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Default Staying Motivated

I have been trying to lose weight since January 5. In a month and a week, I have lost 12.4 pounds. I currently weight 257.6 but started at 270.

I have been having trouble staying motivated. I want to lose weight and I know WHY I want to lose weight, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE food.

How do you battle the two?

I have had four open heart surgeries and really need to lose the weight. I have around 100 pounds still to lose. I cannot exercise until April because of my heart. I have a cardiologist appoint in April and they want to make sure I am okay to exercise.
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I can...and I will...
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It is a battle, a constant battle. But in the end I know that I am the only one that can make me healthy again. I know I will never be "skinny" and don't want to be. I want to be lean and healthy and around a long time for my kids. And that is what I try to remember when the internal battle between the carrot cake or the carrots starts...
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See my signature.

I gave up on "motivation". What is it, anyway? Some ethereal drive that'll force me to make the right choices? Some magical power for good that will steer my desires toward the carrots and away from the cookies?

NOTHING got me to my goal but pure, old fashioned commitment. It doesn't matter if I want to skip a workout or have a donut binge...I've made a commitment to myself not to. That commitment is firm and unwavering (unlike my motivation, which comes and goes almost hourly).

Make that COMMITMENT to yourself, and let your motivation fall where it may. For me, it was the only way to get to success.
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Ahhh... one of my favorite topics! I discard the notion of motivation other than to get you started. Once the honeymoon of motivation is over, you must rely on *dedication* to keep going.
Become dedicated to yourself and your goals.

It's not as exciting as being motivated, but it lasts longer.
~ Lori

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I totally agree! Motivation is as unreliable as willpower, mythical creatures! What works is PLANing what you are going to eat and when you are working out and then just DOing it. Obvious I know, but when I don't plan my day it goes out the window.
Another thing, I LOVE food too, healthy doesn't have to mean unappetizing.
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes itís the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."
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Ditto, ditto, ditto what mandalin, fiberlover and aneleh said. Motivation might get you started but it won't take you the whole way.
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Echo. Echo. Echo.

Motivation can NOT be relied on. As you know. I mean, you've got oodles and oodles of reasons to lose weight. Your very life depends on it. But it's simply not enough. It's never around when you need it most - when there's cookies, cake or ice cream in the vicinity.

I'll jump on the "you must be COMMITED to losing the weight" bandwagon. It's much more lasting. You MUST make an ironclad commitment, that no matter what, you will do what is necessary to lose the weight. Which means making the right choices. Day in and day out. All through out the day in fact.

As far as loving food. Find healthy, low calorie DELCIOUS foods that you LOVE. They're out there. I know it. I've found them.

One other thing I'd like to point out. For me, weight loss couldn't occur until #1, my desire to be fit, trim and HEALTHY outweighed the desire for the food. The high calorie/high quantity food, that is. And #2 came - I made that ironclad commitment.

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Let's do this!
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Well, add me to that list.

I've found that motivation is a buzzword to me. It's fleeting at best.

Commitment. Determination. Those are the words that get me to the gym.

2011- putting on the baby weight
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Thanks everyone for commenting. I really think one of the things I am missing is support, I don't have a lot of support.

I understand the commitment vs motivation thing. I guess that's maybe why I feel this way. I need to forget about my motivation and remember my commitment. I DO have several reasons I need to do this. I guess it's just not only about commitment for me. I NEED and HAVE to do this too.
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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
I have had four open heart surgeries and really need to lose the weight. I have around 100 pounds still to lose.
I'm kind of a hypochondriac! IF I had FOUR heart surgeries that would literally scare me to death!

If you need motivation I would think saving your life would be pretty good motivator.

I agree with everyone... motivation will get you going at first but it is the commitment of making a life change that will get you (and hopefully me) through.

I completely accept it that I am going to keep a careful watch on my weight and exercise all that I am able for the rest of my life.

I love going to my YMCA and watching all the really in shape people work out. I could be ashamed at the way I look but I CHOOSE to see it differently. I look at the really healthy people working out and it really motivates me because I want to be able to workout like that one day.

