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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#167


We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

Thinthinker in Michigan
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Good morning everyone! Hope you all slept well. Please go back and read the second page of the last thread, if you haven't. LuckyLadyBug and Mary are over there.

I really blew yesterday as well. Found the need to eat a second Subway and a bagel later at night. But today is a new day once again. The plus + side is that I journalled it all so I know what I have to do for the rest of the week to make up for it. I really hate 'reverse banking', especially with Mother's Day coming, but what else can I do???

Actually this weekend will be a triple whammie for me. I have my nephew's confirmation party on Saturday night and then Mother's Day dinner out and then everyone back here for cake and ice cream for honey's birthday. WOW, that's alot of food. Need to FOCUS!!!

Tina: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so awsome! You are doing a great job! * I cannot believe they charged you $30 to return. It would have been cheaper to pay a new registration fee. YIKES! When I missed 3 weeks, she told me I only owed her an extra $5. With our pre-pay tickets I always get a couple of $5 missed meeting stickers. That was really expensive for you! But well worth it!!!!

Mary: You can't beat a dinner out like that that someone else is paying for. Just do your best to get back on track. You'll make it.

2cute: YES! We all missed you! My gosh girl! * I hope you have a safe trip to your mom's....and that you find her in good health. * As far as that new computer, you'll just have to learn to type faster.......skim over those extra letters.

LuckyLadyBug: If you're really looking for a plan, something to join, I have to say I love WW. It is easy. You can truly eat anything, as long as you account for it. The formula for figuring out points is simple, it combines calories, fat grams and fiber grams. You can shop for REAL food, in a real store. The only thing is: no matter what plan you go on, it is only as good as the effort you put into it.......I'm living proof! Do I sound like a commercial???

Michelle: Let's be real! 2 pieces sausage pizza = 14 pts., 2 bread sticks = 6 pts. That's 20 pts. for dinner. Subtract that from your points range, figure what you had the rest of the day, and you're good to go on. It's not unheard of for us to spend most of our points on dinner. Just not everyday. And maybe today you'll need to make some adjustments, like more 0-1 pt. fruits and veggie servings. But IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!! (I hope that didn't sound offensive, it wasn't meant to be!)

Malia: Sometimes I think I am my own worst enemy! Gotta change that!!!

Susie: I am sooooo glad to see you here more often. You've been missed. I hope that coming here will help you get back on track. You're so close to that 50# magnet, I bet you can smell it!!!!

I have to tell you about this product that a girl at my WW meeting brought in the wrapper for. She has lost 100#'s, by the way. Anywho, they are cake rolls, kinda like jelly rolls are, only they are cake and like a cream cheese filling. She says they are absolutely delicious! Pretty expensive, $8 a roll + shipping, but she says "well worth it". Anyway, here are some stats: Calories 43, Fat 0, Cholesterol 0,Sodium 135mg, Carbs 4g, Fiber 2g, Sugars 0, Protein 5.5g. They are 6 inches long and those stats are for a 1" slice. For you WW's, that's 1 pt. per slice!!!!! (or 3 pts. for the WHOLE roll Oh, come on, you all know you'll have days like that! You can't fool me! ) Anyway, you can find out more about them at www.robbinsnest.org or at their toll-free number 1-800-644-7655.

I do have to run. I put color on my hair almost an hour ago and if I don't rinse it out, I won't have any hair left! So I'll catch up with you all later.

"Dreams are......illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." - Marsha Norman
Thinthinker in Michigan

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a work in progress...
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Oh Tina, you're so fine...
You're so fine you blow my mind...HEY TINA!

Wow! I am so proud of you and green with envy at the same time! I think all that LUSTING after Tony Stewart is burning some MAJOR calories for you! Hey...whatever works...I'm all for it! You go girl!

I'm ashamed to say that I really DID have feelings of envy and then I thought..."Well, duh! You could be acheiving the same results if you'd just consistently follow what you know will work..."

