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Default Post your meal plan

I think it's been a while since we've had one of these threads! I love looking at other meal plans for ideas. Here's mine

Total: 1600 calories (40% carbs, 35% protein, 25% fat)

morning (400 calories): Oatmeal (30 grams), nuts (1/8 cup), skim milk, 1 banana, 2coffee with skim milk (c,p,f)
snack (200 calories): Whole wheat Vita cracker with hummus
lunch (350 calories): Sandwich (2 brown bread, mustard, spinach, red pepper, chicken breast)
snack (250): Apple, carrots, nuts (1/8 cup)
dinner (400): Rice, various vegetables (2 servings worth - plain and steamed), protein (usually something like clean turkey loaf or plain grill salmon)

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Well, if y'all want to feel better about yourselves I can post what I've eaten today as a bad example:

morning (200 calories): a badly made buckwheat waffle, in which I used too much soymilk and it ran over the baker
snack (120 calories): cheap high-fructose-corn-syrup-containing granola bar
lunch (300 calories): PB&J on white bread (because I ran out of my own high fiber loaf and had to dig into bf's )
snack (110 calories): cheap granola bar #2 (different artificial flavor for variety)
dinner (430 calories): Choice Ramen (only slightly better for you than the normal stuff) with spinach, scrambled egg whites, and soy sauce because I didn't like the flavor packet

Pending nighttime snacks: dark chocolate, 100-cal pack of popcorn, indefinite number of jelly beans to be consumed while I cram for tomorrow's midterm. I haven't exercised today either.
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I'm so glad you posted this, I'm looking for new low-cal snacks and would love to see other people's ideas....

wake up 7 am: flax granola with no-fat plain yogurt and a few strawberries (170)

8:30 am: soy latte (150)

10:45 am: two pieces of Squirrelly bread (high fiber) with pb and honey (350)

1 pm: flax seed tortilla wrap with turkey breast, low-fat mozza (jalepenos/sauce/olives) (290)

3 pm: Coffee (20)

5 pm: a few crackers and hummus (250, cutting this out!!!)

7:30 pm: dinner like chicken breast/greens/quinoa (????)

10 pm: maybe a few more crackers or some cheerios/rice milk if I'm hungry (??? trying to come up with new low-cal snack)

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Breakfast: homemade muesli (whole oats, bran, dried fruit and nuts) with natural yoghurt

Lunch: Salad - cucumber, tomato, sugar snap peas, feta cheese and roast beef with balsamic vinegar dressing

Dinner: Steak with mashed sweet potato and steamed broadbeans and peas

Snacks: 1 x apple, natural yoghurt mixed with choc protein powder

Exercise: run to and back home from the gym (6km round trip)
Spin class (while AT the gym)
Height: 5'7
SW: 80kgs/176pds
CW: 65kgs/143pds
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Mine is a little involved but here goes...

Hope you can access the link ok!

I've enjoyed reading what other people are eating - they will help give me some ideas for next week's meal plan!
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You run to the gym, spin, and then run home, Lyria? Woohoo! My gym is just under 5K from my house and I've run there, done a heavy legs workout, and then shuffled home. Thank goodness it is a gentle downhill all the way home!
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD

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Height: 5'5


breakfast (230 cals): 1C fiber one cereal mixed with yoplait yogurt
lunch (400 cals): stir fry- brown rice, chicken, spinach, tomato, onion, squash, peppers, sprouts, carrots, garlic
snack (130cals): string cheese and SF jello pudding
dinner (350 cals): whole green beans, squash and onion, venison
snack (150cals): probably going to be hummus w/sliced red bell peppe and a mini baybel cheese.

mmmm.... fooood....
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S/C/G: 91/68/65 kg

Height: 172 cm 5ft8


Breakfast-1/2 apple, blueberries, strawberry LF yoghurt & wholeweat cereal (300)

Snack- 1/2 apple w TS peanutbutter (150)

Lunch- Bean and Lentil canned soup (350)

Snack- some sort of fruit/ or yoghurt (100)

Dinner- Homemade Wholewheat pita pizza with vegies and ham (350)

Exercise- 4 k run
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This was yesterday. That lunch is lunch almost every day though, and most days I eat more for breakfast (I forgot to pack!).
Breakfast: Special K bar and coffee (120 cal)
Snack: string cheese (80 cal)
Lunch: 1 cup leftover pasta/bean/chicken sausage/spinach (230 cal)
snack: frozen yoplait yogurt (100 cal)
next snack (I wait for my man to eat dinner and he gets off work late) mini bag popcorn (100 cal)
dinner: chicken breast and quinoa/butternut squash with gruyere cheese (535 cal)
dessert/snack: plum crisp made with oats and fresh plums (192 cal)

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Midwife - yup!

