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Here We Go Again
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Default Have you ever felt like you were never going to get back on the wagon?

From September to about the beginning of December, I went from 246 to 219. But after the holidays, I was stuck between 220 - 225, leaving the 210s behind, and even further from ONDERLAND. I stayed there until the second week of February, showing no losses, but a gain. Of course it wasn't a huge gain. I pretty much maintained myself. I weighed myself February 8th...it read 226. I was upset. I just couldn't do that anymore. I knew what I should be doing, but for some reason I just let my control slip away.

It felt like I'd never get back on the wagon. I joined the gym in January and made empty promises to myself that [at that time] it was my final straw. No. February 8th was my final straw. The very next day I promised myself I'd complete a 30 day challenge being completely OP, getting enough exercise, and drinking enough water. I am on day #11 right now. I weigh 216.4lbs! Granted I had a lot of water weight and that's why I was at 226, but I know for sure I lost a few pounds. The lowest I hit was 219 so seeing 216 is just...so motivating.

So my question for you is....Have you felt like you were NEVER going to get back on the wagon? And what did you do to push yourself to finally do it?

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice!
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My reward...
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I'm looking for that same motivation myself!
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Soul Cyster
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I'm still there- and not that I want to make excuses- but with taking a night course and my husband being very sick the past few weeks it's been really hard to do more than eat right. I know it won't last forever and just not gaining weight right now is good for me. I went to the doctor two weeks ago and got my blood work done and the doctor said everything was normal and my cholesterol was down from 230- so that's keeping me encouraged.

My sister got the 30 day shred, so I'm wanting to try to start that this week- that way since I haven't had time to hit the gym I'll at least have time to work out at home
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*Courtney Rae*
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Im kind of there right now. I have been hovering at 199 since before christmas! It is so irritating. After reading your post i realized a few things... 1. I CAN get back on and lose
2. I was giving half a$$ attempts at losing. Eating okay and exercising sometimes. Enough to maintain but not enough to lose.

You are my inspiration for the day. Thank you

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wishin' for sun!
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I have definitely felt that I was never getting back on the wagon-never going to be able to lose the weight or even try to lose the weight again. Every diet I had tried had failed and I just couldn't see trying again. What turned me around was getting to the point where I hated my body so much, I was able to ask for help. I know everyone says you have to love yourself the way you are to be able to lose, but that just gave me the excuse to not succeed. I finally saw what I really was and absolutely hated it! I found 3fc (I truly believe God led me here) and started learning about how to lose weight and how to eat healthy, but I didn't start doing it for several months, until I had the knowledge I needed to do it. I had been trying to lose on very restrictive "plans" and by any fad method I read about. But, one day I just knew what I had to do and COMMITTED myself to doing it NO MATTER WHAT. I started that very day and haven't regretted it one bit. I mess up now and again, but I never want to go back to the way I was and the way I ate before. It's all about realizing that I had to do it -there was no magic formula- and I had to commit my whole self to becoming healthy.

I think you're doing a great job! Keep working your plan and coming here for support-it helps so much!

7/18/12 became wheat- and dairy-free @ 235 pounds
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Senior Member
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I have had pretty much the same last few months as you have. I felt like I might never get my sh!t together and get back on the wagon. But I kind of went at it as I was starting over again.

Taking it one thing at a time. First I made sure that I had my eating back in order, for me that is the most important part. And then I started getting to the gym and working out more.

This is only my 3rd week working out again and I feel sooooo much better!! Congrats on finally getting back on the wagon and here is to staying on!!
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I feel like this right now. I'll get fired up and get together a list of all the things I'll need to start eating healthy with the thought that I'll go to the store "tomorrow morning" and something will happen that prevents me from doing that. Or, nothing will happen and I'll decide that I don't have time for it and I'll start the next day.

This has happened to me before and I was always able to bring myself out of it and get on plan. Well, my "tomorrow morning" hasn't come yet. I know all I need to do is take the next step, but I haven't been able to push myself to do it yet. I haven't made any progress on my goal, and might have even gained some since joining this site. I'm in a way serious rut right now and feel like I'll never be back on the wagon again. I think getting back on track is really simple-- you've just got to do it, no matter what it takes. But, I understand just how hard it is, too. It's a battle.