Oh, that's right. Anyway...I wouldn't begrudge anyone their victories, so I hold my water glass up high to you, Tina...WW poster child of the week...make that the month...

I must thank Thin for yesterday's post...it has stayed on my mind and really keeps motivating me...I have to make this weight loss my PRIORITY...I want it more than anything in the world and that includes a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or any other temptations du jour ...PMS be damned!!

So I have actually had TWO good days with of lots of veggies, fruit, water, good protein, and exercise! I'm motivated by 2cutes streak...You guys are such a big part of my life...Thank you ALL for your help and inspiration! I'd stay and do individual replies but that will take hours and the beautiful day and my weeds and my flowers are calling to me..."Come out and play, Kat...it's going to RAIN tomorrow!" ...I'll post then....See ya!

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I'm on my way!
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OK OK I am still out of control! I need to get this out of my system once and for all!

Tina I too envy you! Do tell us your secret...WHAT exactly are you doing to lose this weight so quickly! I want to be able to say I lost 50 lbs real soon too! Wawawa wa boo hoo poor me! LOL
You go girl!

Thin I think if Tina would have rejoined then she would have to start over weight wise such as getting the 100 lb award. She would have to start over at zero and she wouldn't get credit for the over 50 lbs she lost already. I had to do that once when I lost the 97 but I never did quite make it to the 100 lbs lost! But I WILL this time!

Kat I am going to get my fruits and veggies in now too. I went shopping today and stocked up! I find when I eat them I stay full longer which helps the snacking!

I really need to go so the boy will go to sleep. I will try and catch up to you all tomorrow. We are suppose to have rain!

Bye for now! Michelle
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Good Evening Everyone

I don't know that I will have time to respond individually tonight...we are under tornado watches again tonight...and after the storm we had last night...I am NOT looking forward to it!!! I didn't sleep but maybe a couple hours last night...We had 3 severe storms pass through,,,the last one was around 3:30 this morning, and we had golf ball sized hail. I was pretty scared,,,but of course when you have kids, you have to play it cool, to keep them calm....Believe it or not...I pulled it off.

Ok my evaluation worries are over!!! And you girls were right....all that worry for nothing. I ended up getting a rave review and a 50 cent raise....So I guess they do understand how much I work!!! They told me that I am in the top 10 people on the pay scale inside the building....so since I've only been there 4 years, I'd say that quite an accomplishment!!!!

I'm out of control as far as my eating is concerned....I don't know why either....The last several days if I want it..I eat it... No self control...no willpower....NONE! I'm feeling my self esteem slip to as the pounds come back on...and I don't like that feeling!! I look in the mirror and what do I see looking back at me? A big fat blob....I HAVE GOT to get my rear on track, and keep it there!!!! Girls....I have even been giving the idea of stomach stapeling a go in my mind.....and that scares me....I know I have to be patient....I know this weight didn't come on overnight,,,so it isn't going to come off overnight.....Maybe I need to look into joining weight watchers....I don't know much about it....I see where a lot of you girls go to WW...Help me out....tell me about it....How do I find a weight watchers group to join? Will I feel out of place?

Well just as I feared, I hear the rain hitting the windows, and it's beginning to thunder and lightening, so I need to say goodnight....I DON'T need to lose my computer....I'd feel lost without all of you!!!

Love You All

PS..I DO have to say WOOOHOOOOO for Tina....Way to go girl!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!
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Evening, everyone! Not too many here. Are you all going AWOL on us??? Sure hope not.

Well, I'm here to tell you that ALL of my hair didn't fall out, only a couple of clumps! I soooo hate coloring my hair. But the roots were getting really long so it was more than time.

I had lunch on the job with my mom and we took my oldest son with us. It was nice to be together. Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with an old friend. My New Year's resolution for 2001 was to re-connect with old friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. Well, that went to heck in a handbasket. This year starting in March, and counting tomorrow, I will have re-connected with 3 old friends. So maybe it was really meant to be for 2002, instead of 2001.

