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Default Anyone mess up and eat to much for X-mas???

Well I just got back from NC from visiting my family and as I suspected the house was full of Christmas goodies as it is every year and my sister fixed a HUGE Christmas dinner. I did pretty good in resisting all the sweets and goodies.

For dinner I didn't do as well. As I was fixing my plate I KNEW I was putting too much ham on my plate when I did it but I couldn't help myself I was TOO hungry.

I think I may have made a mistake in not eating anything but a bowl full of green beens (with low cal low sodium gravy, bacon bits and pickles, don't laugh until you try it! LOL!) before I left my house in Va.

In case I over ate there I didn't eat so much during the morning and skipped lunch completely because we were eating at 3pm. And of course by 3pm I was starving!

For almost a month my meat portions have not been bigger than 4ozs for a single meal, for Christmas dinner it had to be 20 ozs or more and ham of all things to over eat!

I also ate too much mac and cheese and I caved in right before I left and had to have a piece of my Mom's homemade German chocolate cake! But it was a pretty small piece like I asked but my sister put a scoop of ice cream on it and brought it too me ARRRGGH! How could I resist it was already in front of me so I ate it.

So I am estimating I probably ate 2500 or more extra calories today.

But I am NOT going to do what I have done in the past which is be mad at myself or get dreppressed or worse give up dieting and say well you screwed up you might as well eat and start again next week.

NO! I am just going to get back on track tomorrow and work out an extra 15 minutes and maybe cut my calories a little (maybe skip the snacks) and just get back on track again. No fuss, no muss no beating yourself up.

Just get back up and keep trudging along. I was doing good since Dec1 and I know I can keep going until I meet my goal.

I hope everyone had a little more self control than I did.

Well I DO feel good that I didn't let them talk me into taking food home with me like they were trying to do and I did resist the fudge, cookies and finger food all over the house.

I just ate to DANG much for dinner, but oh well tomorrows a new day right???
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bow chicka wow wow
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Oh god yes I ate way too much! But tomorrow I'm putting my nose to the grindstone and getting my girlish figure back.
"i've got my body and my mind on the same page and honey now, happiness is all the rage."

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Here We Go Again
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I partly did. I knew I ate more then I should have, but I had less then I did before. I weighed myself before I took a shower and I didn't do too bad of damage. I'm sure a lot of it's water weight. But I have the money for my gym membership and I'm off to rock this new year!

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice!
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I ate I suppose more than was necessary, but I do not consider it messing up. It is christmas and ONE day will not hurt anything.
Lost successfully, maintained successfully. Followed by a whole lot of setbacks and obstacles. Starting over with the knowledge gained before.
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I ate more than I planned on, and foods I didn't plan on. I made some good choices, and some not so great ones. Four more days before we go back home (we're visiting my family in Illinois), and back to my scale.

My plans are to completely avoid the off plan foods for the rest of our stay. Can I do it? I'm not sure, especially with all of the food pushing going on, but there's no reason to let any of it derail me, depress me, or allow me to see failure where there is none. Life happens, and in a thousand different areas in my life I don't always make the perfect choice. No need to look at any of it as failing or needing to start over - it's just about reminding myself of my goals, why they're important to me, and doing what I have to to accomplish them.
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one more time...
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Count me in as another who didn't do so hot. The good news is I did better than last year, and I stopped when i was full instead of eating unti I was totally stuffed. I entered everything into Fitday and I went over by about 500 calories, but I refused to get depressed about it. That will just sart a spiral of negative thoughts leading to negative actions, and I don't want that.
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One day at a time
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Yes! Way too many cookies and cake! But I am back on track today! Glad the holidays are over, well, almost. Over for me because new years is not a challenge for me.
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NEVER EVER going back
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I planned on not planning for the eve of 24th and today. I did LOG my calories after though.

24th was 3000 (maintenance for me is 3500) and MOST of that was dark chocolate with sea salt... omg so good
today was 2100 (I aim for 1800) but once again, no where near maintenance.

Sooo.... It was all good! And I was sick for four days before and hardly ate anything... lol! Back on the weighloss train tomorrow.
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
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Getting There
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wish i had but i wasnt well so couldnt even handle a sausage roll let alone turkey and everything else

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Originally Posted by ennay View Post
It is christmas and ONE day will not hurt anything.
good way to look at it!

And as a side note... just from ONE meal my hands and feet swelled up with water just from yesterday and I have had no problems with swelling (water retention, I have edema) in over a month even my lower legs were pretty much normal from eating low fat low sodium all month.

I suspect it was all that ham I ate. Man it's hard to believe sodium can work that fast on the human body! It was like I ate the stuff and less than two hours and my hands and feet were swelling. Kinda scares me! Maybe it will keep me from doing that again!

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Guess I didn't do so well either...not really horrible, but not great either...But thankfully we get a new day to start over!!! Pick ourselves up and be good again...The past is past and we can do nothing about it...We do have control over the furture though!!!
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I'm another person who did okay but not great. My family would get worried if I didn't indulge some, so I ate a few sweets, and had small helpings of everything they pigged out on. I've managed to say no to moms home made apple and cherry pies so far...but they will be waiting for me when I get home, so wish me luck!
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I will be positive
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I ate at maintenance yesterday and the sad part is it wasn't even Christmas dinner. We will have Christmas dinner when our son comes home tomorrow. I was right on plan until the meat and cheese tray came out last night about 10 o'clock. *sigh* my choice...oh well. i have made worse choices in my life...and as for new years eve..welllll...for me any way, there are no rules that night...i shall eat, drink and be merry, and start fresh and new the next day...good luck everyone.

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needs constant reminding
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I did OK.-- with the first plate. It was the SECOND plate and post meal picking that got me. All in all it was not too horrible b/c the people who made the xmas meal are very healthy eaters so the food was clean. I just ate too much of it.

what??? BACK ON PLAN!!

Calorie Counting Back to Maintenance Weight
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I started off really well.........

then dinner time came round and I cleared my plate and felt stuffed! Think I made the mistake of actually not eating enough earlier in the day so I felt ravenous! But you know what, I enjoyed every mouthful and as has already been wisely said, it is only one day (and a very special one at that!) so it won't do any harm that cannot easily be undone. Today I am back to 1,500 calories and am sure any weight I may have gained yesterday will be back off in no time.

I was also proud of myself because although I ate more than I normally would, I didn't ate anywhere near as much as I have on previous years. To me, that's success rather than messing up.

I trust myself. I have started so I will finish. I am succeeding.
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