And, I'm starting to freak out because I know spring is right around the corner. It'll be short-sleeve time and I won't be able to hide as well anymore. Ok, well, now that I've become pretty pathetic, I'm going to go shopping so I can start tonight. I've got the time and list together, so no more excuses!!

I'd love to hear if anyone has anything specific they do to get themselves pumped up...
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Don't turn back.
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ughhh! I have been off the wagon since before valentines day and every day its the same. I get up early, have a good breakfast, go off about my day, maybe nibble on some healthy snacks, have a decent lunch, but by the time i get home in the evening i want chocolate and quesadillas and pizza and bread and what's more, i EAT THAT. And I haven't been able to drag my lazy butt onto the treadmill in a week or more. I have zero motivation for excersize right now.
but I think that if i get back on plan with my eating and stay in my calorie range and drop a couple of pounds I'll get back in the groove of walking and start working towards my goal of running a mile by Easter.
In fact, what am I doing sitting here talking about it? I'm going to be proactive and go jump on the treadmill now!
Good luck guys. It's worth the struggle.
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Okay, I am with you here.

Also between Sep-Dec, I had went from 138 to 112.5. I was ecstatic. Less than 3 months, and I had lost 25 pounds and seeing 112 on the scale was exciting because my short term goal was 110 and long term is 102. Well, the holidays came around and from then to now, I am stuck between 114-118. I was so upset, and I just lost control over my lifestyle change and I think I've been in denial that I had just given up. I stopped working out, I was still logging calories, but I wasn't counting them because I wasn't caring how many calories I logged. I think, now that my short-term goal date is about to approach and I am 4-8 pounds off from that goal when I should have been able to have made it... made me realize. I still haven't exactly gotten back on the wagon... still dragging my feet... but March is a new start and I will NOT let myself down starting then.
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To fly like Nadia again
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Oh Corrine, meeeee toooo! But you already know this haha I was doing so good the past few days but then yesterday I went buzzerk after I got some bad news about my fin aid for school and I went over my cals by like 400 and today I had like over 500 cals in chocolate alone I'm so ashamed and I can't figure out what to do about changing my usual MO of just reaching for the comfort food. I only ever really overeat now with I'm stressed or really mad about something I can't control and I don't even know what to do so I don't. I don't know how to cope with the things I can't control by any other way but eating and I just really wish I can learn some strategies to deal with it. Ugh... maybe I'll try and compensate by exercising more tonight and eating not quite so much tonight. Will ever get back on properly?
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I know how you feel I lost 28 lbs then in a month I gained 14 back...
but I'm trying to jump back on the wagon now!
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NEVER EVER going back
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Originally Posted by mermaid20 View Post
but March is a new start and I will NOT let myself down starting then.
DON'T WAIT TO START THEN!!!!!!! Start RIGHT NOW. There is no time like the present and you'll always find a reason to put it off. You can do this!!!!
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
Starting weight 377, Weight in spring of 2010 198, Weight in August 2011? In the 240's.
Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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Aspiring Beach Bum
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I find that ONE good day breeds one more good day and so on and so forth. On the flip side, ONE bad day breeds one more bad day and so on and so forth. I think sometimes the trick is to get through that first good day. I have literally been at this for years now. I go through phases of really good, not so good, and downright horrid. But I still find that if I am on a bad track one good day can at least get me headed in the right direction. Sometimes, it's just one decision that gets me in the right direction. I'm on a good swing right now, but it followed one of the worst I've had in a long time. It's one day at a time and I can only control the choices I make today.
If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always gotten.
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Where'd my 23yo body go?
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Right now I feel like I can't even see the wagon! lol

I keep telling myself I'm going to drink more water, and I'm going to exercise, but I never seem to be able to do it. I know it's mostly laziness on my part. I could make all kinds of excuses... kids, housework, husband..... but it boils down to the fact that I.am.lazy. There, I "said" it.

Now, where is that wagon I need to get back on?
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Five years! It took me five years to get back on the wagon! I look back and regret every single day I wasted. I fell off the wagon around July 5th 2003 and didn't really get back on until August 14th 2008. Oh I tried ~ I tried very hard throughout fall 2004 but it didn't take. I wasn't ready.

I'm glad I'm doing it now but how I wish I'd been able to do it earlier. The difference between now and then is I was depressed, and I'm not depressed anymore. I wish I'd known I was depressed and I wish I'd gotten help for it. But I can't go back and change the past, I can only move forward.
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