I'm at my max for the day so I guess I have to put 'catching up' on the agenda for tomorrow. I think maybe a tasty grilled fish is in order. I stopped at Costco and got those cod loins and atlantic salmon filets that I was telling you about. Time to get out good old George again and grill!

ENVY isn't going to help any of us get to our goal. Good HARD WORK, however, will. We all know that "success only comes before work in the dictionary" so it is time to get to WORK!

Katrina: Hope you got out to your flowerbeds today. It was really cool and rainy here. Not time for flowers in MI yet, not till Memorial Day. I do have a huge lilac tree outside of my patio window and it is in full bloom today. I cut bunches for mom, her elderly neighbor and myself. They real smell up the house!

Michelle: Once you out, it is soooo hard to get back on track. What is that all about? Today has been a real struggle for me too.

Well girls, I'm outta here again. See ya later.
Thinthinker in Michigan

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Hi everyone,

Good news. Although I lost two pounds, I lost inches.

date............1/13/02........... 4/20/02............5/8/02....total lost
weight............249..................241........ .........239.........10lbs
up chest.........43....................41.5.......... .......41.............2"
chest..............49....................48....... .............47.............2"
midriff.............46....................43...... ..............43.............3"
waist..............43.5.................42........ ............42............1.5"
stomach.........52.5.................50.5......... .........50............2.5"
hips................48.5.................48.5..... ............47.5...........1"
l/r thigh........26.5/27.............26/26..............26/26..........0.5/1"
l/r calf...........17.5/18..........17.5/18............17/17.5 ........0.5/.5"
l/r arms......15.75/16..........15.5/15.5.........14.75/15..........1/1"

This has made my day. I know I haven't been on plan most of the time, but I made major changes in my eating. No fast food places, no soda, no large meals. The pounds haven't dropped off, but I do notice my clothes getting closer. What a relief!

Measuring is my friend,
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Theresa: How in the world did I miss you? I know, your time is only 4 minutes off from my post time. I probably didn't scroll up to look and see if I missed someone while I was writing. So Sorry! * As far as WW, I love it. As I said recently, any program is only as good as you stick to it, but when I was sticking, I was losing! I like it because it's easy to keep track of and you can buy normal food that you get at any supermarket. I also like that you can really have anything that you want, you just have to account for it. To find a meeting near you, go to www.weightwatchers.com and enter you city and state and they will give you a list of meeting locations and times that are near you. * Really think about the 'stapling' before doing it. What struck me most was that you have to be on liquids for so many weeks and then on puree for so many. I keep thinking, 'of course you would lose, anyone would lose if they couldn't eat for months at a time'. There's got to be a better way! We just have to learn to be patient. A couple of pounds at a time is all that is healthy.

Malia: Those are excellent stats. You're doing really well. It must be fun to have your clothes fitting better.
Thinthinker in Michigan
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Dancing those pounds away
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Angry Glad to be back.

Hi guys... I sure have missed you all. My trip to see my parents went well but too short. The guilt when I come home is soooo great. I feel like I should always stay for a couple of days... but my own life is soooo busy too.
Mom wasn't feeling too well when I got there but I think I helped perk he up. By the time I left she seemed to be in a better mood. We visited my dad.. did a little shopping andd took her out for dinner at a new Thai Restaurant. Mmmmm good.

I only have a few minutes so I will try to reply to most of you.... but no promises.
I also apologiiize for my stutterinng. This new keyboard is getting the better of me. LOL I don't know if my fingers are too FAT and the weight of them make me repppeat letters. It definiitely lookks like I am a stutterer. LOL

Tina... WOW !!!!! 11..5 pounds !!!! Are you also cutting out carbs as wwweell as doing WW?? You are losing at an unbeliievable sppeed. 56 pounds since Feb.

