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Default Article - "HoliDAY not HoliMONTH"!

I'm not exactly sure where to put this, since I think it applies to all of us. This article is a reminder that this is the holiDAY season, not holiMONTH!

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Hm. While I agree with the principle of the post, I don't agree that it's that easy to execute.

It is the holiday SEASON. That means that aside from the big Three (or 12 or whatever) days that you celebrate (if you celebrate), there are other obligations that everyone has. There are office parties and potlucks and family get togethers, and ... and ... and ... the list goes on.

Heck, when my parents were alive and my husband's parents were living 2 hours away, we celebrated Christmas 2x every year, driving from one place to the other. What were we supposed to do - tell one set of parents "no"? And good grief - both our parents were still married to each other. I feel for people who have divorced/remarried parents. They have 4 sets of parents to accomodate! I thought the year we did both families and my grandmother was a killer.

I do agree that it's important to stay on track on the days that you're not celebrating or otherwise obligated. And in fact I'm pulling a little EXTRA gym time when I can this year ... because I know that I'm going to have to attend some vendor and client events and won't be able to get away with not eating.

I refuse to feel guilty because I couldn't limit my holiday partying to 3 days.

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Yeah, although there are three official days, there are parties, families, and extended family's that you can't squeeze into those three days. I'm having four Thanksgivings. I'll have three Christmases. I dont even have step parents - I couldn't imagine what the holiday's would be like with that mess! But get togethers are not just about food. There are many more things to enjoy at gatherings - like friends and family. And cold weather is no excuse for slacking off on exercise!
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Thanks, Megan! This is exactly what I needed!! In addition to the 3 days, I also have 3 birthdays! But, I strongly believe it is what we do most of the time that counts. So I'll stick to plan the other days and not look for huge blowouts on the celebration day. Food is yummy and helps make the day special, but it is NOT the reason for the day.....family and friends and warm & fuzzy times and thankfulness. I'm thankful for so much....this year I am thankful for my health and my ability to run....I'd like to hang onto both of those as long as I can. Good choices will help.
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Although the article is a bit too simplistic, I totally agree with the principles.

OK, there are three days, or six, or whatever.

- Do you believe that in order to enjoy them, you have to eat until you are stuffed?

- Do you believe that holiday parties at work require you to eat as much of the free food as you can?

- Is it not a holiday unless you have managed to eat 4,000 calories of fat-laden carbohydrates? And taken leftovers home or put them in the fridge so you can eat 2,500 more the next day?

If the answers are yes, perhaps an attitude adjustment is called for. Enjoyment of food does not require eating until you're ready to pass out. I have come to enjoy food by savoring each bite, without having to keep on eating until it's all gone and nothing is left.

My plans for the holidays involve great dinners, but not dinners where I throw all principles out the window. I'll have delicious foods, but I'll divide portions, take smaller amounts of foods I KNOW are high-cal, and be happy when it's all done. I'll plan ahead for the extra calorie counts and offset them to some extent with lighter meals and exercise.

But I won't forget that my body does not know what a holiday is. It will happily turn anything over my maintenance level into stored fat.

And that's my 2 cents.

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