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Default The difference of a pound

I stepped on the scale today and saw the number skip down to 149.8 before it finnally settled at 150.1. For the past two weeks I've been stuck at 150 (my own fault, I've had a horrible time getting motivated to excersize while its cold out, I just want to watch tv under a blanket!). I was pretty bummed.

Logically, I know I will not feel or look any different at 149 compared to 150. But the idea of being 149 seems awesome!

I'm also guilty of freaking out over a 1-2lb gain. Do 2 lbs really make a difference? No, they don't. But oh man... they SO do sometimes!

I've seen lots of posts from lovely ladies worried over a small gain or upset they only lost one pound when their goal was two, ect ect. Anyone have thoughts on why even such small (especially compared to how much weight we want to lose/have lost) changes in weight vex us so much?
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I'm totally with you there. I've been stuck at the same weight for about two weeks. I get super excited when it drops a pound, but then it usually goes back up two pounds the next day. Oi.

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How often do you weigh yourself? I don't know how most people feel about this, but to me weighing in is like watching a 401K. The more often you look, the more depressing and frightening it can be and the slower the changes are. I only weigh in twice a month. I'd rather wait longer to make sure I see something, than take a chance of frustration because I've plateaued.

I am very careful to stay right at my calorie limit though, and I can understand why people who may not be sticking to a strict eating plan, may feel the need to track weight more closely...but if you are getting frustrated, maybe it's time to give yourself a break from the scales. As long as you know you are sticking to your eating plan.

I don't know what else to suggest. I know how frustrating it is to feel you are making sacrifices and not seeing anything for it.

Hang in there. If this is a plateau, it won't last forever.

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Originally Posted by kelly315 View Post
I'm totally with you there. I've been stuck at the same weight for about two weeks. I get super excited when it drops a pound, but then it usually goes back up two pounds the next day. Oi.
lol- when that happens to me I ignore the increase for a few days and see if it goes back down. I always count the decreases right away though!

OP- I don't know what it is inside our heads about that. It is true though. Logically, I know that nothing much will change about me in two pounds but dang it! That will put me into the 160's! That will put me over 40 pounds lost! Sure I go crazy waiting for those things to happen (well, I'm not exactly sitting around on my derriere but you get the idea!) but when it DOES happen I am ecstatic! I need to have something to be excited about along the way!

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Omg I totally know what you mean, this morning I got on the scale and noticed I'm 4 lbs over than I was last wednesday, and I mean, IM EXERCISING. I just started and the ladies said its normal when you start exercising to gain some water weight or w.e but it still freaking me out!


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Well..true that one or two pounds (up or down) dont make much difference but in the grand scheme of things, one or two pounds added up does make a difference. And of course, being human, we want results right away. We have decided to make that effort of change and we picked a big change to make happen and we want it to happen RIGHT NOW! lol. And of course, our bodies just don't respond so well to that, do they? lol.

I know what you mean though. I am just hoping to see 155 again tomorrow. I know it's just water weight...and my clothes won't really fit any looser tomorrow than they do today, but hey...if i could see 155 tomorrow, then 154 the next week, then 153 the following...after a few weeks of that...my pants WILL be fitting looser. So yeah, it really does matter...and you will see 149 before you know it. Just keep up the awesome job you have already been doing and good luck!!!
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The problem is that we let a scale measure our self worth.

It's just a tool, an appliance. They are just numbers.

Imagine if we let our self worth be measured by a toaster.

Seems ridiculous, huh?

And yet we let a scale measure something besides our weight.
"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" - Michael Pollan
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