLY helps with the bloat. Of course if you give into the cravings that go along with PMS/TOM then stop and do other things like clean toilets or something. Oh and if you know you are about to "start" don't weigh until around the 3rd day.
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Any time I see a gain on the scale, I say "It's TEMPORARY. I will stick to my plan and it will be gone. It's a done deal!" That keeps me from going mental!
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I am glad you posted this. I am due for my TOM in the next few days and I was worried on what I may encounter (first time since beginning my diet, etc). My strugle has been for the PMS chocolate cravings. So far so good but with all that Easter candy those Reese's PB eggs are calling me. ARG!!!

I am telling myself I may see a gain on that scale and if I do it is because of TOM and nothing else. If you are staying on track then there is nothing else to blame. Even if you slipped a little - big deal. We are human. If this was a perfect world none of us would even have to go thru this weight loss struggle. These hard times make the good times better to celebrate!!!!
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I always take Midol because of diuretic effect. Works for me.Plus helps with all other premenstral symptoms.Maybe try it.
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Like others said, avoid the scale and try to focus on what you've been doing to lose weight.

The past week has been so hard for me because I saw gains, felt bloated and big, and just everything was wrong. The worst is over with now, but here come the mood swings lol.

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Another vote for avoiding the scale
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I'm not really sure what there is in fact to cope *with*. TOM is what it is. Some people go up a few lbs, some more, some none. By tracking your weight and noting when TOM occurs, you then know what your particular pattern is, the ups and then the downs, and then you well know. Nothing to cope with, per se'.
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Thanks everyone...I'll do my best to keep my spirits high and keep telling myself that its only temporary! Its just comforting to know that other people go through the same thing and know how hard it can be! Thanks again!
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