Ducckie... You get yourself that NEW bed. I have gotten several new ones over the years. Just in Aprril I got a new queen bed... and a new kingsize box springs.
I had to laugh at myself because my husband's side broke down. That made me feel a little "superior". It sure made it easier to call and tell them we needed a new one. LOL What is sooo funny.... the dealer doesn't know whos side is whos.
I also had a bed for 6-7 years and got a BRAND NEW one. It had a 20 yearr non prorated warranty.... and I took total advantage of it. The company is hoping you won't claim your "RIGHT" to a new bed... but they have always been good at honoring it if you just "tell them" you need a new bed. They will probably come to your house to see it... but don't worry.... holld youur head up high and stand up for what is "rightfully" yours.

Michelle... that Mediteraaanian Fish sounnds yummy. I am not usuually a big fish eatter... but I am going to try that one.

Ssusie...You hang in there girl. You know from experience that you are a slow loser.... BUT YOU ARE A LOSER !!!! You havee alllways been my inspiration... my baby steps leaderr. I totally understand that feeling of 2lbs feeling like 100.

Thin...YOurr quotee was awesomme. ACTION We must take the action. Wishinng is fine for biirtthday cakke candles... but it won't take tthesseee pounds off of us.
HEY GIIRL.... not buying tthose pb cups was a BIG victorry !!!! Conngrats !!!
I am sooo envious of you and recconnecting with old friends.
I am a VERY social person... but the shame of my body keeps me from reconnecting with old friends. It keeps me from meeting new friendss... It keeps me from wanting to even leave the housee. The thin me inside this body is soooooooo desperate to get turned loose... set free.
I am the FIRST to preach to get out there and LIVE your life NOW... but words are easier said than done. I don't even "want" to go to my daughters collegee graduation because I don't want people to "see" me. I WILL go... but I really wwish there was a way to not have to be seen.
I think that iss one of my strengths.... I do "do it".... I am just sooo ashamed.

Yellow... please don't have the surgery. I knoow soooo many horror stories.
I hope yourr ears are better soon. I can't immagine the pain you have gone throuugh.
Glad to hearr your evaluation wennt so well. Congrats !!!
We are having that bad weather here tonight too. I have been in several tornnadoes... It iisn''t a fun place to be.

Luckylady... You wanted an uppdate of my medical status.
My burrnnns are still not healed. I have one bad scar on my arm. Wearing sleeveless shirtss really reveal itt now. But I only go sleeveless in front of family.
My lips are still weirdd. I don't know if it is from the burn or from the powder from the aiiirbags. ???
My accident injuries are better... maybe. I am going to ggo to the doctor Friday, hopefully. I am having pain in my stomach and side. I don't know if I have internal injuuuriies... or what.
And I am going to the denntiist Thuursday... so my gummms are going to be killing me this afternoon because I have been a bad girl and I have not flossed.
I feel soooooo childlike when I go to the dentist. I usually get in trouble.

Prism... CONGRATULATIONS on your progress. !!!!
You are definiitely losing those inches. Way to go girl.

Kat...You sshared that I am a part of your motivation because of my streak.
I am sure glad I stayed on prograam while gone so I did not have to confess to you any slips. LOL.
I got my motivation frrom that site I told you all about the other day.
It is sooo motivating to hearrr that there are people out there that do not cheat.
It CAN BE DONE. I am doing it.
It is IMPORTAANT to remember... we have to do it whether we are losinngg or not.
As an overeatter... I tend to only be willing to do it "IF" I get the results I WANT.
That is unacceptable.... I have to stay ON PROGRAM even when I stall in my weight loss. Since that is the Hardest part... I don''t weigh often... then I can't be disappoinnted as often. LOL

Mary..... you must be doing something right..... 40lbs goone. Whoopee !!!!!!!!
I am sooooooo proud of you too. Perserverance.... that is essentiiaal and you seem to have that. Congrats!!!

