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Default How did you choose your goal weight?

I'm curious how everyone here selected their goal weight? Mine has been selected because it is the weight I was at in high school when I felt healthy and looked great. I wore a size 11 and weighed around 170-175. I am setting this as my goal but I am willing to change that as I approach the 175 mark (a little ways away yet ). I may go lower but I will decide later. I also may not go that low either. It all depends and time will tell.

Tell me your story of how you chose your goal!

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6) 134.32 (201.48 pounds lost) - 60% of weight lost - not sure if this is attainable!
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Starting Over
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When I started I was 220 pounds and I checked the BMI charts and saw that 150 was in the healthy range and as I remember I was about a size 10 back then. I wasn't sure if my body could even get that small again after 2 kids. Now I am just about to leave the 180s and I am sure once I get to 150 I will probably have to change my goal weight to lower because I don't think I will be done with the fat loss, but just getting to 150 will feel amazing!
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Up until I was about 21 or 22, my weight was always 150-155. I used to say, God, if I could only lose 10-15 lbs... hence my 140 goal weight! I was pretty happy around 150 and think I'd feel "pefect" at 140.
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S/C/G: 208/160/158 for now

Height: 5'9"


Although I do have my goal weight in my profile, right now I don't know what it will be. It is a number that thought would be ok (based on other chicks of similar height) but I do take into consideration my age (49) and the fact that I have heavy bones. Even when I was relatively skinny, decades ago, everybody thought I weighed a lot less than I actually did.

Right now, I actully go by body fat %. At the moment, my body fat % is 23.9% (it was around 33% when I started) and my immediate goal is to shake it down to 22%. The next goal will be 20% - if possible. So I may re-evaluate more than just once along my journey. I want to have a 6 pack stomach and I swear that I will have it - I just don't know what my weight will be at that point.
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Height: 5'7"


I picked 130 because I used to weigh that. I worked out, but not that much, and I watched what I ate in only a very very general away. I wore a size 8, but that was 10 years ago. Now I think I'll be in a size 8 by the time I reach 140 pounds. So maybe I'll actually end up in a size 6 this time around. Not that I'll be any smaller, just sizes have changed. I'll adjust up or down depending on what's easy to maintain and if I feel fit and a good size.
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I've been working along most of this year without an actual goal weight. When I started I sometimes thought 165 would be fine, as it's a weight I remember looking pretty good at. Recently, when I was creeping up on the 165 mark I decided on 147.5, which is half of me. That's a cool thing to aim for.
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I picked 120 because I've always thought that was the perfect number for someone my height. (This is just my thought, I don't think everyone who is 5' 7" should be 120.) My average weight most of my adult life was around 130-140. I was 120 once in my life for about a week and then I lost more weight (my lowest is 112...way to skinny now that I look back on it). Anyway, I remember feeling great about myself because I reached that "perfect" number in my mind, so that's what I want.
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S/C/G: 148/147/120

Height: 5'5


I have always been pretty much between 130-145 for the past 10 years. Although this may be perfect for some, for my body type I should be less. I cant remember the last time I was 120lbs. so I am actually not even sure if this goal is a little to unrealistic. But its a starting point!
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S/C/G: 183/ticker/150

Height: 5'8"


I have always felt that I have been chubby, even as a kid I was always both taller and chubbier than everyone else. My mother swears to me that I was naturally thin until my father obtained primary custody around 2nd grade. Despite playing 10 years of highly competitive basketball year-round, the thinnest I have record of being is 165 lbs. I checked my BMI for my height (5'9") and basically right in the middle of the 'healthy' BMI range for me is at 150 lbs. I have this thing about being under 150, which would be amazing!!! Therefore, my goal is 149 right now. Once I get there, I will see how I feel and where my natural body weight seems to be and go from there!

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My goal weight is 130-140 .I havent weighed that much since freshman year in High school .So it would be nice to be back there again.

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At 200 lbs, I chose a goal weight of 150. I couldn't imagine being able to live my life under 150. The few times I had made it under 150 in the past were horribly restrictive diets.

When I reached 150, the weight was still coming off easily and I re-evaluated my goal. Based on charts for my height/build, I chose 135 as my new goal.

I ended up having a 5 month plateau at 140, and I thought I was done losing weight. I changed my goal to 140 and started maintaining my weight loss. I thought I looked great and was very happy with my new body.

I ended up losing another 10 lbs and now weigh about 130. I've maintained my weight at 130 for nearly 4 years.

The lesson I learned - don't write your goal weight in stone. You could be happier higher or lower, let your body lead where it wants to go.
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It says in my profile on the side and my ticker that 125 is my goal weight, but that's just based on BMI charts for someone my height. I feel that if I hit 140 and I'm okay with the way I look at that weight, then I'll just maintain from there. I'm just using it as a reference to where I want to be.
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Being quite a bit overweight for most of my life, I really had no idea what I would look like in goal range. The range for my height is 109 to 137.

At first, I chose 135 because it was closer to the top LOL! However, as I get closer to this goal, I realize several things.

- 109 will never happen, as I am curvy.
- I love muscles, and have worked hard to develop them, and that's why I am wearing a size 8 at my current weight. I'm much smaller than I would have thought for this weight. Thank you strength training!
- I'm 40, so I am okay with a higher weight.

I will reevaluate when I hit 135, but I don't think I will really try to go much lower on the scale. I may end up in a size 6 five pounds from now, which blows my mind. I don't see a need to be smaller than that. I am just going to work more on my fitness and take what happens.
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I picked 150 because it's what I weighed when I got married twenty-three years ago. I was 21 years old and felt fine at that weight. I'm very curvy and when I weighed less than that I would lose it in the wrong places and end up looking too thin on top and the bottom half looked huge in comparison. If I end up losing in a more even way I'd be fine with going lower. I'm just going to see what happens.

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Height: 5ft 8in


I decided to have 170lbs as my goal weight I know this is not quite a healthy BMI but I am on medication that causes weight gain plus I have MS and am not as mobile as others. So I figured if I got to that weight I would not be be far off a healthy weight.

Though I am aware that my goal weight is not set in stone and is open to re-evaluation.

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