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Keep on Keepin' ON
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Wink Irony anyone?

Hey everybody!

Ok, I had to share this personal irony with everyone because really it is just proof that the folks upstairs have a sense of humor.

On Friday I wrote a very excited happy post about my WL journey and how it is making me feel about myself. I made note of how good I felt to be pushing my body and working out. I was really just terribly proud of the work I am doing.

On Saturday I re-tore the cartilage in my left knee by *drumroll please* working out. I know that I have re-torn it because this is an injury I have had before from fencing and I recognize how it feels. I also know that there's nothing I can do for it except ice it and stay the ____ off of it.

Then, on Monday we had our fire alarms go off and as I was making my way the our apartment complex's office I slipped on ice and fell hard on my back. Since then I've had a great deal of sciatic pain that I have again been told I can't do much for apart from ice/heat and anti inflammatory stuff.

So now I am injured and unable to work out. I am actually barely able to work (I'm a writer) at all because I hurt too much to focus, but I am still trying.

Here's the thing. I'm ok. I mean, I'm really disappointed and I'm frustrated that once again it seems as though my body is rebelling against me doing things to help it. BUT...I'm ok. I wanted to post again because despite this clear setback and the pain, both physical and mental, that it is causing...my attitude hasn't changed. I have been eating OP since it happened, there haven't been sad tears (only ow ow ow tears :P ), and I don't feel helpless. I feel like...I got hurt and it sucks, but I'll get better and then I will resume my hard work, although perhaps differently to avoid the same injury.

I am still active, I have gone for gentle walks every day this week and today I cleaned my house, so I am proud b/c I haven't used this stupid setback as an excuse to binge or be lethargic.

I guess what I'm excited about is exactly that...this hasn't been an excuse. For anything. Maybe I really am getting somewhere.
Back on the wagon after almost 2 years of getting lost in depression and just trying to keep my head above water. Switching up my approach and going Low-Carb. Loving it so far!

Weight as of 1/1/14: 179.4
First mini-goal: 174.4, 5lbs down
Second mini-goal:169.4, 10 lbs down
Third mini-goal: 165 (Doctor's target weight for me)

Will re-evaluate from there!

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Wow! I am so proud of you. That is a huge accomplishment. I injured my ankle and then my shoulder and used it as an excuse for a year.

I agree that you've really gotten somewhere mentally that will help you succeed. That's awesome! Eating is 80% of it anyway so just keep with that and you'll still see results.

1st goal- ONEDERLAND! Check!
2nd goal- Less than 194 (a number I've been stuck at before) CHECK!
3rd goal- Reach the 180's- haven't been there since 1999. CHECK!
4th goal- 180 which means hitting the 50 lbs. lost mark! Check!
5th goal- Switching to size goals now more than pounds goals. Goal is to make it to size 12, at whatever weight that happens. CHECK!
6th goal- Size 10! (can't even believe this is possible!)
7th goal- Size 8 and MAINTAIN!
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I can...and I will...
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Default Wow

Your attitude is to be commended. I just found out the my DH's office is closing. Luckily I am at work and have only the food that I brought with me or else there is a very good chance that I would be sitting on the sofa with a bag of something that is not good for me. Thank you for the post, I hope to learn something from it...
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Slowly but surely
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You've come a long way, and you have a great attitude!

I don't know if you have anywhere near you that you could swim (gym, Y, something like that), but swimming laps really, really helped my sciatica during my pregnancies. I'm not talking swimming fast either, some days it was just leisurely kicking along with a kickboard, but it still helped and would give me some relief for about a week.
Losing the weight again after baby #6 (and leftovers from #4 & 5)...

Mini-goal #1: <210 lbs
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Working my way back
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wow you really HAVE gotten somewhere! you should be very proud of yourself for just taking things as they come and not letting it set you back. i know i'm proud FOR you!!
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Thanks for sharing your story!!

I hope that you can get back on your feet soon.
CC Memorial Day Challenge: 1.6/5lbs lost!

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