I go to the Y every morning around the same time and there are a lot of the same people. There is one Muslim woman who works out there every time I am there. She is of course covered from head to toe but she is in absolutely fantastic shape. She looks to be in her mid 50's and she works out on the same elliptical machine in front of me so I can't help but watch her.

She works on that machine at an AMAZING pace I mean FAST, FATS, FAST! AND... if that is not enough she does calisthenics on the machine WHILE she is running! She is the only one I ever saw do that.

THEN .. after she runs at that pace for 45 min. She stretches while ON the machine like bending backwards until (I SWEAR!) her head almost touches her knees! She swings her legs up and sets them on top of the machine and then does deep knee bends! I mean it is AMAZING! She could be an 18 year old gymnast!

Keep in mind this woman is mid 50's with gray hair, or what little you can see in the front under her head scarf!

I mean when you see someone THAT flexible that in shape at her age how could you NOT be motivated???

I think when you can see the amazing things people have done for me at least it motivates me.

When I look at the before/after pictures on here and read the people's stories I think to myself ... I CAN DO THAT!

Look all around motivation is all around us we just have to see it!

But I think what Amanda says is SO true to! It's COMMITMENT that will carry us through!

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Hi Crystal--

I'm curious. Can you eat the foods you love in smaller portions (a.k.a. "french women don't get fat")? Or are there some trigger foods that just cause you to eat and eat and eat to the point you gain weight?

If you can eat your favorite foods in smaller portions, go for it!

If you have some trigger foods that you cannot control, then I'd get rid of them for the time being while trying to lose weight.

If you eat in smaller portions, you can have five or six smaller meals throughout the day, and that'd help with your eating habits/hunger issues.

Hope this helps!

~ tea

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I really hate to jump down your throat, when clearly you're going through a difficult time. But I want to mention, that support is a WONDERFUL thing to have, but you shouldn't rely on that either.

I WAS fortunate to have a very loving, caring and supportive family. But there's only so much their support was able to do for me. This is up to you. You're the one that will have to do the planning ahead and making of good meals. You're the one who will have to resist temptation. You're the one who will have to make those good choices, over and over again. You're the one who will have to get out there and exercise, when you're given the go ahead. It's all up to you, you & YOU. I know that sounds tough, but I want you to realize it and accept it.

But the good thing about that is, there is no leaving that huge task to someone else. You don't need to rely on anyone but you. You are responsbile for your own well being, which is why weight loss is doable. Because it IS something that you and you alone controls.

Oh and we here at 3fc will be more then happy to be of support to you.
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I understand that it is up to me. How do you think I have lost what I have? I cook separately from my mom and prepare my own food. I was talking about the loneliness of losing weight, maybe getting involved in a forum like this one, things like that. I know it's up to me.

And I do plan ahead...a week ahead. I track my calories using Calorie King and plan all meals and snacks before I eat.

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Congrats on your loss so far! Sounds like you have a good plan. I think Robin was just sharing that she understands it can be a solitary journey, like you are experiencing. And that is what is so great about 3FC. About 80,000 people who are also on that journey.

One of my mantras that I tell myself is: Discipline is more reliable than motivation. That helps me cling to the knowledge that I am in control of what goes into my mouth. Does it work 100% of the time? Nope! (if only!) But it does help to remind me that I am in charge of my journey. And it reminds me that, when I do eat off plan, I am making that decision. You may already know all of this, but it was a big moment for me when I realized that I really did control each bite that went into my mouth.

PS: Flatiron, that woman sounds amazing!
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD

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3 + years maintaining
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Crystal, I'm sorry if what I said came out wrong. Like Midwife said, I was trying to get across that, well for me, support and all, I found weight loss to be a VERY solo act.

You have implemented some great changes thus far. And I know it's not easy. But already you are seeing a payoff!!!

I'm glad you found 3FC. It is an extemely supportive place, full of very wise, knowledgable and helpful people. It's why I spend so much time here. No one at "home" can understand the struggles of weight loss/maintenance other then people who are going through it.

Wishing you continued success!!
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