Well friends... I can hear the thunder coming...I better get off of here.
Darn.. iit iis 1:35am already. It takes sooo long to post.
I have got to go.
Hang in theree everyonnee !!!!!!! It will clicckk.... just focus on the POSITIVE.
There is that thunder... I have to go. Ssoory about the stuutteringg.
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2Cute I know what you mean about the guilt. Unless someone is with me I cry everytime I leave my Dad at the Nursing Home. I see him 3 or 4 times a week and he is only 6 miles away but still!!!!! I have to keep telling myself it is best for him that he is there and I do talk to my siblings a lot about it since they know the scoop. So know you aren't alone with your feelings and some of us understand.

Yellow Happy your job review turned out good for you.

Yeah, Malia, you are doing good. I bet it's the gardening!!!!! Doing it and sitting in it. Is sounds so peaceful.

Thin you can't win the worse weather with me here. It is 36!!!!! and suppose to snow. Do you go later in the year with nice weather since you said you don't plant until Memorial Day? I get antsy because my garden won't have time to grow if I can't get it planted soon. Usually, we can plant by May 1st.

Well, it's off to work....maybe my job will improve too since yours did, Yellow.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
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You and Me in 2003
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Happy Thankful Thursday all
Hope all of you are doing good.
I am off today but have to shop for grocerys.
I di ok yesterday but I succumbed to some cheesecake.
I'll be back later
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Falling, but fighting...
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Good afternoon,

Just popped in to let you know that I stayed OP yesterday and so far so good for today.

I have only had 4 points so far today and since DH is making sloppy joes for dinner, I figure I will still have points left.

I am trying to eat in intervals and not all at once, which seems to be helping. I eat something at 8 and then 9 and then 10, etc..

I may not get my 50 pound star this weekend, but "damn it" I am sure gonna try.....

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a work in progress...
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Hey all...

How's it going? All's well on the Eastern front...rainy, but that's OK, I got all my sleeping done...I'm off tonight, we're going out to dinner (Red Lobster...mmm) and to a comedy club with two other couples...should be fun!

Had a bit of a scare last night at work...I called down to the ER just to check on things, see if they needed me...they told me, "your brother is here." After determining which one (which would determine how quickly I'd run down there) I ran down...it was my youngest brother, having chest pain. Weird thing is, I was supposed to be off last night, at MY request, and I forgot...Now who forgets a day off?? I'm so glad I did...I know he was glad that I was there...His blood pressure was up, chest and neck pressure, dizziness...all classic cardiac symptoms, but his enzymes and EKG were negative, so that's good. They did an echocardiogram today and then discharged him with stern admonishments about LOSING WEIGHT, (ahem...) watching the diet and exercise, reducing stress levels, or finding ways to cope with a stressful job. Good advice for anyone...

No time for more, hubby's honking the horn...
see you ater...

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Dancing those pounds away
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Unhappy Sslow iin here

Hi everyone....
well not everyone has been here but I know you will be.

Susiie.... YOu go girrlll and get that 50 pound magnet !!!

Mary... Mmmm cheesecakke... it is one of my greatest weakness.
I am soooo PROUD that I have passed it up the last two times and my favorite Mexican restaurant. They have the BEST turtle cheesecakke ever made.

Kat.... isn''t it strange how life works. I am sooo happy your brother seems to be okay.

Lucky...It does help to know that there are others out there that do understand. I never knnew before it was "my dad" just how hard it could be.

Okay friennds.... if I am going to write more... then there needs to be more in here. I will check back laterr and hope to see you all.
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Hi everyone,

Kat, I'm watching spongebob right now. It's the hooky show. Funny. I hope your brother is okay. You're right as you head to red lobster and I to a sushi bar. We should take care of and pay attention to our bod.

2cute, what is a turtle cheesecake. Sounds delicious. I love cheesecake.

What are your plans for mother's day? I like to do this big deal for my mom, she does so much for me. I got her a gaudy amethyst ring fm qvc, rooster figurines and salt/pepper shakers. All kinds of stuff. After highway cleanup for work on Saturday, I'll hang out at the supermarket. A lady makes flower leis and sells them there. First come, first serve sort of thing.

I cut my hair yesterday. A shorter version. I feel less like a sheepdog.

Have a wonderful Friday. I off to eat sushi.
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