I actually did a heavy weights routine (legs, upper and abs) yesterday after running to the gym, running an extra 3kms on the treadmill and then ran home again.

My home run is also (luckily) a nice gentle downhill lol. I don't think it would be so pleasant if I had anything more than a modest bump to run over!

I'm loving the milder weather we've recently got since it allows me to do this...a few days ago and you wouldn't have caught me dead exercising outside. Not even at 6am!
Height: 5'7
SW: 80kgs/176pds
CW: 65kgs/143pds
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It is kind of funny how much/often I eat, but here is a typical day of around 1400 calories:

7:45 a.m. - hot water w/ lemon (5)
8:30 - toast, egg whites, cheese, 2 plums (230)
12:45 - spicy eggplant stir fry (235)
3:15 - bbq shrimp (155)
5:00 - chicken breast w/ mushroom sauce, spinach (245)
6:00 - yogurt & strawberries (100)
7:00 - huge green salad (175)
9:00 - yogurt (100)

As you can see, I am a complete evening grazer - so I just make sure to work it into my calories for the day! I am also a total volume eater - I want a LOT of food for my calories.
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Height: 5'2"


What I've had so far for the day:
Breakfast: Lemon Meringue Yoplait (100 calories)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Southwestern Chicken Panini (330 calories)
Watermelon Sugar Free Jello (10 calories)
Snack: 2 Large, 1 medium strawberry (30 calories)

I'll probably also have a serving of cashews, some raspberries, some fresh pineapple, some green beans, a pumpkin pie Kashi bar, and some of my restaurant leftovers from last night. Maybe a piece of Wasa bread and some laughing cow cheese if I need a snack.

My meal plan is a little different than most - I have a severe case of oral allergy syndrome, so eating most fresh fruits and veggies is out - a salad could kill me.
Starting over with my weight loss goals: 8/15/2011

Losing with challenges: Severe persistent asthma, multiple life-threatening food allergies, environmental allergies, gastric emptying delay, squishy esophagus, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, left ankle arthroscopic surgery

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I am a 4 year maintainer, but I'm trying to lose 3 lbs to get back to my goal weight of 130. Today is a very typical "weight loss" day for me.

B - Trader Joe's fat free Greek yogurt (120 calories), mixed with 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries (around 75 calories)

L - huge salad, tons of greens, chicken breast (about 90 calories), grape tomatoes, shredded carrot, shredded purple cabbage, chopped orange pepper, a few crunchy fried onions, 2 tbs dressing (80 calories) (around 400 calories for everything)

S - no sugar added cocoa (50 calories)

S - tangelo (100 calories)

S - string cheese (80 calories), little container of mini dill pickles (it says 0 calories - woot!)

D - home made soup (tomatoes, chickpeas, leeks, spinach, summer squash),topped with a little shredded parmesan cheese, piece of crusty sour dough bread, 450 calories for everything
SIX YEARS at maintenance weight!

My very long weight loss story

"I saw an angel in the marble and I chiseled until I set it free."

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This is a great thread, I'm always always looking for new good healthy foods.
Today I had:
A tall glass of ice water for breakfast (I know skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do but my appetite is nonexistent in the morning and it's always a struggle and i lost today)
For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine meal--Parmesan Crusted Fish
Dinner was a BLT on wheat from subway (darn bacon),
And the snack I'm enjoying now is a cup of nonfat mixed berry yogurt and a reduced fat colby jack cheese stick.
Which gives me a grand total of 1000 c today.
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Height: 5'3"


Munchie, glad to see you're doing better--up from that 800.

How about adding something like a protein shake for breakfast? Just to ease into getting some cals in the morning. You can make one yourself with 1% milk, a scoop of your favorite protein powder (I like strawberry flavored whey protein) and perhaps 1/3 a banana or a few strawberries, if you got 'em, blended up. If you don't have a blender you can skip the fruit.

What I ate:

B: Mona's granola 1/3 cup with 1/2 cup 1% milk and 1/3 banana
S: A clementine with string cheese
L: Lean Cuisine (chicken mediterranean) w/ large salad, green olives, lowfat balsamic dressing
S: 1% milk with whey protein powder
D: Lean Cuisine (steak & cheddar pannini)
S: A dozen almonds and a dozen Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chips

Total is 1303 cals., 84 grams protein

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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