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Default Healthy stocking stuffer ideas for kids?

Healthy stocking ideas? Went to stores looking for stocking stuffers for my little boy... is there such a thing as healthy stocking stuffers? I'm trying to remember what my health nut mom did each Christmas (our family was so NOT normal compared to other kids candy) and I remember peanuts, the black licorice from the health store... what else I can't recall. Guess I'll have to call her - of course she's always been right about health/fitness, now she's 70 and I have to donate my skinny clothes to her - so instead it's time to just do what she does! Any other ideas for healthy stocking stuffers? I can see why there's such a childhood obesity problem, everything, even normal cereals for kids and snacks has major SUGAR and calories!
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My dad is a huge fan of oranges, fruit leather and nuts/sesame sticks. I like a good mixture- quality chocolate, some dried fruit and the mixed nuts/snacks.

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when i was a kid i collected stickers, so that was usually something i found in my stocking... can you think of any non-food stocking stuffers your son might enjoy? there was also always a stuffed animal peeking out over the top of my stocking. =)

makes me kind of miss being a little girl... my mom says I'll always be her little girl, but she doesn't stuff a stocking for me anymore!
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I almost never got much food in my stocking. It was mostly things like small toys, lipgloss/lipsmackers, cool or funky socks, etc.
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My mom always put an orange in the toes of our stockings and a handful of nuts - pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

My mom was also a dentist, so we always got a new toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a container of dental floss in our stockings.

Then she'd round it out with fun things. When I was a kid/teenager it was like Manda described - socks, lip gloss, a gift certificate to the record store (now it would probably be an iTunes gift card!), that kind of thing. As I got older it was things like little kitchen gadgets, scarves, still fun socks, etc. But always with the orange, the nuts, and the tooth stuff.

Funny, I used to roll my eyes every year, but now that she's gone, I really miss getting my new Christmas toothbrush.

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My favorite thing in my stocking every year was a fun book (for me to read when I got up obscenely early Christmas morning!). Little toys (Michael's is having an amazing sale on $1 stocking stuffer toys -- they have some amazing stuff!), a little make-up kit or something. But if you do want some edible elements to the stocking (it's not totally the same without something to nibble, is it?), I like the idea of good quality dark chocolate and dried fruit. Maybe you could find some pretty, unusual dried fruits and package them in colored cellophane?

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Jumprope, yo yo, jacks, coloring books, new crayons, holiday pencils, ponytail holders, nail polish as kid appropriate (you have a son, right, horsey? Have you seen those little TechDeck skateboards?)
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My mom always put a new toothbrush in my sock too!

Last year I stuffed my little guys sock with matchbox cars, a toothbrush of course, a new sippy cup, crayons and some M&M's. His sock this year will probably have about the same.
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My husband insists that a GIANT orange and a GIANT apple go in there. I like tangerines...we got shelled nuts when I was a kid and I always liked that too. (Fun to unshell them!) This year I want to do a nearly junk-free Christmas (especially since my kids still have candy left from Halloween!), so I'm thinking I'd like to put in some pure maple sugar candy if I can find it--it's special, still sweet, and the coolness of it would offset the fact that they're not getting a huge volume of sugar.

Then the rest of what goes in there is toys and trinkets and other small neat items.

I think dried fruit is a great idea too...though we often have that around the house for them to eat. But maybe I can find some really special dried fruit of a different kind they don't usually have.
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Stockings were for the practical gifts in our family.
I always got a new toothbrush, floss and some unusual flavored toothpaste, kids toothpaste instead of the white mint flavored stuff we used the rest of the year.
As I got older pencils, pens, and sticky notepads made regular appearances as well as lotions and lip balm .
Still in the midst of all the healthy, practical stuff, there was always, always a maple candy Santa.

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We never get food items in our stocking. Things like socks, contact solution, body wash, paperback, etc find their way into our stockings.

When we were younger we got small toys and games.

Yes, I'm 31, my brother is 37, and my husband is 31 and we all still get stockings from mom.
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raisins, beef jerky, nuts, tattoos, also check your dollar store or dollar spot at Target

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Thanks for all of the ideas, I wasn't thinking along the non food line... stickers, little cars, tooth brush, a yo yo, jumping rope, etc and healthier fruit rolls. I too was remembering being a girl again, as my little boy just turned four and this is an exciting time of year for him. Very special stuff.
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