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Default Ugh!

:Ok soo last night i weighed myself and i weighed 205 pounds...for my age thats bad..BUT! I thought i weighed wayy more like 220 or something like that..I showd my mom thats how much i weigh and my mom was disappointed..she was kinda upset.i dont see why because i was really happy about my weight!..i`m i just over reackting on how my mom is about my weight?
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Default ugh...ugh...

Sometimes our (no, take that back - most times) our mothers are our biggest critics. I am 41 years old and live 1300 miles away from mine for a reason. She still never fails to ask me "What size are you in now?" when I talk to her. Oh and get this. For Christmas, in front of my brother and children (yes, I traveled home for the first time in MANY years for the holiday) she gives me one of those "fat sucker inners" aka girdle in an XL "I hope it is big enough" she says. Oy. Be proud of YOU and we are here for support and encourgement whenever you need it!
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Your weight is no one's business but you and your doctor.

If she continues to be fairly unsupportive, you might consider not talking to her about your weight loss. Honestly, there are some people that you're better off just not discussing it with.
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Mothers can be hard on us! I remember one of the things that made me start taking my weight seriously was due in part to my mom, she used to always say when i was younger, like elementary middle school age that if i didnt start paying attention to my weight that i would be 300 lbs. and i remember her saying it with such disgust, well surprise surprise back in nov when i stepped on the scale and weight 328lbs...i felt disgusting in my mothers eyes, not that she would EVER have said it to me, but i rememberd those words, even from 10 years previous. I konw she meant it out of total concern for my health, as my family has a history of some weight related sickness, but still..its a crappy feeling to hear things like that from a mother.
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wow ur mom did that in front of your children and familey..id flip!...since im 13..i cant goo and buy my own food..so i go to her like long ago and we had a big confo(boys bein idiots)..and i go"mom u never really buy apples,carrots,ect" and she flips and goes "i do just u guys dont eat it"..just sometimes she just gets right under my skin...and bein in junor high..and that stuff is really hard because theres alot of skinny kids...(had troble at beging of the year)..and whats scarey is i have a freind(same age) and we take the same cloths...we did goo to this pizza place lik a couple times every week8-)
and soo i decided too say enough is enough...and she keeps asking me if i wanna go there..answer nope...i think shes starting too think just because im
loosing weight..ect im tryna like include her and shes not ready..and what bothers me is my brother 18,will get big mac,upsized fries and pop,and ill goo get a burger or something and gain 5 pounds:[email protected]
but anyways thank you soo much:-)
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Numbers are funny. Folks tend to underestimate. When I was 250 pounds my sister commented that she hoped I wouldn't "get over 200". She is so proud of my loss, she knows I lost a lot, but would be stunned to hear that I am STILL over 200 pounds.

I in turn have been stunned to find out how much "skinny" folks weight, I always underestimate the number.

I suspect your mom reacted to the number. After all, she has seen you, nothing changed but the information she had available. You were pleased because it was less than you were expecting, and you have a better sense of the numbers you have seen on the scale. She was upset because she hadn't quantified what she was observing. Give her a break...and keep the numbers to yourself in the future.

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I am 38 and my mom is always the first to notice when I have put on weight.lol! It had just made me more mindful of how I parent my 3 children.I would guess she wants you to be happy and healthy and knows that you want to lose.Maybe its her way of being supportive???? Hang in there.You can do this, with or without the support of others.
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Your mom is WORRIED about you because you have steadily been gaining weight over the last few years...right??
She tried to give you some helpful advice about healthy food choices and has encouraged you to get some exercise because she hates to see you sad about your weight and wants you to be happy and healthy.
I was thin at your age and I know how cruel kids can be at 13 and how important it is at that age to feel like you are accepted,just know your mom loves you very much and is here for you anytime....ok

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I think at 13 it could be pretty difficult to lose weight healthfully without your mom's support. At 14 I chose the UN-healthy option of starvation but I can tell you that while I did lose weight, I looked like crud and my hair started falling out. <- that was a bad choice!

It is possible (well, very likely) that your mom feels guilty about your weight, and so, is being defensive. Maybe she would be more helpful if you looked around on here and figured out what weight loss plan you think you could live with long term and then had a talk with her about it. I think approaching it in a way like "I know you love me and only want the best for me, so I knew I could come to you....." would really help get her to take you seriously and not feel defensive. Try not to place blame but tell her how you are feeling.

If all else fails- keep coming here!

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