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Default Am I the only one?

I am losing weight (so the scale says), and some of my clothes are feeling baggy, however I still dont feel like I am losing weight. I cant see myself as ever looking different. Like I want to get to a size 6 or smaller, but can not see myself as being that skinny. To have actually accomplished everything that I have worked for, and put my heart into. I've lived my entire life since I was about 6 as a chunky kid and then as a fat teen and adult, I just cant see myself as skinny. Like why would I, someone whose always been fat my entire life, finally be a "normal" size? How could it happen. I know I'm in denial, but I cant possibly be the only person who feels this way lol.

Oddly enough I always feel this way after I get off the scale and see I'm a pound down. I feel like I'm only losing water weight or somthing, though I know it was not 37lb of water weight. Could it be? haha
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Mentally ready
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I've been over weight since the age of six too. I can't see myself as a skinny/thin person either. I can't imagine what I'm going to look like, and what my body is going to look like.... All I know is, it is attainable. And it's going to be HARD WORK. <3 you can do this! Every lb counts. I don't know what rate you're losing at, but say it's only 1 lb a week.... That's 52 pounds in a year, you'll definitely be able to see the difference. It may not be as quick as you would like to see the progress, but it will happen for you


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I don't think it really matters what size you start, if you were over weight for a while (for me about the last eight years...), it is still a shock to look in the mirror and see a thin person...even when you know, intellectually, that you have attained your goal. It takes a while for the brain to register that the image in the mirror is thin or thinner or whatever. I still feel most of the time like that pleasantly plump mom I have been for so long. It startles me when I walk past a plate of glass and realize that is me in it. In fact, I had a dream about a week ago that I had dreamed the weight loss...it was sooo vivid that I reached down and felt my hipbones to make sure they were still there!

You will get there...imagining thin when you have never been thin in your adult life would be different, I think, than my experience -- more difficult to imagine a "slim" you. You will get there though, and you will be the thin girl, and my guess is that it will be that much sweeter when it happens.

Brains are odd...
Why yes those are Size 4 jeans hugging my posterior today. Thanks for noticing!
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I know exactly how you feel....and I was only saying to myself yesterday that the 20 pounds I've lost has to be more than water! I'm certainly learning to be patient and know that if I keep doing what I've been doing for the last three months I will see results soon! We have to! Keep at it and know that you are certainly not alone!

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
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Yes, I think most of us go through this. I know that while I know I look better and my clothes are starting not to fit anymore that I'm succeeding in my goals, it's not easy to admit it to myself that I am thinner. I haven't been the weight that I am right now in years.
It's all a part of our journey, learning to love ourselves and realize that we are beautiful people and are becoming thinner and healthy.

"Unless you faint, puke, or die keep walking!" --Jillian Michaels

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I know I'm getting smaller. I see it and I can feel it. But I still feel like it's all in vain when I see all these skinny gorgeous girls and it's like, "man, I'm never gonna look that good."
"i've got my body and my mind on the same page and honey now, happiness is all the rage."

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Hi, just want you to know so many of us feel the way you do...is being healthy attainable when I never was...ABSOLUTELY! And be proud of every single pound that leaves your body - you know the saying "slow and steady wins the race". You will never feel alone here, you will always have understanding and support at this site - you've found the right place to be!

It's not the finish that matters - it's what you've learned along the way

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Fighting to be Fit
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I completely relate to everything you've said. I just started on this healthier lifestyle, & having been a chubby child all my life, it's a little hard to envision a skinnier, healthier me. As desperately as I've always wanted to be "normal sized" & just fit in with all the other girls, I never gave much thought to how different it would be, & how much I'd have to adjust to. I want this to happen, & I'm going to make it happen, but there will always be adjustments you have to make along the way to deal with your new circumstance.

Schumeany recently posted about some rather unwanted attention received now that she's met her goal, & that was another worry I recently adopted. Being covered by a layer of fat all my life, I never had to deal with being hit on or any other such uncomfortable situation. I figured that wouldn't change, even if I lost weight, but recent incidents have convinced me otherwise. I've been hit on & even asked out while at work, & that's a first for me. It really creeped me out & confused me, since I weigh as much as I do..

Stepping into virgin territory, there will always be confusion, fear, a bit of uncertainty. But remember why you're doing this, for yourself. You can't imagine yourself as a skinny person because, in some way, you're stilll attached to the person you've always known & been your entire life. Once you're ready to let that person go, ready to move on & become a healthier you, then you'll truly start to accept where you're heading.

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I feel ya...I was put on my first diet when I was six...and I get frustrated because I feel like it happens so slowly. But...then I think 'Okay it took me 22 years to get this heavy...I guess 3 or 4 isn't that long when you put it in perspective. I'm hoping that I don't freak out the first time I buy something in a normal store! O_O

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Clawing my way back
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I found it took awhile for my mind to catch up with my body, even though I'm not thin yet. I remember trying something on and one of my coworkers said it wouldn't fit her. I said, "sure, if it fits me, it'll fit you." I realized later that I used to be bigger than this person but am now smaller, so what fit me probably wouldn't fit her. I used to be the biggest person at work and sometimes I still think like I am.
You've got to lose to know how to win - Aerosmith
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Originally Posted by deathnotronic View Post
I know I'm getting smaller. I see it and I can feel it. But I still feel like it's all in vain when I see all these skinny gorgeous girls and it's like, "man, I'm never gonna look that good."
I feel the same way.
But I have to remind myself, it IS for a reason, and my health will benefit.

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I am the opposite. I used to be much thinner, I still get a shock sometimes in photos or in the mirror when I see this fat woman staring back at me!
In my dreams (the ones when i'm asleep, not my fantasies) I am still thin.
I don't have to be skinny again, but I want to get back to my personal reality!

zen and the art of weight loss, finding the true path of en-lighten-ment

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Heck, I need therapy. I'm down to 138-140 from 220-230 and I can't picture myself as anything BUT larger. Like literally, right now in my head, if I picture myself I don't see "thin." Pictures taken of me now just blow me away because I'm always surprised that it's me in the photo. Because in my head I'm the way I was 1.5 years ago...

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I'm right with you on this. I haven't lost as much weight as you have, but I don't feel any skinnier with the weight loss that I've had. My pants are getting larger - in fact, one pair will have to be retired within the next five pounds, and my mother says that she can tell, but I just don't see any difference myself. Maybe eventually.
Starting over with my weight loss goals: 8/15/2011

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Regarding how you see yourself, I discovered today what a difference it makes to wear clothes that fit. I've been in too big pants for a while, and I finally got some that fit. They're actually a touch too small at this point. I'm wearing these close fitting trousers with a close fitting top, and I feel quite different compared to yesterday . I stand and walk different. I have to keep looking at myself in windows .

Logically, I already knew this to be true. But once I finally actually got myself into stuff that fits today, I *know* it on a whole different level. Try it!
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